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  • This product is available at eBay, Amazon, Newegg, Walmart.
  • At you can purchase Lazy Eyeglasses Prism Bed Reading Glasses Laying in TV Movie Spectacle Periscope for only $4.99, which is 86% less than the cost in Walmart ($35.84).
  • The lowest price of Bed Prism Spectacles Lying Down Horizontal Lazy Glass Bed Reading was obtained on March 16, 2020 4:57 am.

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6 reviews for Bed Prism Lazy Glasses

  1. Patty P.

    Had surgery and had to lie flat, these made tv, reading and even conversations possible. Funny looking yes! But they work!

  2. finallyifoundit

    They actually don’t work, the lenses aren’t the right space apart. Not the sellers fault, but they’re not functional unless you close one eye.

  3. sarvanno-0

    If you purchase the cheap end of tge spectrum on these they are fine. They do what yoy want them to do. They can have little flaws on the mirror edges that make it impissible to forget/unsee the edges on the glasses however.

  4. Luckmom

    I had been looking at face down prism glasses to use after eye surgery. The cost was over $100 to purchase. Even a rental pair was going to cost $35+ for a week. I found that just by flipping these upside down, they are perfect for face down positioning! I just needed to add a strap to make them secure. These glasses saved me a lot of money and they are very well made.

  5. Linda

    I love these glasses. I put them on over my large glasses to watch tv. Take the pillows out from behind your head, put these glasses on, and you can watch a tv that is at the foot of the bed or read a book propped up on your stomach. I’ve given these as gifts.

  6. farfel4

    I cannot wear them. The sharp edges cut into the top of my nose, probably from a bad fit. I had several pairs of a different design that did not do this, so it’s not my nose. Perhaps I need a larger size. I do not remember having to choose a size.

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