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Medical Alert Pendant
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We Send Help GPS Medical Alert Pendant and Watch

We Send Help’s lightweight GPS Medical Alert Pendant / SmartTracker utilizes the latest 4G LTE technology. Don’t be fooled by similar looking products utilizing outdated 3G technology. The personal emergency button works both inside and outside the home and is perfect for seniors on the go. It provides personal safety wherever the user is, by combining GPS & Wifi location technology with GSM cell service by AT&T. Its waterproof design allows the user to the extra security of wearing it in the shower where many slips and falls occur. Usable in any personal emergency, a press of the button allows the user to speak with a We Send Help monitoring agent. Our Agent will verify your location and evaluate your situation to get you the proper level of help, whether First Responders or friends and family. The agent will stay on the line until help arrives.

  • Professional Monitoring 24/7 Ready To Respond At The Press Of The Button
  • At Home Or On The Go. GPS Tracking Gets Help To You Wherever You Are
  • Long Life Battery and Easy to use magnetic charging cable
  • First Three Months Monitoring Service Free Monthly Monitoring Service only $24.99 per month after initial free period
  • Optional Wristband and Belt clip available free upon request

At you can purchase a We Send Help GPS Medical Alert - 3 Free Months of 24/7 Emergency Monitoring - for Seniors at Home and While Out and About. 4G LTE Nationwide Coverage by AT&T. Utilizes GPS & WiFi Location Tracking for only 0.00. The cheapest price was found on June 7, 2024 2:14 am. – View Buying Options




Professionally Monitored Medical AlertPersonal Safety At Home or Away From Home
FeaturesLifetime Replacement Warranty on Active Accounts, GPS, Panic Button, Waterproof
Country/Region of ManufactureChina
Custom BundleYes
Sensor TypeFall Alert, User-Activated
Bundle DescriptionFirst Month Monitoring Service Free 4G Upgrade Free No Long Term Contract Just 19.99 per Month
System Component(s)Charger Base, Pendant with Safety Anti-Choke Lanyard
GPS Medical Alert Pendant and Watch
released on August 25, 2019

// Q & A

How long does the battery last?

The Battery typically lasts 2 - 3 days. We do recommend the user connect the device to the charger when sleeping or not in use. Connecting the charger when not in use means the unit will be fully charged when needed and will be in a known location.

So, do you talk to the service through the device itself?

Yes when activated the user speaks to our monitoring service directly through the device.

Is there a way to wear as a pendant? And how do you get the wrist band and belt clip?

The our device comes with two lanyards for wearing as a pendant. One for the shower, and one to wear when dressed. This way the user does not have a wet lanyard around their neck during the day. The wrist band and belt clip are available upon request at no additional charge.

How is the charging cable powered? usb? i don't want something that does not function if a charging station is forgotten when traveling.

The device has a magnetic charging cable that attaches to the back of the unit. This eliminates the need to pack and travel with a charging cradle. The cable plugs into a standard USB charging cube (included) or any USB charging port.

Can I return device?

Yes you return it when you stop your monthly subscription


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We Send Help in Commack NY is a medical alert company specializing in providing personal emergency monitoring services to seniors and those with physical and mental challenges. Providing proactive as well as emergency services in moments of need, to allow for their independent living. Our multifaceted emergency system features multiple levels of service from a waterproof wireless button, two ...



9 Reviews for GPS Medical Alert Pendant and Watch

  1. Mark Cuthbert

    It was just as described and programmed so it could be used right away.

  2. Michael H.

    Excellent Product

  3. Richard B.

    I purchased this unit last year when my mother began having problems walking. I liked the features of the auto fall detection and the ability to call the unit and speak to her. On July 5th, 2018 my mother fell in her kitchen and the unit did not detect the fall. She laid on the floor for hours trying to push any button and could not get the unit to activate and send me the emergency alert. The Center button must be held down for 3 seconds and it is not easy for someone with limited hand strength, especially when they are already incapacitated and lying on the floor. When I called the company and requested a refund they told me that they ONLY refund within 14 days of Purchase. That is BS, no one will be able to successfully test this unit in that amount of time.

  4. SKR

    As described, exceeded expectations, many features, a little tricky to set up with the APN number

  5. Dan

    Déjà répondu…..svp. Cessez de me demander mon avis à ce sujet.

  6. Alfred B. Bucknam

    Sends texts but never dials any of the loaded numbers.

  7. Peter D.

    Bought for my 93 ear old mother. Set up was incredibly easy and company support was fast and clear.

  8. Bernard M.

    This is a SENSATIONAL DEVICE AND SERVICEThe service is beyond beliefI have never had a product that delivered exactly as advertised and be even beyond the advertisedDescription

  9. Barnqueen

    Very easy to set up and gives 3 options for wearing. That made my dad happy because he didn’t want to wear around his neck. Likes the watch option.

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