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USB Port Slim Business Computer Backpack from Kopack

Designed for people that want a slim, lightweight but durable backpack for everyday use. Incorporating a creative anti-theft design, the dedicated and secure laptop compartment enables quick access to your laptop without exposing the other items in your bag.

  • Anti-theft Hidden Laptop Zone – Want to keep private when pick laptop in public? Separated Laptop compartment behind straps design for you. Get laptop easily and keep rest in private. Zipper can be locked to D shape ring with your lock to keep laptop privacy. (Lock Not Included)
  • Super Organizer Bag – If you want a bag always matches your business-casual look, get a decent slim bag. Commuter daypack with17 slots offers you a fantastic experience. Say goodbye to dig around in bag, Every gadgets will be organized. Size: 17.7 x 11.8 x 4.3″, Laptop slot: 14.9 x 9.4″ (Measure your PC to judge if fit), holds 15 most 15.6″ thin laptop
  • Detachable USB Cable – Built-in severe quality controlled USB charging port, easy to charge Smart phone without hassle to take out your power bank. Better for cleaning backpack, won’t get usb rotted, replacing the cable by removing the built-in cable. (Power Bank Not Included)
  • Anti Theft Dual Layer Zipper – The anti-puncture 4 tooth zipper of the main compartment provides double anti-theft protection with lockable zipper provides super travel safety to you. Perfect for business trip/weekend getaway or heading to the office/school/home.
  • Quality Material – Upgraded fabric with excellent texture, featured with durable tear-resistant water resistant oxford for unexpected rain,wipe in 5 minutes, no mark left. High elasticity sponge padded shoulder straps and back offers extra back support and comfort. Great textured lining inside.


Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpacks 15.6 inch
Kopack Slim Business Laptop Backpacks 15.6 inch. Condition is Used. White marks are that of acrylic paints.
KOPACK Slim Laptop Backpacks Anti Thief Business Computer Bag College School 15
KOPACK Slim Laptop Backpacks Anti Thief Business Computer Bag College School 15. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
KOPACK Slim Laptop Backpacks Anti Thief Business Computer Bag College School 18
for sale is this preowned but in super condition with no stains or issues. from a smoke and pet free home. ?Anti-theft Laptop Zone? Laptop Backpack with Hidden laptop compartment design hidden in the back of the backpack provides easy access to the laptop directly without showing your personal...
Kopack Laptop Computer Professional Slim Commuter Backpack Heather Gray Padded
Thanks for visiting CatHeads!Kopack Laptop Computer Professional Slim Commuter Backpack Heather Gray Padded We strive to provide great products and excellent customer service. Let us know if we can answer any of your questions. Brand:Kopack Condition:Gently used, Excellent condition, cosmetic...
KOPACK Slim Women Laptop Backpack 15.6 in with USB Charging (15.6IN|Purple)
KOPACK Slim Women Laptop Backpack 15.6 in with USB Charging Condition is "New". 1st picture is actual product you will receive, rest are from manufacturer website with their details (more below) Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Slim Design & Super Organizer slim laptop backpack fits up to...


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Kopack Slim Business USB Backpack
released on December 21, 2016

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13 Reviews for Kopack Slim Business USB Backpack

  1. Iris Wu

    So i’ve been looking for a sleek urban commuter’s backpack that can fit my laptops and books and the bunch of random crap I always seem to have lying around in the deep dark abyss that is my purse. Well this backpack fits the bill. At first I was a bit hesistant to buy it because it seemed to be made for men, but i was like whatever i’m a strong independent woman who can use and wear whatever I want. Who cares if the style looks a little masculine? I was only worried that the size might be to big for my frame (at 5’2 many backpacks dwarf me). But hey it works and it’s beautiful and it fits everything without making me look like a turtle.

