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ArmArmour 3

ArmArmour protects and guides, with rugged style.

ArmArmour 3 - Wrist Shield: Hinged compass cover, luminous compass, thermometer, GPS data, customizable software.

- Durable protection
- Comfortable fit
- Adjustable straps


- Limited color options
- May restrict movement

Sun Company ArmArmour 3

Shielded Wrist Compass and Thermometer Combo with Rugged Tactical Zulu Strap.

  • PROTECTIVE HINGED COVER – ArmArmour’s hinged cover keeps compass protected and helps to prevent glare.
  • RUGGED TACTICAL STRAP – Widely adjustable tacital strap fits most adults and children. Strap is 22mm wide and is available in two colors: black and black/grey striped.
  • LUMINOUS COMPASS – 20mm Grade A liquid-filled compass is luminous so it can be easily read in low-light conditions.
  • JAPANESE DIAL THERMOMETER – ArmArmour 2 features an extremely accurate 20mm liquid-damped Grade AA dial thermometer that reads down to a chilly -30 degrees Fahrenheit.


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Sun Company ArmArmour 3 Wrist Compass/ Thermometer - Black Strap
Sun Company ArmArmour 3 Wrist Compass/ Thermometer - Black Strap
Sun Company ArmArmour 3 Wrist Compass/ Thermometer - Gray/Black Striped Strap
Sun Company ArmArmour 3 Wrist Compass/ Thermometer - Gray/Black...


Introducing ArmArmour 3, the ultimate protective sleeve for your arms. This innovative sleeve is made from a lightweight, breathable material that keeps you cool and comfortable during any activity. But the real benefit comes from its protective properties. ArmArmour 3 has been designed to provide superior protection against scrapes, cuts, and bruises caused by rough surfaces, sharp objects, or impacts. Thanks to its advanced technology, it can absorb shock and redistribute pressure across your arm, reducing the risk of injury. Whether you're a professional athlete or just someone who wants to stay safe while working or playing, ArmArmour 3 is the perfect solution. With its easy slip-on design and snug fit, it's comfortable to wear and won't slip or slide during even the most intense activities. Say goodbye to scrapes and bruises, and hello to the peace of mind that comes with ArmArmour 3.

  • Hinged cover - Protective cover for compass
  • Rugged strap - Adjustable strap in black or black/grey stripes
  • Luminous compass - Easily readable in low-light conditions
  • Japanese dial thermometer - Highly accurate down to -30°F
  • High-resolution display - Real-time vital sign and GPS data
  • Customizable software - For medical, logistics, and more
  • Lightweight and ergonomic - Quick and accurate decisions
  • Situational awareness - Unparalleled communication and response capabilities



ArmArmour 3
released on November 17, 2009
What is the comepass filled with?


Can you swim with this on?

I'm not sure of the waterproof rating, but since both the compass and thermometer are filled with a liquid, swimming should be OK.

Will this fit a smael analog digital watch?

Yes, it should fit on any watch bands up to 22mm in width.

Is it waterproof?

Not sure about water proof, but definitely water resistant. I've hung it on my pack in light rain, and had no issues with fogging lenses or anything else.

Dose the dial glow in the dark?




The ArmArmour 3 is an advanced, arm-mounted computer system designed for use in high-pressure and life-threatening situations. This rugged device is built to withstand extreme environments and can provide mission-critical information to emergency responders, military personnel, and other professionals. The ArmArmour 3 is equipped with a high-resolution display that provides real-time information about vital signs, GPS coordinates, and other relevant data. It is lightweight, ergonomic, and features intuitive controls that enable quick and accurate decisions in the field. In addition, the ArmArmour 3 can be customized with a range of software applications to suit various needs including medical, logistics, surveillance, and more. This powerful computing device is designed to provide unparalleled situational awareness, communication, and response capabilities, making it an essential tool for anyone working in dangerous or challenging conditions. Whether responding to a natural disaster or executing a military operation, the ArmArmour 3 ensures that critical information is always available at your fingertips.


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8 Reviews for ArmArmour 3

  1. Roshou

    Top notch product! Excellent construction, compass and thermometer are accurate and the strap is great as well.

  2. Otis H.

    looks good but does not work well…

  3. O_o

    Well made, work, and you get a nato to boot.

  4. sub hunter

    Well I’ll tackle the easy part first, the compass. It’s a liquid filled button compass, and typical of all button compasses it’s sensitive to sticking when using on all but the flattest of angles. It does point north when given a chance to “settle down”.The thermometer offers its own set of issues. Location is everything. If you are going to use it strapped to your wrist, it will do a wonderful job of reading your skin temperature, and not the outside air temperature. It takes a couple of minutes after taking it off to adjust to the ambient air temperature. Having said all of this, it does a pretty good job, and is accurate.I’ve found the best use for these is strapped to the shoulder harness of my pack. While the protective covers won’t take a lot of abuse, they do a good job in relatively protected area of my pack harness.Overall a good item that does what it was designed to do. Provide an emergency backup to your compass, and give you a good idea of what the temperature is.

  5. Godspeed

    This item clearly conveys the notion that one CAN measure ambient temperature from one’s WRIST.Part of the description of this product reads: “Widely adjustable tacital strap fits most adults and children.”BUT this is WRONG !Though this item DOES FIT the wrists of most adults and children, NEVERTHELESS: when worn on the wrist – the temperature gauge measures SKIN temperature RATHER THAN ambient temperature! While wearing this product, the thermometer gauge read 85 degrees when the ambient temperature was really only 68 degrees; a 17 degree difference !I have NO NEED to read my skin temperature!

  6. Mike Fedowitz

    This product is great quality. As advertised, it is exactly what I wanted and goes great with my Dive watch. Thank you!

  7. cornel

    Tiny, not really practical for real outdoor adventure

  8. Rodney G.

    For the price it good

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