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Anmino Smart Watch M5

The Anmino Smart Watch M5 is a GPS Smart Watch for Android and iOS Phones with 1.3 Inch IPS Round Touch Screen. The watch also features: All-Day Heart Rate and Activity Tracking, Blood Pressure Monitoring, and is IP67 Water resistant. The Bluetooth Anmino Smart Watch M5 will not disappoint.

  • Full Touch screen Smartwatch – 1.4 Inch big touchscreen smart watch, the screen uses Corning Gorilla Glass, sliding operation is as smooth as a mobile phone, and the operation is simpler and more convenient. Round dial and 316L stainless+Fiber glass case, better texture, suitable for casual business both men and women. Skin care silicone strap for longer wear and durability. The quick-release strap design makes it easy to change the strap and match it.
  • Built-in GPS & 5 workout modes – Built-in MTK2503AE chip, support GPS+GLONASS+Beidou and Galileo for fast location and track your sport, Multi-sport modes (indoor, outdoor, cycling, climbing, marathon) can be switched according to different sports situations. In the Smart Time app, you can view the motion trajectory map. you can use this sports watch to record your daily workout. In addition, the compass, altitude, and barometer function are good assistants for outdoor climbing and traveling
  • Smart Watch with Dynamic heart rate and Blood Pressure – it supports dynamic heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor. Built-in US low-power infrared body-sensing processor that measures heart rate for 7d*24h. And the breathing training function, scientific guidance of breathing rhythm helps relieve stress and relax. Automatically monitor your quality of sleep (sleep duration, deep sleep duration, light sleep duration), allowing you to better understand your physical condition
  • Call and App Notifications – After Bluetooth is connected to the mobile phone, it can support incoming call reminder. SMS reminders and various APP message notifications (Line/Facebook/Twitter/Gmail/Linkedin, etc.) will never miss your important news. Sedentary reminders, pedometers, music control, photo control, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, weather, calendar and more, make your daily life more convenient.
  • 1-2 Year Warranty and good after-sales service – The Anmino Smart Watch is suitable for Android 4.4 / iOS 11 or above smart watch like Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Moto, Oppo, Vivo, Mi all different brand smart phone. We provide a one-year warranty, customer satisfaction is our pursuit, if you have any questions, we will reply within 24 hours and try our best to solve the problem. To register as our VIP, We will offer 2 years Warranty and free technical support.


Anmino GPS Sports Watch Smartwatch M5
Anmino GPS Sports Watch Smartwatch M5 Used but never used. Was a gift. opened box and charged, works fine! Free shipping! U.S. sales only
Anmino ASM6C GPS Smart Watch for Android and iOS Phones with 1.3 Gray+black
Anmino ASM6C GPS Smart Watch for Android and iOS Phones with 1.3 Gray+black PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Open Box Great Cosmetic Condition. The item may show signs light use which may be very small marks, or light scratches. Important these is not heavy use from previous use. Packaging may show signs of...
Anmino GPS Sports Watch Smartwatch M5
Store return! Tested to turn on! Overall looks new to me! Ships first class! We ship everyday
Anmino GPS Sports Watch Smartwatch M5
Anmino GPS Sports Watch Smartwatch M5. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
Anmino GPS Sports Watch Smartwatch M5 NEW
*NOTE* We have been deemed an essential business and are fully operational to ensure our customers get the hardware they need during this unprecedented time. Our business hours are still Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm. (Orders are still shipped out the following day. Orders placed Fri-Sun will be shipped...


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Anmino Smart Watch Health and Fitness Smartwatch (Black)
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3 used from $37.62
as of March 2, 2021 4:15 am
Free shipping
Anmino Smart Watch Health and Fitness Smartwatch (Sliver)
in stock
as of March 2, 2021 4:15 am
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Anmino M5 GPS Smart Watch - LIME GREEN
in stock
1 used from $19.03
as of March 2, 2021 4:15 am
Free shipping
Anmino Smart Watch - BLACK
in stock
1 used from $35.21
as of March 2, 2021 4:15 am
Free shipping
Anmino ASM6C GPS Smart Watch - BLACK/GRAY
in stock
1 used from $43.23
as of March 2, 2021 4:15 am
Free shipping
Anmino Smart Watch Health and Fitness Smartwatch (Rose Gold)
out of stock
as of March 2, 2021 4:15 am
Anmino GPS Smart Watch - BLUE
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as of March 2, 2021 4:15 am
Anmino ASM6C GPS Smart Watch - TEAL
out of stock
as of March 2, 2021 4:15 am
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Anmino Smart Watch
released on October 23, 2019

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14 Reviews for Anmino Smart Watch

  1. Abigail A.

     This watch is fantastic.I am moving from a Garmin, Which cost is around 300USD+So I did my research and choosed this watch.It has some good and badAdvantage:Design is very good,and metal case,I think it’s stainless.Make the watch Looks like 200-300+USDVery soft strap.The strap is more softer than garmin watch in my opinionDisplay quality:Screen color looks much better than Garmin model.It’s very colorfulSupport GPS,I run 1 hours per day.So this watch very suitable for meSupport barometer and compass.Not too much watch in the market support this fuction.So it’s goodSupport Apple health and Google fit. Disadvantage:Battery time,I used for 4-5 days.I think smart watch work 7 days it’s betterBlood pressure:It’s not so accurate.But I saw the manuel say it’s not medical level.So I can accept. Frankly speaker,Compared with the price,This is a good smart watch .