  2. MiguelRamirezCA

    I purchased this backpack to take advantage of its multiple compartments and neatly organize my belongings for a trip across the country. In order to write an accurate review, I waited until after I had returned from my trip to rate this product. Now that I am back, I can say with confidence that this is an excellent travel backpack!First, I would like to point out a few things that some people may consider “cons” depending on what you are using the backpack for:• The Bottom Has No Extra Padding. This is perhaps my only complaint. The rest of my backpacks have always had an extra layer of padding at the bottom, which this backpack lacks. It was not too much of an issue for me, as I mostly carried this back pack on my back or on the back seat of my car. But whenever I was out in the wilderness and I set it down, there was always the slight wear and tear that adds up to holes and cuts. However, in the couple of weeks that I used it, it was fine. This is mostly something to consider if you plan to use it heavily for months and years; otherwise, it is fine.• The “Limited” Capacity. While this backpack had more space than I expected it to have, it still does not have as much room as other backpacks do. However, that is just the tradeoff for getting a slim good-looking backpack. So, while you may not be able to pack it with multiple changes of clothes, you will easily be able to pack your laptop, toiletries, chargers, battery packs, sunglasses, (slim) food containers, a few bottles, notebooks, and maybe a few rolled up shirts. The key is to think in terms of Tetris, by which I mean, “how can I neatly stack everything to maximize the space inside?”That being said, the things I loved about this backpack, or the “pros,” are the following:• The “Limited” Capacity. While potentially a bad thing for some people, this was actually a good thing for me. I love that the design of this backpack constraints its content to fit within its slim rectangular parameters. This was particularly beneficial when storing this backpack underneath the seat in front of me on plane rides when using it as my personal item.• The Design. I love every design detail of this backpack. Starting with the multiple compartments, I loved that I was able to use a pocket for my sunglasses, a pocket for sunscreen and hand sanitizer, a pocket for my battery packs, a pocket for my charging cables, a pocket for my snack, and a pocket for just about everything. I also really enjoyed having different sections for different things. For example, I placed food and drink items that could have potentially spilled, in the front section, my electronics and cables in the middle section (the one with the double zipper/ability to use a TSA lock), and papers/documents in the hidden back section (where you would put your laptop). Having everything separate not only prevented damaging my items, it also gave me easy access to my belongings as I knew where everything was (unlike other backpacks with only one section). Lastly, I loved that it is water resistant. I was in the east coast where it is not unusual for it to rain in the middle of the day for an hour or so, and while the backpack got wet, its content did not. I know that this is not supposed to be waterproof, but water resistant did just fine for me.• The Extras. I am writing this one mostly because it’s worth highlighting that this backpack does come with convenient extra features, even though I barely used them. The ability to connect your battery pack (via an included USB cable) to an internal plastic port, where you would then externally connect your charging cable to plug your phone, was admittedly nice, but ultimately something I used just one. If that’s your thing, you will love this feature. The tiny holes in the metal tabs of the double zipper where you can use a TSA approved lock where nice, but something I did not actually use. It was good to know that I could lock my backpack should I need to though. The holes at the end of the straps for you to adjust the tightness of your backpack were actually something that I ended up enjoying way more than I thought I would. That was a pleasant surprise. As for the hidden section, like I said before, I benefited from being able to store my documents separately in this laptop pocket (and not have them bend or wrinkle), but I did not actually us it to hide a laptop. It was nice though. Every time I passed through security and had my backpack checked (a total of 5 time), not once did an officer realize I had an extra hidden section. If it can fool officers, hopefully it can fool people trying to steal things from you. I should probably also mention that this backpack was comfortable, but I think most backpack are.• The Style. Finally, the obvious and perhaps the reason why you are looking into this backpack in the first place, it is sexy. What is more, the pictures actually do this backpack justice. I was a bit nervous that some professional photographer might have enhanced the looks of this product when posting it on Amazon (the way McDonalds has gorgeous looking pictures of burgers in its Ads but never actually look nowhere near that good when you actually purchase them), but that was not the case. The backpack actually does look amazing in real life. As such, please buy this product with confidence knowing that you will receive what you are looking at on your screen.In conclusion, this is a great backpack! If what you are looking for is a very spacious backpack, you may be better off purchasing a duffle bag. But if you are looking for a decently spacious, stylish, well designed backpack with the ability to charge your phone (as long as you own a battery pack), then the Kopack Laptop Backpack is the way to go!Overall, this is probably the best backpack I have ever owned. I hope that helps!

