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TriEye Sport REVO Bike Glasses with Integrated Mirror

You can choose mirror on left or right side depending where in the world you bike and you can choose different sizes and colors on the frame. The lenses are made from Polycarbonate which make them both strong and light. You can chose clear lens for riding in cloudy weather, REVO blue/red for sunny days or photo chromatic lenses that changes color depending on the weather. See the different option in their webshop.

  • STAY SAFE: The fixed rear-view mirror allows you to see the traffic and other cyclists behind with just a slight twist on your head.
  • PERFECT VIEW: The mirror is placed on an adjustable ball head so that you can adjust the mirror for optimal rear view. Put on your TriEye eyewear and your mirror is in perfect place – always, no need to constantly adjust as with detachable handlebar or helmet mirrors.
  • TWO LENSES INCLUDED: One REVO lens for sunny days and one clear lens for cloudy days/nights; both lenses have the integrated mirror
  • SIZING: Medium will fit most adults with an average distance between the eyes. If distance between eyes is less than average, choose size small
  • AWARDS: ISPO Award Gold Winner; Eurobike Start Up Public’s Choice Award; Taipei Cycle d&i Award


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4 Reviews for TriEye Bike Glasses with Rear View Mirror

  1. Gilman Canyon

    I have been a road cyclist for the past twenty years and in that time have tried every sort of bike-specific mirror imaginable: Bar end, those which affix to eyeglass temples, those which adhere magnetically to eyeglass lenses, and those which affix via Velcro or suction to a helmet’s interior or outer shell. While each of the products could be said to have worked, each had one or more drawbacks, stylistically, functionally or both. The TriEye glasses work, and work brilliantly. So much so that I purchased three pairs: One for me, a pair for my wife, and a spare pair in case of breakage or misplacement. Neither of us would ever want to head out on a ride without wearing these glasses –they’re that important to us.Functionally the glasses provide a small but clear view of traffic to one’s rear. The glasses’ mirror is infinitely tweak-able and once set stays set. Stylistically they are, in my view, light years ahead of any of the other products / product types I mentioned above.

  2. Nich

    I am a masters sculler, and have for years used the clip on mirrors on the bill of my hat. These worked, but were always knocked out of adjustment. After seeing an add for these I was willing to give them a try despite the expense. I have been quite happy with them, as they stay in place, and provide a good view, though it is not a wide field. I find that I have to turn my head slightly in order to pick up the bow ball, and see directly behind me.I ordered the pair with a lens on each side, which wasn’t really necessary. 99% of the time I use my dominant (right) eye, and not the other.I had an early pair of these, and have found the lens changes to be difficult. Not sure if this has improved.They do require an adjustment period as your brain and eye become coordinated to the view, but it was pretty quick in my case. Unlike cyclists, rowers are trying see a well defined picture in the direction of travel, rather than just something coming up from behind.I won’t row without them.

  3. Seth Prosterman, Ph.D.

    These integrated sunglasses and rear view mirror are, by far, the best solution for bicyclists who want a quick and easy way to see what is coming up behind them. I rarely write review for products, but felt compelled to let others know how amazing Trieye rear view sunglasses are. I am not a verified reviewer and was not given anything to review this product. I have tried two other rear view mirrors, and both were inferior to the the Trieye. I am an average sport cyclist and my wife is a triathlete. I bought a pair of the photochromatic sunglasses for each of us and we use them exclusively now when riding. The sunglasses are stylish, and the lenses cut the glare in all conditions. The photochromic effect works great. The rear view mirror affords us a quick way to check behind for cars or other riders with just a slight movement of one’s head. The rear view is clear, wide and has an excellent field of view. They are easy and comfortable to wear. Just follow the simple mirror adjustment instructions and you are on your way. To top it off, the company’s customer service is excellent and was quick to respond to inquiries.

  4. MJF, M.D.

    I was quite excited about getting these glasses and thought they would be a great option. However, once I tried them, I was very disappointed. In my opinion, the rear view was very limited, unlike shown in their video. There are much better and safer options out there. I returned the glasses.

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