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  1. M. Forster

    Got to use all the features on the first time out unfortunately. I bought this unit based on some great reviews and had all the features I needed. Ultimately purchased it to communicate with group of snowmobilers during winter rides. I had a break down and was separated on back to back trips this year and wanted a solution. So I took it on a hiking trip over the recent holiday weekend and told a contact (Android phone) once I got up to the camp site, I would send a location pin (IOS phone) and have him guess which location we ended up in in order to test sharing a location and having them find it on their app with offline maps.Just short of the camping spot I ended up breaking my leg. I started texting contacts in my iPhone using the Zoleo device and phone app to find out how far behind the rest of the group was and learned they were about 3 hours behind me. I debated for about 30 minutes about what to do and ultimately ended up pressing the SOS button due to the severity of the injury and remote location.Things I learned from my Zoleo device experience:1. Response time between texts was very good. Even though I was in a real bad spot against steep sloping terrain with very tall trees on all sides……signal was the only problem based on my injury location. However, I believe the longest time for sending or receiving a text was 1-2 minutes but most of the time it was almost instantaneous.2. SOS response was excellent. Once pressed they immediately reached out to my emergency contacts. They were in contact with me within 2 minutes and updated me throughout the ordeal. First communication was “GEOS: This is the IERCC, what is your emergency?”.3. Once IERCC determined that it was an emergency, they contacted a sheriff’s office around 65 miles away (nearest location by checking Google). The sheriff’s office then immediately contacted a local volunteer search and rescue crew.4. When the search and rescue crew arrived, they were very professional, prepared, and very good at what they do. Very happy about that part. They immediately said they were pleased that I was able to get a very accurate location and inquired about how I did so. I showed them the Zoleo device and the SOS function and they were super impressed but hadn’t heard of it before. They were able to use the location pin sent from my Zoleo device and input it into an onX app on their iPhone’s and arrived exactly to my location. So there was no time “searching” around and took the guess work of finding me out of the time it took to rescue me.5. At some point I inquired if I had to do any paperwork with them once finished and they said no. So there was no financial liability with these search and rescue folks. However, once we reached my vehicle I wasn’t sure what their protocol was and requested that I drive myself out to the hospital of my choice. Their response was that there was too much liability for them to release me and instead drove me to the forest area boundary to be picked up by a waiting ambulance. So at that point I was liable for the cost of the ambulance and an overnight stay at an unknown hospital. Not really a bad thing in the end but I wasn’t sure what the financial implications would be by pressing the SOS button……but I know now.Bottom line: I will never go off grid again without my Zoleo device. It was peace of mind when I got injured and the search and rescue crew gave me great feedback on how it helped them do their job to help me. Also, my contact that was sent the location pin instantly knew exactly where I was at as well, which is why I initially purchased it. Hope this helps anyone looking for something similar in a satellite communication device linked to IOS and/or Android phone.——not affiliated in any way with this company or how the device works——

  2. Dawna M Johnson

    Initially I got this for my families peice of mind because I like to go kayaking and hiking in places where phones are useless. But I cannot say just how thankful I was to have this little device on a week long solo trip in the mountains. I had mechanical issues deep in the woods on a long forgot forest road, and with the app I was able to message my husband back home to let him know my situation as well as to get him to call a local service guy for me. He was able to give them my exact location, they were able to get me safely back on the road to continue my travels. Not a life threatening situation but certainly one I was glad to have this lifeline and made me feel comfortable knowing if I get into a really bad situation that I can get help or let someone know how to find me. I will be recommending all of my friends get one for their adventures.

  3. bh

    This Zoleo replaces a Bivy unit I previously bought for use while sailing off shore. I thought Bivy, being owned by the marine equipment company ACR, would be better for marine use but Zoleo seems better in several ways. The weather report on Zoleo shows wind direction and speed for several hours ahead while Bivy only shows a sun or clouds. In tests on hikes, Zoleo seems to connect consistently to drop breadcrumbs while the Bivy on the same route often missed check in points even though they use the same satellite system. The user interface on Zoleo is much easier to use and the plans are less expensive if you’re primarily interested in tracking and SOS. One negative- I wish Zoleo had a 1/4-20 mounting screw without paying $35 for a bracket. I haven’t gone off shore yet with it but so far Zoleo is looking like a good choice.

  4. David

    I took it on my first trip and it connected well. My only real knock on it is the app is a little light on features. I haven’t found anywhere that shows how many messages you have sent on the plan. With paying for a set number of messages, I would expect to be able to see where you are at. It’s not a huge deal as I bought this for emergency use and to do occasional check ins as I go deep in the wild alone a lot. To me, the prices are fair when comparing it to other emergency communicators. I’ll update later in the year after I’ve taken more trips.

  5. Amya B.

    I purchased this a couple of months ago to keep in touch while camping. Not planning to use it for a cruise that we went on. This thing help me keep in touch the whole time we were on the cruise ship and in other countries. I did the unlimited plan. I’m glad i did. We ended up having a family emergency. I was able to keep in touch with everyone and deal with the emergency.

