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Towero SVWSUN 1080P Camera Glasses

The SVWSUN from Towero are stylish plain glass spectacles will make you look good and discreetly record what you see around you.

  • HD 1080P CAMERA: With a perfect combination of HD camera and lenses, 30 FPS recording speed you can use all of the functions of a Camera. (Glass frame with ABS plastic material, much lighter and comfortable wearing experience.)
  • BATTERY LIFETIME: In full-charged condition, it can be recorded continuously for 30-45 minutes by 32GB Micro SD card(without SD card).When the capacity is full, it will cover the former picture.
  • HD PHOTO & VIDEO: Just press the button to take a video from your perspective (65 degree). Press again to keep recording. Press and hold to snap a photo.
  • SD CARD STORAGE( SD Card not included): Wear it to record what you see to the Micro SD card and view on PC via SD card adapter. Support up to 32G micro sd card(Without SD card)
  • UPDATE: We offer a free replacement policy in 12 Month , totally no risk for you. If you have any problem please feel free to contact us.

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Camera Glasses 1080P Mini Video Glasses Body Wearable Hidden Camera 32GB Card
Camera Glasses 1080P Mini Video Glasses Body Wearable Hidden Camera...



BrandTowero / SENLUO
Maximum Webcam Image Resolution5 MP
Voltage5 Volts
Item Dimensions LxWxH5.5 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches
Towero Camera Glasses
released on August 15, 2019



6 Reviews for Towero Camera Glasses

  1. I’m J. 🙂

    I took the glasses outside for a quick test run. It surprising did well. The glasses are lightweight, feels comfortable to wear. it is mirco usb charging, SD card is inserted on the hinge (there is a picture). This is great for taking hiking trips and you want to record your day. It is non prescription lens, easy on the eyes too.

  2. Resting

    It’s very light to wear it. Just like wear a sunglasses. When you wear it for a long time it feel like wearing a pair of safety glasses. It’s great they use the common USB charger I an use the same cable from the phone to charge this. It works fine.One down side is if other people like at your glass very carefully they can see the sd card on the side. I had a red one but switched to a black one. With the black sd card it’s a lot harder to know it’s a spy glasses. The material is very comfortable and feel very soft to the touch. If you clean it properly the lens are very clear. It feels exactly like those on a safety glasses.The item would be a lot better if the battery last longer. I use it when go hiking or riding bicycle. The glasses fit my head very well. The dark design is very harsh on when hiking. Sure you use sun screen before put them it. When standing under the sun for a long time the side will feel hot.

  3. CA

    I like that I’m finally able to capture my toddlers precious moments without the distracting cellphone, or other recording/photo devices!!

  4. Mikey51

    Positives: It was easy to figure out how to operate it. Image quality is fair. Closeups better than distance. Example shown. Certainly good enough for closeups. Haven’t yet taken the battery life to the limit but I’ve run it for 30 minutes. Sound is OK. Very comfortable and having tested it on quite a few individuals, nobody notices the camera hole. The glasses look quite fashionable. It also seems to increment video (as .avi) into approximately 800 megabyte files, which is fine, instead of one large file. Easily connects via USB cable to Windows 10 computer that recognizes the 32 GB mini-card storage (sold separately) Negatives: Not really specific to these camera glasses but to any camera glasses … head movement causes the image to bounce around. Also, changing light levels will cause some images to be too dark or too light. Once you put the card in correctly there is no need to remove it again (correct is front facing out). The instructions are horrid, written in confused English by Chinese author but you don’t need to be a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to figure out how to use the unit.All in all, however, for the price, this unit deserves 4 stars, if only for the price and the fact that it works. Postscript: The advertising claim of 40 to 50 minutes is accurate. On a full charge I got 47 minutes before it died. Those 47 minutes were divided up into 10 avi files, each about 500 to 600 megabytes and each representing about 5 minutes of video. There is some darkening of the edges of the image, I assume because of the small size of the camera hole.

  5. Ryan

    If you just want the functionality, buy one’s more oriented towards bikers (the one’s that look more like sunglasses).You get what you’re advertised as far as camera quality and battery life. It’s very easy to use once you differentiate between the few buttons you’re dealing with. My only complaint is that the camera is annoyingly high compared to your field of vision. For example, if I had the glasses on while I was typing this review, it would barely record the top half of my monitor even if I’m looking all the way down at the keyboard. Overall though, it’s worth the money.

  6. Harshil

    I use it to record my college lectures with the notes I take. Plus it looks very nice on my face even without recording! Very easy to operate. Press power button and press record button to start recording. And press power off to stop, that simple.

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