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NiCalBel Wireless Caregiver Pager Watch

Wireless caregiver pager system 1 watch call button and 1 receiver easy to use for elderly/patient home nursing monitoring.

  • Caregiver pager system keeps both caregivers and resident peace of mind and set them free while still calling for help at the push of a watch button
  • Caregiver call button system with Plugin receiver/pager has 52 melodies to choose from, 5 level adjustable volume from 0db to 110db, receiver plugs in into a household electric outlet
  • The system comes with 2 chimes/receivers for large houses which allows you to set one in a bedroom to wake you up when wireless signal comes in, and another could be set in other floor, passage or any other location with an electrical outlet
  • Wireless caregiver pager system Easy to use, 500+ feet operating range in open area
  • The Personal help alert system contains 1 watch call button and 2 receivers for home attendant, nurses, seniors and people with disabilities – Applicable places: home, nursing home, clinics, hospital patient room, etc.


NiCalBel Wireless Caregiver Pager Call Button Personal Help Alert Button for ...

New NiCalBel Wireless Caregiver Pager Call Button Personal Help Alert Button for Elderly Patients at Home 2 Waterproof Transmitters 1 Plugin Receiver by NiCalBel Product Description Size:1 call button Wireless caregiver pager with 1 nurse call button and 1 receiver...

NiCalBel Wireless Caregiver Pager Call Button Personal Help Alert Pager Syste...

NiCalBel Wireless Caregiver Pager Call Button Personal Help Alert Pager System for Home Nurses Caregivers Patients Elderly 2 Waterproof Transmitters 2 Plugin Receivers Caregiver pager system keeps both caregivers and resident peace of mind and set them free while...

NiCalBel Wireless Wrist Pager Watch Caregiver Call Button System in Home Nurse 1

Thank you for visiting our ebay store! Wireless caregiver pager system 1 watch call button and 2 receivers easy to use for elderly/patient home nursing Features pager system call bell working voltage: 90V-260V specification of wireless waterproof remote call button...


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11 Reviews for Wireless Caregiver Pager Watch

  1. alison woehle

    My son is recovering from an illness and has balance and walking issues. He lives in the lower part of my home so I can’t always see or hear him. The wrist alarm works well, was easy to set up and gives me some peace of mind. In case of a fall I would be sure to hear the alarm. The wall alarm is plugged in upstairs and is plenty loud enough.

  2. ivis l.

    I bought these for mom. She fell and couldn’t hear her from my room across the hall. These are perfect I found on AMAZON now I have here wear it all the time.

  3. Mike Thomas

    We bought it in Oct 2019, loved it…gave a great rating..but by feb 2020 the button or more specifically, the membrane over the button on the wrist band had given out.Amazon cuetomer service was awesome, we are back up and running…thank you.It would still highly recommend this product.

  4. Don Arneson

    top of device fell off and lost.Still works but does not look good.

  5. ARSP LINK the YouTuber

     This is an amazing product. It has one button on the watch, making it easy for an elderly to easily press it for help.

  6. Peggy Elam

    I wish I had bought this earlier. It would have been great to still be able to teach my mother who has Alzheimer’s how to use. But she is further along so I am unable to teach her now how to use.

  7. CAE

    Thankfully we have not had to use it for it’s intended purpose but it will get my attention during the night should the need arise. You can choose the tune and volume which bests suits you. I have my 99 year old mother press the alarm occasionally to ensure it works. She and I both feel more secure knowing if she needs help i will be notified. The device is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The face is very large (my only slightly negative) but it is easy for an elderly person to see where to press the alarm. I can hear the tune I selected from most rooms in my home but would not hear it if I was perhaps in the basement, but so many tunes are offered and the volume can be adjusted. I think it’s a great tool.

  8. lisa

    Did not work past 5 feet. Even changed batteries. Still no farther than 5 feet. If I’m only 5 feet away I don’t need a call button.Very disappointed

  9. Jim brown

    Bought this for my disabled grandmother so we could be alerted when she needed help from the other side of our house.. The device claimed a range of a couple hundred feet, and instead barely works within a few inches.Easy to plug in, easy to adjust the volume — But the main feature, the ability to press the button from far away, completely fails. You have to hold the watch UP AGAINST the box for the alarm to actually ring.We thought that maybe it was a fluke and contacted amazon for a redelivery, then we got the new one, plugged it in for testing, and got the exact same result. Garbage.So in short, it’s a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY. Look into another brand.

  10. W.P.

    I have a disabled spouse who often needs help with walking and “private needs”. Often cannot hear her call me, but this is great! No matter where she is, even in shower, can summon me with push of button. Only negative: I would like better selection of volume settings, but that’s not really a big deal. Definitely would recommend to family and/or friend.

  11. dmf

    My dad was having falling incidents and we couldn’t always hear his yells for help. This would have been perfect. He is now bed bound and this gives mom peace of mind that she can work outdoors (receiver plugged in an exterior outlet) or sleep upstairs and still be alerted if he needs help. The most amazing part is that my dad lives in the house next to us, with a small forested ravine between our homes, and we can plug one of the receivers in our home and get notified when dad pushes the button in his home. We are thrilled with this product! Just trying to figure out how to buy more receivers so we can put one in the shop, our downstairs area, etc. Right now we just have one receiver in each home.

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