  2. LJ

      I love this smart watch! I have never been a fan of smart watches before. I bought 1 smart band before,The bands do not feel nice on my wrist. This smart watches band is a smoother silicone than I am used to.My favorite features are getting my texts and Facebook messages on my wrist. I also love that I can set timers to go off. The watch will buzz and vibrate when timer goes off.I also love the look of the watch. Personally I think it looks a lot like Garmin watch In my attached video, I highlighted all the features of this watch. I suggest reading the instructions as they really helped me to understand all the features. In my attached video, I highlighted all the features of this watch. I suggest reading the instructions as they really helped me to understand all the features.

  3. John Smith

    I always want to have a smartwatch to monitor my exercise data?heart rate, at a reasonable price,this product is the perfect one for me.What’s more it have build in GPS. Besides,it can also connect with your cell phone with bluetooth,you can even read your email and messages when your cell phone is not around.And strap is as soft as apple and fitbit watch.Very high quality.I recommend this product for the student who doesn’t have much budget but this product can make the job done.

  4. Vallary J.

    Everything easy worked.I like the GPS smart watch which can track my sports.My last watch is Garmin smart watch.Too complicated to use by keys no touch screen.This smart watch is with touch screen so operator is as easy as smart phone. If you want an inexpensive watch that tracks your vitals, allows you to get your social media,Email notifications and text messages, and all without having to fight to figure it all out….this is the watch for you. This is for that person who is just looking for GPS running smart watch.But don’t want to spend hundreds of money .Pros:Great display, clear and good design softwareGps can get signal very fast,in half minutes.Pretty watch and good quality hardware andCons:No always on display optionSize is a little big,But I know garmin watch also similiar size.I guessed because of build in GPS.So it’s acceptable.

  5. Michael S.

    Have tried 4 other Smartwatches in the past 6 months. Just may have found the one!Received my Amino SW on time and in good condition. Placed it on charge for the 2 hours as recommended. Was impressed with the positive contact charging clamp unlike others that relied on magnetic connection that never stayed connected.My first impressions were that the display was bright and reactive to touch. The photos I provided, the display was set to 3 out of a possible 5. The 5 setting was too bright for me. Clear and crisp.The watch itself fits my wrist and the watch band is comfortable and easily detached and replaced with the collapsible clips. See photo.I purchased this smart watch to provide me with monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure and steps. That was one of my first tests and found the blood pressure to be fairly close. When compared to an arm blood pressure cuff.The heart beat detector was accurate until into my work out, I began to perspire and the accuracy degraded. Still closer than any other Smartwatch tested to date. Even the Samsung Galaxy Watch at 3 times the price.The pedometer was fairly accurate and all three data points were able to connect to Apple Health for overall evaluation through the accompanying APP. See photo.The process to connect to the Bluetooth on my iPhone 11 was simple and effective. The accompanying app provides for an immediate connection and has maintained it since.I was pleased with the notifications that immediately began registering on the smart watch. Of course you can’t respond from the smart watch but you can go back to your iPhone 11 and respond as needed.One negative that I did find was the motion gesture feature on the smart watch did not suit my turn of the wrist. I have to make an overt action in order to get the display to come on with gesture, or it remains blank. You can depress the top right button on the watch to activate the display as well.A suggestion would be to have varying levels of movement in the gesture selection feature to range it up and down similar to what they have in the display brightness feature.After a battery charge of 100% and using it the past few days I receive approximately 3 days of full usage on one charge.Overall I am very pleased with the Amino Smartwatch And will be keeping it to determine if I remain satisfied over the next few months. Look for an additional add-on review after the first six weeks to see if all remains the same.At this point of the evaluation I would recommend to others for the price.

  6. CT_HuNTeR

    This is the best smartwatch I bought from Amazon. I have tried several different brands and types before, including wristband style or watch style with OLED display. This one uses an IPS LCD which I was a bit disappointed to see on the spec. However, the screen color and resolution are way better than any of the OLED ones I bought before! And the operation is very easy and straight forward.After fully charged, I have been using it for 2 days, and it still got half the battery left. And the analog watch face is simply beautiful. Connection with my Essential Phone is on time. The only issue is I have to open the app on the phone for it to sync with my phone. But it works perfectly as a watch. The heart rate and blood pressure sensors are somewhat accurate. But its just reading the current from my skin, so I really didn’t expect much. E-compass is accurate as well.

