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Thermacell Proflex Heated Insoles
Thermacell Proflex Heated Insoles
Thermacell Proflex Heated Insoles
Thermacell Proflex Heated Insoles


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  • This product is available at, Walmart.
  • At you can purchase Thermacell Proflex Heated Insoles, Medium for only $36.89, which is 23% less than the cost in Walmart ($47.99).
  • The lowest price of ThermaCELL ProFLEX Remote-Control Heated Insoles Bundle with Extra Battery Pack, S was obtained on February 21, 2020 4:00 pm.

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3 reviews for Proflex Heated Insoles

  1. Deirdra Strangio

    * Heat seems only under the toe area* Using the remote doesn’t seem to work 100% of the time when the heated insoles are in your shoes – sometimes I get heating on one foot while the other does not. Verified by looking at the battery usage at the end of the day to see if one is still charged or both are drained* I needed to buy a size up in shoes because the height on the insoles are taller than other insoles (e.g. superfeet)* Battery does not seem to bother my heels* There is no battery indicator to say they are on and working* I wish the batteries were chargeable while using them in your shoe* Does nothing for the coldness on the top side of my toes and feet

  2. Amazon Customer

    These inserts worked well to keep my toes from freezing in my ski boots. Make no mistake, they do not keep your feet “warm”, but do keep them at body temperature, which is what you want so that your feet do not sweat & then freeze in your boot. For those who read these reviews looking for “tips” – mine would be:1. Trim & insert into your ski boots the day before – it took longer than I anticipated as well all know ski boots are a pain2. Buy a set of extra batteries to carry along for the day, as mine only lasted me maybe 3 hours with each set of batteries (thus I bought multiple sets to carry along in my ski pack for the day)3. You can leave the inserts in your boots & just quickly swap out the batteries without making it an all day affair, however you’ll need something to help “wedge” out the battery from the insert (I’m specifically referencing if you leave the insert in your ski boot as it’s difficult to remove/insert). I found that a metal spoon was the best tool for the job – just carried it in my ski pack.4. You won’t feel the heat at all when you put your boots on inside the house, but you’ll feel it pretty quickly once you get outside into freezing temperatures5. My batteries only lasted maybe 2 hours on high heat, or 3 hours on medium heat. This would be my only negative comment about this system. You’ll need multiple sets of batteries & a few bathroom breaks to quickly swap them out if you plan to ski all day in freezing temps.6. Practice swapping out your batteries while the insert is still in your boot BEFORE you head out skiing for the day. I was nervous about damaging the battery connection as you can’t see down into your dark ski boot, but once you get the hang of it (with the spoon tool) you can do it by feel.

  3. Kent S. Kokko

    A nice idea that is undone by the poor quality. The batteries are a clamshell construction of some brittle plastic. Within a week the two halves had separated. This is likely to occur since when they are inserted into the heel of the insole, there is just a little indent to grab it with your finger, right along the seam. There would be a little tab that allows you to pull the battery out of the insoleThey replaced the defective pair and the same thing happened with the replacement. I tried to glue the batteries back together but they continue to split.It is also hard to tell if they are working. There is a little green light that flashes when turned on, but it is hidden when inserted.There have been times that one turns on and the other doesn’t.Now I have four cracked batteries and no functioning insoles after spending nearly $100With a better design, better engineering, better materials, and some quality control. this could be a good product. Until then, save your money

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