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GloFX Pixel Pro Kaleidoscope Goggles

Stand out from the crowd with the GloFX Pixel Pro Goggles, which include over 350 modes of color and patterns which you can change with the included remote control. Great for EDM Festivals, Raves, and parties.

  • PROGRAMMABLE LED Pixel Goggles With Infinite Customization Options, Kaleidoscope Lenses That Enable Infinite Visual Sensations Through a Unique Multi-Faceted Glass Crystal, a Full Color Spectrum, and On-Board Memory to Save Your Favorite Patterns
  • 350+ EPIC MODES – Guaranteed to Blow Your Mind! Features Multiple Solid-Color Modes, Strobing Modes, and a Whole Range of Animated Modes to Choose From
  • SUPER BRIGHT With 14 Selectable Brightness Levels. Stand Out in the Crowd at Your Next Rave, EDM Show, Party, Concert, Light Show, or Event of Any Kind!
  • WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL – Easy To Use Pocket Sized Remote. Save and Access All Your Favorite Colors and Modes at the Push of a Button
  • BUILT IN BATTERY PACK SLEEVE With Adjustable Elastic Band Provides Comfort and Functionality


GloFX Pixel Pro LED Goggles 350 EPIC Effects Black Polymer Frame Flashing Lights
GloFX Pixel Pro LED Goggles 350 EPIC Effects Black Polymer Frame Flashing Lights. Programmable LED Pixel glasses have infinite customization options and dark tinted lenses for protection. Adjustable elastic band includes built in sleeve for battery pack. USB rechargeable battery pack included....
GloFX Pixel Pro Flashing LED Goggles - 2021 UK Stock + Fabric Carry Case
GloFX Pixel Pro LED Goggles Features:Over 350 Modes – From basic solid colours to intense multi-coloured settings.High Quality Hard Coated Black Polymer Frame.Extreme-Comfort Rubber Pads.Adjustable Elastic Band – Built-in sleeve for a battery pack.A Rainbow of Colours – Complete your festival...


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GloFX Pixel Pro LED Goggles
released on September 20, 2019

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11 Reviews for GloFX Pixel Pro LED Goggles

  1. Charles L.

    I own and love the Pixel Pro Glasses and I have to say that I love these Pixel Pro Goggles much much more. Most LED goggles require a bulky battery pack that often you need to house either on your clothes or in a bag. These goggles however have the USB-chargeable battery pack safe and secure on the strap of the goggles. The pack is so light you barely notice it’s back there! Also the battery pack can be used as an extra phone charger just in case your phone needs some juice.The modes are endless and it’s easy to get lost in them all so make sure you save your favorites in your remote!There are other goggles out there but nothing can touch the quality and care that GloFX puts into their products. I wore the Pixel Pro Glasses to EDC Las Vegas and it was definitely a crowd pleaser. I look forward to bringing these goggles to events I’m attending in the future.

  2. Simmone

    GLoFX has created something very special with these amazing goggles! The shipping was super fast through amazon just like it is from their website! My order arrived a day earlier than expected, which really had me excited to get home from work to open the package!These goggles are full of surprises!-They came charged and in perfect condition.-The lights are vividly bright and fluid when changing colors and patterns.-Easy conceal remote allows for light shows anywhere anytime!-Saving rotations of patterns and effects is so simple and it’s a blast to design a playlist of effects to cycle through!Now let me get to what a lot of you are probably wondering, What does it feel like to wear such bright light emitting goggles?!With the goggles on in the day time lighting you can see the lights clearly in your peripheral, but it’s not bright in your eyes, you are seeing a softer back side of the LED. This light you see is calming and does indeed affect your mood as you cycle through your favorite colors and patterns. You can still see clearly through the goggles and they are more than comfortable enough to wear for an extended session.At night time and in a dark room is where these goggles really shine! I enjoy looking into a mirror with the lights off, where all I can see is the lights spinning and morphing. This puts me in a trance state and assists in deep meditation. In the darkness, the lights are beautiful and flash like a siren going off in your mind. The lights project colors on the walls in a dark room and it just takes me to another dimension.A tip for those who wear glasses! When you lay your glasses overtop the goggles it should fit, and the lights then project onto the lenses giving you an even better show of lights!All in all, I highly recommend these goggles to all psychonauts and spiritual meditation gurus, rave goers, light lovers, and open minded people!They have been a real hit with family and friends of all ages!

