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Beam Wearable Display
Beam Wearable Display
Beam Wearable Display
Beam Wearable Display
Beam Wearable Display
Beam Wearable Display


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  • The lowest price of Beam Wearable Smart Dynamic Full Color Display 1.4” was obtained on January 27, 2020 2:28 pm.

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3 reviews for Beam Wearable Color Display

  1. l2

    This gadget appears to be a new-age photo frame that you can carry with you to show off your photos to your friends. The screen is small, but high quality, showing bright sharp photos. What I do not like is that the software to send your photos to the device seems to be intentionally annoying. There is no simple mode that allows you to just connect this gadget to your computer and drag-and-drop photos to display. You can’t simply sync it with bluetooth like a wireless headphone or wireless camera. You have to wirelessly connect to your smartphone with their proprietary app. You have to login to their server and give them your personal information and accept a bunch of questionable permissions, like giving them access to your email address and your location and your social media accounts. I cannot imagine these permissions being necessary for all the cases that I would want to use this device for (displaying photos, etc.). Maybe millenials don’t mind sharing all their personal information with this company, but I do mind.

  2. Tech Guy

    I tried to load a GIF. After some time for transfer to the device, the animated GIF shows as “beamed” on my app but only a static image displays on the device itself. There is no phone number for support, so I emailed them but did not receive a response.Next, I thought perhaps the problem could be resolved with the latest firmware. Website says to look at bottom of screen in profile section of app to see the firmware version. I could not see any firmware version there. I downloaded/installed the firmware update program, but my device is not recognized when I plug it into my Windows 10 PC. I look under Control Panel devices to see that driver for the device is “missing.” In other words, I couldn’t update firmware either.In short, it’s too much trouble than its worth. Didn’t work for me, couldn’t update the firmware, and didn’t get any support. Product returned.

  3. Dave Linder

    Great idea, but software is worthless. It’s slow. It’s way too buggy. I just got mine yesterday and it shipped with super old firmware. Current is 1.5.37 – it shipped with 1.3.30 AND although being recognized, the firmware update fails every time. No phone support at all. I e-mailed support only to waste time on 2, basic fixes. They did not read my e-mail at all or look at the screen-shot. They assumed I didn’t follow directions and had me repeat basic steps and wipe the device only to get nowhere. They don’t have a clue and they don’t have any qualified support staff. AVOID THIS PRODUCT!!!

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