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Bose Sports Sunglasses Frames Tempo

Experience high-quality sound in Sport Sunglasses with the Bose Frames Tempo. The Tempo utilizes a state of the art Open-Ear audio design which allows you to hear music and your surroundings at the same time.

  • Bose sport sunglasses — Bose Frames Tempo are high-performance sport sunglasses, delivering revolutionary Bose Open Ear Audio (nothing in or on your ears) with a comfortable, sweat- and weather-resistant design.
  • Sport Bluetooth sunglasses with long battery life — Pair to your device for high-quality sound and crystal-clear calls. Reliable Bluetooth range up to 30 ft. with play time up to 8 hours per charge. Fully recharge in 1 hour via USB-C.
  • Superior audio embedded in sport sunglasses — Open Ear Audio design lets you hear your music and environment at the same time, while specially designed speakers play loud and deep enough to hear over the rush of wind when cycling at speeds of 40 km/h.
  • Secure fit — From the soft, silicone nose pads (3 options in box) to the flexible temple grips, these Bose sport sunglasses stay put but feel light. Lens Width: 65 mm | Bridge Width: 17 mm | Temple Length: 172.5 mm | Temple Width: 157 mm
  • Durable design for multi-sport use — With a TR-90 nylon frame, textured finish, and a special mesh that lines the ports to help keep out water and debris, Bose sport sunglasses are perfect for high-intensity workouts in rough terrain.
  • Water resistant — Bose Frames Tempo are IPX4 water-resistant sport audio sunglasses, so they can withstand the elements — blood, sweat, tears, and the great outdoors.
    Interchangeable lenses — Bose sport sunglasses come with Mirrored Black lenses (VLT 12%) but can be easily swapped for Trail Blue (VLT 28%) or Road Orange (VLT 20%). And they are prescription (Rx) ready.


Bose Frames Tempo Sports Audio Sunglasses w/ Polarized Lenses & Bluetooth Black

Bose Frames Tempo Sports Audio Sunglasses w/ Polarized Lenses & Bluetooth Black. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Bose Frames Tempo Audio Sport Sunglasses - Black (839767-0110)

Bose Frames Tempo Audio Sport Sunglasses - Black (839767-0110). Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class.

Bose Frames Tempo Sports Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses & Bluetooth-Black-NEW

Brand New. Factory Sealed. Warranty. Fast Free ShippingBose Frames Tempo - Sports Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses & Bluetooth Connectivity - Black Bose sport sunglasses — Bose Frames Tempo are high-performance sport sunglasses, delivering revolutionary Bose Open...

Bose Frames Tempo Bluetooth Audio Sports Sunglasses

Electronic Express eBay Listing Description Bose Frames Tempo Bluetooth Audio Sports Sunglasses Experience high-quality sound — without headphones. That’s the magic of Bose Frames Tempo: high-performance sport sunglasses with a revolutionary Bose Open Ear Audio...


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Bose Frames Tempo - Sports Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses & Bluetooth Connectivity - Black
in stock
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as of January 14, 2021 3:10 pm
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  • At you can purchase Bose Frames Tempo Sports Audio Sunglasses w/ Polarized Lenses & Bluetooth Black for only $195.99, which is 21% less than the cost in ($249.00).
  • The lowest price of Bose Frames Tempo - Sports Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses & Bluetooth Connectivity - Black was obtained on January 15, 2021 1:10 pm.

// Company Profile – Bose

Bose is an audio company founded in 1964 in the US by Amar Bose. They are known for their high end sound systems, but Bose is also known in wearable technology for their headphones. – View Profile


5 Reviews for Bose Frames Tempo

  1. PUB

    In my opinion 5 star reviews get thrown around all the time, so I try my best to save such a rating for products that really make me stop and think about what they’re providing people with from a final user standpoint.Fit: It is great, the lenses are great (2 other choices are available for a very reasonable price) and aren’t too heavy, and aside from a slight bulge around the hinge and down the stem, they aren’t really all that odd looking or uncomfortable.Sound: Something that someone might get upset about with these is the sound quality. These are not going to give you big booming bass like a soundbar level or beats-esque. They are also not going to give you audiophile soundstage. But instead they are about giving you audio and ambient sound at the same time. And they do it well enough all things considered. Audio is loud enough and very clear in all but the noisiest of environments.Battery life has been a non-issue and I’ve gone 2 work days listening to audio books about 5 hours each day and have gotten down to 20% battery, so I’d say you can expect ~12 hours per charge cycle, and connecting through the Bose Music app is painless and Bluetooth connection takes a couple seconds. During all my usages no dropping or issues with staying connected.I got these through review program, but easy recommendation at full price, if you can find them on sale and don’t pull the trigger on them you are missing out. Really good product from the engineers at Bose.

  2. Al

    Very comfortable, wore for hours and forgot I had them on. Bought replacement lenses, the yellow are great for night, twilight or indoor. I use them inside and take calls for remote work on them. Lenses are quality and easy to swap after you do a few. Stay immersed in the environment with background music or audio.

  3. Chris W

    This version of the Bose frames is a complete improvement from the original pair. The design feels secure on the face for even the most intense workouts, the battery life has been upgraded and they look sleeker. The sound quality is surprisingly better than most earbuds on the market and much more comfortable to wear. I love the dark lenses for outside, however indoor lenses for working at a computer would be welcome. Highly recommend!

  4. Loves To Read

    Pro’s:-Excellent Sound Quality-Great situational awareness-Sturdy-Comfortable, yet snug fit (very un-likely to fall off due to motion or wind).-Excellent rain resistance-Good quality lenses-Good overall quality you’d associate with BoseCon’s:-Poor assistant capabilities. Despite the Bose representative’s timely response, the assistant built-in appears to be Google Now, which is a dumb downed version of Google Assistant and is much less functional. (I am legally blind and found this virtually useless compared to the full Google Assistant found in my Bose C 700 headphones which works very well.-Tap controls works poorly. Typically out of 3 attempts to trigger the assistant, only 1 would be successful despite spending many hours trying to get the feel for it.-Assistant audio cue worked erratically. When the assistant was triggered about the half the time there was no tone to indicate it was waiting for a response.Overall:-These are very good for listening to music without disturbing others around you. There is noticeable sound leakage in quiet environments though (more so than my Bose Altos). The sound separation is excellent and the sound imaging is very crisp, as you’d expect from Bose. I would highly recommend these to people who want to listen to high quality sound while exercising and want to be aware of their surroundings. I would not recommend these to those who wish to use the frames in lieu of their phone’s assistant. You will need to pull your phone out of your pocket. Finally, I dropped 1 point for the overall assistant experience. If Bose fixes this with a firmware update, I would grant these a 5 star without hesitation. Although the connection was solid, like virtually all my Bose bluetooth devices these constantly kept losing connection to the Bose app.

  5. steve barker

    Takes care of two things at once. Really good sunglasses and very good sound. I just wish there was a bit more headroom on the volume. The fidelity is excellent, but I need a little more volume typically. Also, When you cup your hands under the earpieces you get even better quality. Maybe a slight design modification would help. At any rate, I highly recommend this product for sound quality and decent comfort.

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