  7. Emily Lundeen

    Set up is relatively easy. After downloading the app, synchronize the phone with the device, and then run the update. From there, you can turn on/off any function you want to use. I chose to deactivate some options to save the battery, it has most of the features, such as music control, basic activity tracking and heart rate monitor. All these functions are working well.

  8. linda

    I have always wanted a smart watch to monitor my exercise data, heart rate,This is the perfect product for me. In addition, it has built-in GPS. In addition,It can also connect with your phone via Bluetooth,Even if you are not with your phone, you can even read emails and messages.The strap is as soft as Apple and Fitbit watches and is of high quality.I recommend this product to students with a small budget, but it can get the job done.

  9. Asher Kleinman

    I bought this for my father. He wanted to measure his steps and wanted to be a little bit active. The surprising factor is the screen. I did not expect such a bright display, but it is indeed bright and visible in the sun. The heart rate seems to be very accurate, but I am not sure about BP because I have no other equipment to compare the readings. In general, it is worth the money. Dad is very happy about it. This is the most important thing.

  10. Fei wang

    This product is perfect for you if you like to exercise and do sports. You even can text people with this product. A very surprising part about this product is that it can check your blood pressure and your heart beat. It can also find your phone, set an alarm, timer, and stopwatch.

  11. Betty C. Lin

    there a SO many china watches out there, I literally purchased 5 of them to try, some of them has bad design, some of them are just buggy. and some of them are just not comfortable, not easy to use or has language problems.only THIS watch I just recently bought solve all those problems. this is the most well designed watch I ever bought, and it has many functions that is actually useful, and easy access to many menu items. the reason why I buy a watch is not for exercise only, but I use the app notification function so I don’t have to go to my phone whenever I have an alert, and this phone is really useful at displaying notifications.great job!

  12. Tyler Bean

    This is such a great deal for the money. I love how simple it is to use. It is not cluttered up with a lot of stuff I’m not going to use. It does all the health stuff, has weather at my finger tips which i LOVE!! The connection to my phone is very quick. My text messages come as soon as they hit my phone. Same with calls. I don’t sleep with watches on so i don’t know how that part works. Too uncomfortable. The face design has a bunch to choose from. The app is pretty basic on my phone which is a plus for me. i don’t like it when there is too much to deal with on the phone end, it’s mostly settings. The music part i have not used yet either. I tend to not use my phone for music but its there if you want. Fits my wrist really well. Comfy wristband, air is able to pass through easily so it isn’t too sweaty.

  13. S. C. Greene

    This is a very comfortable and good-looking watch. I purchased it specifically for the blood-pressure monitoring, however it was very inaccurate and measured quite low. I expected it to be off a little, but it varied wildly if you checked twice in a row, and was very low compared to my blood pressure cuff. The same text messages kept coming in over and over again on the watch. The watch would also give me a vibration alert anytime I wandered 25 feet away from my phone (there may be a way to turn this off), which was annoying. The manual Find My Phone is REALLY nice–it is the one feature I will miss. The written instructions were not very complete–I had to do a lot of trial and error. Finally, if the bluetooth was on on my laptop and I was wearing the watch, the laptop went absolutely bonkers…windows opening on their own, the touchpad/mouse would not work properly, etc. I initially thought my laptop was dying until it occurred to me to take off the watch. Then when I turned the bluetooth off on the laptop, I could wear the watch without interferance. Perhaps the watch was trying to pair with my laptop–however it’s a work machine and I can’t download the app on it. The sleep monitor also was far less accurate than my Fitbit. At any rate, I really wanted to keep the watch, but without a semi-accurate BP monitor, it’s no better than my FitBit, and it’s much larger, so I sent it back.

  14. Nhi Huynh

    I have been looking for a watch that is similar to an apple watch series 1 that is not as expensive because I used to have an apple watch and it broke but I didn’t want to spend the money to replace it.From the moment I pulled out of box and read instructions I was impressed with how it looked and how well the instructions were written. When I came across this product I was a little bit unsure about it but now I am so glad that I took a chance and ordered it. It is an incredible product and I am so happy with this purchase. The battery life is astonishing. I could be wearing it all day and wear it all night and I will wake up in the morning and it will still have 80% battery which I think is incredible. It has great battery life, even if using all the notification features, it lasted for me over two days. Although it does not have all of the features of an apple watch I feel like it has what I would use on my apple watch anyway so it is not even that noticeable. You can only put up to three exercises on the watch at a time, but it is very easy to switch them in the app. I have also been very pleased with the app as well. I have had no issues with it syncing with my watch. Even when I haven’t had great internet service, it has done fine. The heart rate seems accurate as well as the sleep feature. Lastly, The water resistance also does a great job I did a few tests with it as well as walking around in the rain it works great.

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