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BEAM Button with a Screen

Introducing the BEAM Button, the world’s first connected button with integrated wearable screen/display that lets you express and extend your own messaging and personal branding wherever you are, in person. This thin, lightweight wearable has a bright 1.4″ AMOLED 24-bit color display which allows you to show vibrant graphics to grab attention and start conversations. The BEAM has onboard memory and can store up to 100 different photos, connect it to your device via Bluetooth to easily update your photos.

  • WEAR YOUR PASSION: Show the world exactly what inspires you in real time with the first wearable smart Display called a BEAM. You can Beam support for your school, teams, causes, bands, hobbies, friends and family
  • CREATE CONTENT: Display GIFs or make your own slideshow using personal photos, images pulled from the internet, or use the easy design tool
  • SHARE A CAUSE: Donate directly or generate awareness about movements and causes
  • DISCOVER CONNECTIONS: Browse or subscribe to BEAM feeds to find shared interests or receive content
  • BEAM YOUR LOCATION: Panic Button feature sends a map link and text message from your phone to up to 4 contact

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BEAM Authentic - PINS DIGITAL - Beam Wearable Smart Dynamic Full Color Display
BEAM Authentic - PINS DIGITAL - Beam Wearable Smart Dynamic Full...
BEAM Authentic Beam Wearable Smart Dynamic Full Color Display 1.4”, Black, (B1)
BEAM Authentic Beam Wearable Smart Dynamic Full Color Display 1.4”,...


The Beam Wearable Display is an innovative device that takes the concept of augmented reality to a whole new level. This wearable system projects images, videos and other digital content right in front of your eyes, creating an immersive and interactive experience.

But what sets the Beam apart is its focus on benefits rather than just features. The device lets you keep your hands free and your eyes on the work at hand, making it ideal for professionals who need to stay focused while accessing sensitive data or instructions. It also provides a way to view content in a way that doesn't require you to constantly look down at a screen or hold up a device. Plus, with the ability to pair with smartphones, the Beam can be used for a wide range of activities, from gaming to navigation.

Overall, the Beam Wearable Display offers an unparalleled level of convenience, comfort and versatility that is simply not available with other AR devices. Whether you're a busy executive or a passionate gamer, this product is sure to revolutionize the way you interface with technology.



The Beam Wearable Display is a cutting-edge device that revolutionizes the way we consume media and access information. The Input device is a state-of-the-art smart glass that allows users to hear audio through bone conduction technology and view a virtual high-resolution display in front of their eyes. With a 40-degree field of view, the Beam Wearable Display is the largest smart glass display available in the market today, providing an immersive cinematic experience that feels like you're watching a 100-inch screen from 10 feet away. Perfect for watching movies or playing games, the device also comes equipped with an HD camera, enabling users to capture photos and videos on the go. The Output includes the most advanced features, such as a voice-activated intelligent assistant that can answer your questions, control your music, and send messages using your voice commands. The Beam Wearable Display is also compatible with most devices and operating systems, making it the ultimate accessory for people who want to access information and stay connected while on the move. Whether you're a business professional, an athlete, or an avid traveler, the Beam Wearable Display is the perfect technological innovation that simplifies and enhances your daily routine.


ManufacturerBEAM Authentic
LabelBEAM Authentic
PublisherBEAM Authentic
Departmentunisex-adult, unisex-child
ISBNNot Applicable
Beam Button Wearable Color Display
released on April 2, 2018


Beam Authentic

Enjoy receiving Beams from the bands, celebrities, schools, causes, teams, and friends you follow. BEAM STREAM. Receive content directly on your BEAM from your favorite teams, orgs and friends. Start a Conversation. Beam to your device, share to social media and to friends by text. Share what you care about and engage others.

Freesound - "Beam button" by original_sound

Freesound: collaborative database of creative-commons licensed sound for musicians and sound lovers. Have you freed your sound today?

Beam button review – Why you should buy Beam?

Beam button is one of those methods, a wearable display button that allows its users to have fun as well as be creative with slideshow, Gifs, and beams offline. Basically, this beam badge is a smart button that will enable you to express yourself and show the world what you are thinking, what are you care about.



7 Reviews for Beam Button Wearable Color Display

  1. TBinCA

     Easy, fun, and very cool. Opened the box and had a slide show of my kids up pinned to my bag a few minutes later. Not sure what other reviewers could have meant about this version not being rechargeable. OF COURSE it’s rechargeable, says it loud and clear on the very brief quick start guide included in the box (see photo), and I plugged the included USB cable into my laptop with no problems. You can even check charge level from the mobile app. So many cool ways to add text, photos, filters, shapes, it’ll take a while to learn them all. I was surprised at the image quality of the little screen– it’s very bright, color saturation is excellent, and photos look sharp, even up close.