  3. Axela05

    Let me list the ONE Con upfront. I do wish the backpack had some sort of loop on the top, where you could pickup the bag easily with your hand. You can use the handle that’s a part of the shoulder straps, but I’m a bit worried (in the design itself) the stitching may tear, if I pickup the backpack with substantial weight in it.Now then, with that out of the way… everything else about the bag is perfect! I didn’t buy this backpack for school, I bought it for work. I need to be able to carry my laptop (obviously), my lunch bag, and my drink cup/tumbler.The bag fit my 15.6″ HP laptop with EASE. It also had PLENTY of room for my lunch bag. My drink cup fit nice and snug in one of the side pockets. Not only do I have zero worries it’ll fall out, the interior lining of the pockets is a tough vinyl, so the condensation is no problem. Heck, I even put my umbrella in the other pocket.I really don’t feel like I’ve done this bag justice. The material used to make the bag feels like high quality, durable, thick fabric. Not some thin nylon garbage, that’ll rip in a few months. The shoulder straps are extremely well padded, with extendable straps, which have hard plastic loops at the end, making it super easy to lengthen or shorten the straps.There’s numerous pockets/storage compartments to put just about anything you’d ever need, and the USB passthrough to charge your phone is a VERY nice touch. The zippers, as well as the zipper mechanisms are built solid. Other than the ONE con I previously mentioned, I honestly don’t think I could’ve purchased another backpack, with such high quality, for less than $25.00.If there’s one last thing I can say, it’s that I’m the type of person who you REALLY have to impress, in order for me to take the time to write a review for your product. This backpack overdelivered in just about every way possible. You can stop searching, because you really have found the best backpack for the money.

  4. E. Hodges

    This bag was pretty good for my desired use. Comfortable and sturdy. Has many small compartments, which I like. It’s important that I have those compartments to separate things and make searching for items simple. I traveled with this bag as my carry on. It was comfortable. Fit nicely against my back. Not too big or too small. Was able to fit 2 three-ring binders inside plus several other items to include my iPad. It’s truly water resistant. Water rolled right off the bad. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because of the charging post. It seems a little off set, so I had to struggle to get my charging cord plugged in. It’s not a quick 1-handed operation. Otherwise it’s a great bag.

  5. BC

    I recently traveled to China with this backpack and absolutely loved it. i was a bit worried it would only fit my 15” computer however it also easily fits my 17”!!!!! It comes with a lock, an easy accessible charging area, and tons of storage areas. I may need to buy another of these for my wife since she now hates her bag compared to mine lol

  6. nick snider

     I explain everything in my video review above (It’s also uploaded to my youtube: PandasCanEatYourTech)

  7. Tony S

    Perfect bag for lugging my portable office around the country. Is holding up well to some heavy usage.

  8. Bag Lover

    I use this product everyday now, It is very useful and protects my laptop.

  9. Emma J.

    This bag is amazing, worth every penny and highly recommended for all uses, I am a mature college student studying film and TV

  10. H Creed

    We now have two of these backpacks. They are perfect for my son at school and my work. Really heavy duty with useful pockets and security.

  11. Dominic

    Very comfortable. Even two laptops now feels light Perfect!!

  12. Fahran Gunny

    Spot on. Light. Durable. Good space for all I need for work. Looks good too!!

  13. Win

    This backpack is too small to store anything useful. It only fits one laptop and one tablet, albeit a bit too snugly.

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