  6. sharon ronkin

    I was camping/hiking summer 2023 at Many Glacier in Montana, campground had no cell service at all zip. I was alone and tent camping so I arranged daily check ins with my family on tge east coast after my daily hikes via the zoleo app. I was able to send and receive many messages. Was also able to check weather. Didn’t need the SOS and it easily attached to my backpack. I even saw the campground ranger wearing one. Happy with the purchase .

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ZOLEO Satellite Communicator

ZOLEO Satellite Communicator keeps you connected in remote areas.

ZOLEO Satellite Communicator: Stay connected globally, share location, and send emergency alerts. Rugged, long battery life tool for outdoor enthusiasts.

- Reliable communication
- GPS tracking
- Emergency SOS


- Expensive subscription
- Limited battery life
- Bulky design


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Introducing the ZOLEO Global Two-Way Satellite Communicator – a rugged and dependable device that will keep you connected even in the most remote areas without cellular service. The ZOLEO app, which is free to download, enables you to link your smartphone to the communicator and send global messages over the most affordable network available, whether it’s satellite, cellular, or Wi-Fi. This device is perfect for adventurers and people who frequently find themselves off the grid.

With monthly subscriptions priced between $20 to $50, the ZOLEO Global Two-Way Satellite Communicator offers unlimited check-ins, SOS, cell and Wi-Fi messages. The device is built to last, with MIL-STD 810G shock-resistance and a long-lasting battery. It features a dedicated SMS phone number and email address, enabling you to communicate with any SMS text number, email address or ZOLEO app user.

In addition to messaging, the device also provides emergency alerting, check-in, and location sharing features. You can set the message check interval and even send long messages of 900+ characters. The device is Bluetooth-enabled, making it easy for others to connect and share the device.



  • Innovative device that connects users to global messaging network
  • Sends and receives messages, shares location, and send emergency alerts
  • Uses Iridium satellite network for reliable coverage in remote areas
  • Long battery life and rugged design for outdoor use
  • Dedicated app with advanced features such as tracking and weather forecasts
  • Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, boaters, and remote travelers
  • Reliable tool for staying connected during emergencies
  • Game-changer in remote communication technology
  • Provides peace of mind for travelers in areas with no cellular network coverage
  • // Q & A

    What are the monthly subscription plans? Can I cancel service when I’m not using it?

    Be aware that you cannot suspend the service to the $4 a month charge until you have paid at least three months of the contract price of $20. So just because it says you can "suspend" service, you have to pay for a couple of months whether you're using it or not during those months. I bought it at the end of the September for two hiking trips I was leading in October and tried to suspend for November and December, months when I don't plan trips, but was told I cannot suspend until at least December 26 so I am stuck paying the whole amount for months I won't be using it.

    Can i keep my regular cellular carrier for when i’m not using zoleo device? i only want to use it when i go to cabin off grid.

    ZOLEO is designed to work using your cell connection, Wi-fi connection or the ZOLEO Communicator’s satellite connection. When you are in range of cell or Wi-Fi the ZOLEO app will send messages using those connections, when you get out of range, connect the app to the ZOLEO Communicator and you will have seamless global coverage with the Iridium Satellite Network!

    can you send pictures over the sms satellite link?

    The ZOLEO app does not allow you to send images. The messages may include alphanumeric text and emojis, perfect for quick check-ins and longer conversations. The app is free to download and use over Wi-Fi or cellular, so you can check out the messaging before making a purchase!

    Can i still send an sos without my smartphone?

    Yes you can! There is a physical SOS button on the phone allowing an SOS to be triggered even if you do not have access to the ZOLEO app. The ZOLEO Communicator also has a physical Check-In button to send updates quickly. https://www.zoleo.com/en-us/how-zoleo-sos-works/

    Can I satellite text someone who uses a Garmin for satellite texting?

    You can send Zoleo messages via SMS, so if their Garmin account can provide such a destination it seems like it would be possible. I recently hiked with another couple using the Zoleo and it was really easy to coordinate between our two separated parties using the communicator and connected phone apps. (It’s a good thing too because we had to coordinate a medical situation with one of them.)

    // SPECS

    Origin Country: Malaysia
    Model #: ZL1000
    ZOLEO Satellite Communicator
    released on March 24, 2020

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    The ZOLEO Satellite Communicator is an innovative device that connects users to a global messaging network even in remote areas where there is no network coverage. The device allows the user to send and receive messages, share location, and send emergency alerts via satellite technology. The ZOLEO uses the Iridium satellite network to send and receive messages, ensuring reliable coverage in even the most remote locations. The device has a long battery life and is rugged enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The ZOLEO also has a dedicated app that provides advanced features such as tracking, weather forecasts, and location sharing. This device is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, boaters, and anyone who spends time in remote areas. ZOLEO is a reliable tool for staying connected no matter the location, especially during emergencies. The device is a game-changer in remote communication technology and provides peace of mind for those who frequently travel to areas with no cellular network coverage.

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