  2. l2

    This gadget appears to be a new-age photo frame that you can carry with you to show off your photos to your friends. The screen is small, but high quality, showing bright sharp photos. What I do not like is that the software to send your photos to the device seems to be intentionally annoying. There is no simple mode that allows you to just connect this gadget to your computer and drag-and-drop photos to display. You can’t simply sync it with bluetooth like a wireless headphone or wireless camera. You have to wirelessly connect to your smartphone with their proprietary app. You have to login to their server and give them your personal information and accept a bunch of questionable permissions, like giving them access to your email address and your location and your social media accounts. I cannot imagine these permissions being necessary for all the cases that I would want to use this device for (displaying photos, etc.). Maybe millenials don’t mind sharing all their personal information with this company, but I do mind.

  3. Tech Guy

    I tried to load a GIF. After some time for transfer to the device, the animated GIF shows as “beamed” on my app but only a static image displays on the device itself. There is no phone number for support, so I emailed them but did not receive a response.Next, I thought perhaps the problem could be resolved with the latest firmware. Website says to look at bottom of screen in profile section of app to see the firmware version. I could not see any firmware version there. I downloaded/installed the firmware update program, but my device is not recognized when I plug it into my Windows 10 PC. I look under Control Panel devices to see that driver for the device is “missing.” In other words, I couldn’t update firmware either.In short, it’s too much trouble than its worth. Didn’t work for me, couldn’t update the firmware, and didn’t get any support. Product returned.

  4. MJ

    I initially thought this was a cool idea for trade shows and handing out to customers, bought 4 and 2 out of them were defective. No support link or help available from the website, wasted about $200.

  5. Charles

    Why try to make this a community thing only, Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y? Online should be optional and now another company will create a similar and better product and knock this Beam right out the box, sad….Slideshow pictures should be much more than ONLY, 10 stupid pictures, what the hell is the matter with you people?! I could only Beam 3 Gifs? REALLY??? Come on Beam, $125 for this and you can’t let me dump about 300 pictures and or 50 Gifs in this thingy? I SWEAR I would’ve brought about 10 of these things if you wasn’t so stupid with the limitations. It’s all because of the community thing isn’t it? STUPID….I have 4 17″ digital picture frames hanging on my wall and people lose their minds when they walk in my house and they come on when they walk by. I said to myself, “Man, if I could shrink one of these Jimmy Johnsons and pin it on my shirt as a button, I would get the same attention.” That is why I brought Beam, and I was right, it works! I get so much attention, but not even one person would buy the thing, because they think for that kind of money and being forced to display your pictures and family and location on social media with no guarantee security is the worst idea ever, forget it.Beam has lost thousands of dollars in one day, because everyone loved it, wanted it, could afford it, but hated the app site and limitations, NO SALE….

  6. Dave Linder

    Great idea, but software is worthless. It’s slow. It’s way too buggy. I just got mine yesterday and it shipped with super old firmware. Current is 1.5.37 – it shipped with 1.3.30 AND although being recognized, the firmware update fails every time. No phone support at all. I e-mailed support only to waste time on 2, basic fixes. They did not read my e-mail at all or look at the screen-shot. They assumed I didn’t follow directions and had me repeat basic steps and wipe the device only to get nowhere. They don’t have a clue and they don’t have any qualified support staff. AVOID THIS PRODUCT!!!

  7. Andrew B.

    We have 7 of these Beam devices that we use at tradeshows and they all have issues. The PC software and iPhone/Android apps have problems as well. The unit we ordered in April 2019 has the same old, buggy, outdated firmware as the units we purchased in the beginning of 2018. Good luck getting the firmware updated, out of the 7 devices we own we have only gotten 1 of them to properly update to the 1.5.80 firmware from 1.3.30. All the support fixes have been attempted and do not fix the problem. Firmware updates have been attempted on Windows 7 & 10 machines.We load 10 images on the device with a 10sec rotation @ 80% screen brightness – no auto dimming. The devices consistently get between 7.5-8.5Hrs battery life – I’m surprised they advertise 24hr battery! The unit that has the latest firmware has the same battery life, no real improvements.We have better luck getting content on the devices when using android devices compared to iPhones. The initial paring with a new phone can take 3-4 minutes or just fail completely. Be prepared to try and try againAlso, all the photo-shopped product example photos make the device look larger than it actually is. It would be nice if there was an XL version

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BEAM Authentic - PINS DIGITAL - Beam Wearable Smart Dynamic Full Color Display
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BEAM Authentic Beam Wearable Smart Dynamic Full Color Display 1.4”, Black, (B1)
BEAM Authentic Beam Wearable Smart...
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