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LifeFuels Smart Bottle Elevates Hydration & Nutrition

LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Water Bottle is a beverage infuser which turns ordinary water into a drink packed with natural flavor, essential vitamins, and nutrients.

  • THE WORLD’S FIRST SMART NUTRITION BOTTLE – Turns ordinary water into a drink packed with natural flavor, essential vitamins, and nutrients.
  • NO MORE SINGLE USE PLASTIC BOTTLES – Make up to 90 beverages from 3 FuelPods stored in the base. Fill the vessel up with water, dispense, mix, and enjoy.
  • PERSONALIZED BEVERAGES – Adjust flavor and strength by selecting light, standard, or strong. Swipe to dispense. Choose from an ever expanding lineup of FuelPods with natural flavors and added functional ingredients such as electrolytes, energy, antioxidants, daily wellness, etc.
  • HYDRATION TRACKING ELEVATED – Unlock the Bottle’s full potential with the LifeFuels App. From dynamically tracking hydration and consumption, to goal setting and personalized insights, this immersive App is cutting-edge.
  • CREATE CUSTOM BEVERAGES – Combine FuelPods to create recipes and track your nutrient consumption. Name and save your recipes in the App to use later.

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LifeFuels Smart Water Bottle / Life Fuels
LifeFuels Smart Water Bottle / Life Fuels



MaterialOriginal Pods
Capacity1.1 Pounds
LifeFuels Smart Bottle
released on November 19, 2019



Inside The Technology. Holds 16.9 fl oz (500 mL) 3 Pods, 90 Shots. Up to 4 days battery life. Dispense with one touch. Adjust flavor and strength. Discover. SHOP BOTTLES.

The LifeFuels Smart Water Bottle

LifeFuels is not just about the App, the Smart Bottle, or the power of our specially formulated Pods that deliver shots of vitamins and supplements. The breakthrough lies within the combination of these innovations into a hydration system built to power people’s performance. Boosted Nutrition Meets Technology

LifeFuels Smart Water Bottle Reviews - Legit or Scam?

The LifeFuels smart water bottle is the Keurig of the future. With excellent customer service and plenty of flavor options, you’ll be able to feel good about what you are doing for your health - and for the planet - when you purchase one of these water bottles. 0 ‘LifeFuels Smart Water Bottle’ Reviews



8 Reviews for LifeFuels Smart Bottle

  1. Kelly M.

    Love this bottle!! I’m bad about remembering to take my vitamins, so this makes it easy. The flavors are tasty (peach is my favorite!) and the app is easy to use. Plus, I don’t have to buy cases of plastic water bottles anymore, and it’s cool that you can send back the empty pods for recycling. Getting one for my sister for Christmas!

  2. Kevin Ryan

    Absolutely an awesome product. Love this water bottle. The flavors are awesome, the app is easy to use and the unboxing experience is definitely an experience. Easy, smooth, but beautiful. The bottles metal bottom half feels perpetually cold, and keeps track of how much water you drink a day and can remind you when you haven’t had enough. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and am totally satisfied. I’ll be posting the unboxing and review video as soon as I’m done editing it.

  3. Julia

    I have been going between flavor packets and cases of flavored water for years until deciding to splurge on this. I’ve been using it for about two months and absolutely love it. You can set goals for yourself and make your own special flavors in the app. Water is boring to me and this makes it so easy to stay hydrated. I prefer the “light” setting for most flavors which means I can get about 90 full drinks out of the 3 pods in the bottle. They do last a real long time. About the same or cheaper than buying Costco beverages and lugging them around. Very pleased with this purchase.

  4. Angelina

    Gave this as a gift to my water loving mother in law. She is a little older so thought it was kind of confusing but loved the idea of having flavored water at her finger tips. It is an interesting concept. Easy way to get your nutrients with little work. Just keep it charged!

  5. Dean

    I love this water bottle and the flavors that come with it. It’s very sturdy and easy to use. I only wish it held more water 10/10 I would recommend this to a friend.

  6. Yazpizaz

    I am one who is guilty of buying plastic water bottles – I always felt like I consumed more water when it came from a plastic bottle. This bottle will be changing the way I consume water, for the better. The packaging felt/looked like Apple product packaging, which is quite sleek. I got the Blackberry Lime fuel pod to go with it, which is my favorite of the flavors. This bottle will be great to take to my weekly pilates classes, and I’m pretty excited to show it off! As someone who is trying to be better about health in 2020, and tracking my intake of water, and vitamins, I am excited to make this change to LifeFuels!

  7. johnny nelson

    Update 4/6/2020: i was contacted approximately 1 business day after i returned the product through Amazon, and the representative explained there was an error; and i should not have been charged for the return. They proceeded to refund not only my shipping charge, but sent me another bottle to try out. I have had the bottle for about 5 days now and have to say it is amazing. the flavors are great even though i really did not expect to like the peach or blackberry (mixed together they are slowly becoming my favorite flavor). The battery life seems to be much better than advertised, as they state about 4 days of life, however i’m sitting at 44% after the 5 days. I believe this may be a side affect of me sometimes leaving my phone outside of range of the bottle. This brings me to my one and only real complaint of the bottle; if my phone (Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra) is out of range and has i bring it within range and try to connect using the app it will constantly say “Searching” and that my bottle is in use on a different device. I was able to sometimes remedy the issue by force closing the app and then pushing the front button on the bottle and reopening the app. This keeps you from having to force reset the actual bottle which takes much longer than just performing the steps i listed. **Note: it is mentioned that the app is currently in beta for Android so hopefully that get that sorted out soon** On a side note they did send me the bottle free of charge after the initial mix up, however i was so impressed with the bottle and the team at LifeFuels i purchased 2 more for family members.Original Review: Item received was unusable. The sensors were defective so they were unable to detect the fuel pods unless the bay was open on the bottom leaving the bottle completely unstable. Requested a return and was going to repurchase however the company is making me pay to ship them back the defective unit which is completely unacceptable. I will not be purchasing another, and I would highly recommend anyone thinking of dealing with this company do not pursue the purchase.

  8. Stephanie A

    The idea behind the product is great, but without the app you can only use about 25% of the features of the bottle. On the bottle itself (which only came with a ‘quick start’ guide, and no detailed use instructions) you can choose between a full flavor concentration for each of three flavors. With the app (I believe) that you are able to choose flavor concentrations, mix flavors, and track your hydration/vitamin intake. Unfortunately, the app is in beta for Android, and I have been unable to connect my new bottle to the app, so I’m definitely not getting my money’s worth on this purchase. I’ve contacted the app dev, but haven’t heard anything back at this time.Regarding what I can test with the bottle itself, the flavors of the included infusion pods are all good, and the ‘alternative sweetener’ taste isn’t too overpowering (though, again, if I had access to the app, I would prefer to cut down the flavor concentration by half). I’ve also purchased an unsweetened flavor pod, which is an option that I’m glad LifeFuels offers.That being said, I do not believe that the value of what I’ve received is even close to the cost of the bottle without the app. If the dev is not able to help with the app, I have every intention of returning this bottle. It’s a great concept, but needs way more work before it would be worth the price tag.

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