  3. MarcyLB

    Can’t use them at night bc lenses are way too dark. Several people I know had the same problem. I guess they’re fine if you don’t plan to wear them at night, but isn’t that the point of a light up product?For me it was a big waste of money.

  4. Circuit Static

    Overall, I am very unhappy with this purchase. Which is too bad, because I had high hopes for it.When it first showed up I immediately noticed that these are the same cheap, generic goggles you buy for a few dollars from any pop-up Halloween store. The only difference is they put LEDs in the goggles and strung them along to a USB cable, which is where they have the electrical components in-line with some electrical tape for the paterns.Not surprisingly, after only using them a few times, they now randomly turn off. This is likely due to the poor craftsmanship I mentioned earlier. In other words, they are completely useless after only a couple uses. Now I am going to have to go back to making my own. I bought these because I was hopeful for good craftsmanship, and got something worse than a child could have created. For the price these cost, I really hoped they would last longer than a few times.Also, they must not know much about power consumption either, as even when they were working, I could only get maybe an hour (if lucky) with the power pack provided. Considering the power is just one of those after-market, heavy, recharge bricks for a phone, I am not surprised here either. Not only would I NOT recommend these, but I will be sure to let people know what I think of “GloFX” products.

  5. Jayson

    These things are amazing!I swapped the lens units out for my other GloFX wormhole ones as I prefer that lens style.They don’t quite work with all GloFX lens units but you can make it happen with a little work.My friend and I both have these now.I have to say, they are a huge hit at shows.Battery lasted us for nearly 7 hours of off and on usage as well which surprised us.

  6. PG

    •The logic board, inline with the USB power cord, is only protected by a bit of heat shrink tubing. I can imagine this being a failure point.•The elastic strap is too short. I have it adjusted all the way out, and they’re still too tight. I start to get a headache if I wear them more than a few minutes. Come on. Elastic is not that expensive. You can afford an extra two inches of the stuff.•The rubber gaskets around the eye cups need to be softer and / or thicker. Unless your skull happens to conform exactly to their contours, you will get several pressure points that will hurt within a few minutes. This could be mitigated if the elastic strap were longer.•The battery is straight, but is held to the back of your head in an elastic sleeve. If the back of your head is perfectly flat, you’re fine. Otherwise, this only makes them even less comfortable.• The lights reflect off of the inside of the lenses and into your eyes, easily causing a headache. I had to make small gasket rings out of some craft foam to reduce this effect. Otherwise, they’d be nearly unwearable. This would cost a few pennies per unit for the manufacturer to address.

  7. Trixi

    Goggles are great quality only down fall would be the lenses are quite dark for wearing at night.

  8. Gary Davies

    More colours than you can shake a stick at 😉

  9. Nathaniel Pickard

    Had a lot of compliments on the goggles. Battery lasted a good 3 hours (they were still going strong but I took them off.)Only downfall was the glasses were steamed up so I couldn’t see very well.

  10. Adlar Urquhart

    These are excellent quality and extremely bright my only complaint is when you’re wearing them you get blinded by the LEDs

  11. Idgaf

    Great product. Wish it had battery charge though. Wasted ages charging the portable charger so I could use it and then I have to keep it connected when using it. I also have no peripheral vision when using this which is to be expected with goggles. I wish there were more settings. No complaints about delivery and overall the item is pretty great and does the job for a party

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GloFX Pixel Pro LED Glasses
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