SKG Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with 5ATM Swimming Waterproof, Health Monitor for Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Sleep, 1.7'' Touch Screen Bluetooth Smartwatch Fitness Watch for Android-iPhone iOS, V7
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  1. Larry J.

    I’ve had the watch for three days now. I fully charged it and it’s got 78% battery left. It was easy to pair to app. There are 20 or so watch faces to choose from on the app that you just tap on In the app and it goes to the watch. The one I have shows the date and time along with the my steps, heart rate, distance and battery left. The sleep function was troublesome because ever time I moved my arm the face would light up. The band is rubbery and feels like it might not hold up long.

  2. David M Cates

    Price for this item is very good – but style is sort of an issue. Watch slips around my wrist from side to side and eventually the band holding the extra strap slips up to the buckle and then you have a strap sticking out. I realize that the price drives function to a point but I really don’t like the time (watch) displays you have to choose from – still trying all of them out but I have seen better displays. As with most things like this getting used to using the functions takes a little time. Had a few moments trying to start the “outside” walk function and then turning it off. Finally figured it out and I can make most functions perform now. As far as I can tell there is no automatic link to the phone app – you have to open the app before it will update the data on the phone. Also not sure why each function in the app wants access to my contacts, pictures and locations. I know why they want them but why do they “need” them. I have located another watch with a style I think I might like better at a similar price, they are on the way and I will decide soon if I return these and keep the others. More to follow….Spent about a week figuring out how to make the watch work, finally was able to get all the functions to work on the phone. But, the unit lost communication with the app on my phone. Spend a couple of days trying to get it to work again but the phone could not locate the watch and I could not get it to sync manually – strange that is was still sending my email to the watch. I finally decided to delete the app, and reinstall the app and attempt to bind the two, nothing… Finally tried to “reset” the watch which left me with only two screens – one telling me to download the app the other showing a QR Code. Unable to get anything to work after that. Sent two watches back (one unopened) and ordered watches from another company. As mentioned above – the band clasp kept slipping up my wrist until I had a “tail” sticking out sideways. Did not have a good experience overall…

  3. Loren Williams

    I tried a Halo Band, and liked it, and upgraded to a Halo View. It was nice too, but I wanted something that had a nice large face. FitBits are MUCH more expensive, and this SKG watch is a nice compromise. It’s waterproof, and I only need to charge it once a week (the Amazon Band and View needed to be charged at least every other day). I loved the Band and Halo analysis of my sleep, but I get pretty much the same thing from the SKG watch – also pulse and blood oxygen, as well as stress and breath training!The Amazon devices offered exercise advice and recipe advice – which I did not follow. So no great loss.The Amazon devices also wanted me to sign up for a paid monthly service (after a free period).I like my SKG. It ain’t perfect, but it is giving me basically the same information as my previous Amazon devices, without monthly charges, and omitting advice I don’t use anyway.The (blurry) picture above is one of several available faces. This one displays time, date, battery level, how many calories burned, steps today, miles walked today, and current heart rate. I like it. There are several others available, and you can toggle between them easily.I confess that the message routine (receiving texts and emails) and the music routine (controlling your music from your phone) are still eluding me. But I don’t care about those too much.SKG does offer a breathing exercise program which I have used several times, and which has reduced my heart rate.Four out of five stars.

  4. Loren Williams

    I’m only a week into this product and so far I am pretty happy. The smartphone app is taking me some time to get use to the functions and all is going well. There are only 2 issues so far that I question. Sleep Mode,I think I read that it accounts for naps? I normally sleep 5-6 hours a day and rarely a nap. When I got up it told me I slept 6.25 hours. Later in the day my daily report showed 10+ hours. Wondering if it accounted for Recliner TV Time when I wasn’t moving much? the 2nd Weight on App. I noticed it didn’t accept my record of weight on days 2 & 3 and I can’t figure out how to get them recorded. If I go back to that day and change it? The current day changes …. so I do have a gap that I can’t fugure out how to fill.

  5. AZGG

    Bought because my Apple Watch is broken and just needed a replacement because I’m used to having a watch on.Does the basic stuff, there are just a few quirks :Can’t display weather on any of the face optionsNeeds to check settings frequently because will disable notifications by itselfWill sometimes switch to default watch face ( easy fix)Can’t read notifications from watch ( I know it isn’t an Apple Watch)Simple setup-Download the app, quick pairingInexpensive 40$Decent Battery lifeI don’t think you will feel cheated if this is your first smartwatch

  6. CaptJ

    2nd time around may not be the charm this is a rebuy and the battery life on this watch is not what II expected after my experience with first watch. The battery doesn’t have the life that was expressed by the company ,it just may be my watch it gives me 40ish hours of service then at 9% it tells me to charge it . It won’t do more then keep steps and time till I recharge it .But I think everything else may be good, I’ll find out more with the summer season .

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SKG Smart Watch

SKG Smart Watch provides versatile functions for active lifestyles.

SKG Smartwatch: sleek, voice-controlled, fitness tracker with GPS and notifications.

- Multi-functional
- Stylish design
- Affordable price


- Limited battery life
- Small screen size
- Limited app compatibility


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The SKG V7 Smartwatch is a fitness tracker designed for those who lead an active lifestyle. This smartwatch is packed with features that allow users to monitor and understand their physical state, making it ideal for high-intensity sports like marathons and gym workouts. With the SKG V7, users can measure their blood oxygen saturation and get an accurate understanding of their health metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, and stress level.

This smartwatch boasts an impressive 8-day battery life and can be charged in just 2 hours. It features 14+ sports modes to track all-day activities data like steps and distance. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters, making it suitable for swimming. Users can even analyze their sleep quality to help them adjust their sleep habits and monitor their daily nap.

The SKG V7 smartwatch has a 1.7″ HD extra-large full touch screen, which allows for easy navigation and accurate tracking of health metrics. It is compatible with iOS 9.0+ and Android 6+, Bluetooth 5.2 below smartphones and can be paired with the “VeryFit” app.



  • Sleek and modern design
  • Touch screen and voice controls
  • High-resolution color display
  • Fitness tracking and heart rate monitor
  • Push notifications for calls, texts, and social media
  • Organizer for reminders and appointments
  • Built-in GPS system for navigation
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Versatile and user-friendly
  • // Q & A

    Do I wear a watch when I am sleeping? I don't know if it will be comfortable.

    I sleep with this smart watch every day. The sleep monitoring function is very good, and it is uncomfortable.

    Are the step count accurate?

    Comparing while wearing both my old Fitbit and the new SKG on the same left wrist, while playing pickleball the Fitbit recorded 3 times more steps (9000) than the SKG (3000). Two of my playing partners wears a similar Fitbits, and their number of steps tracks nearly the same as my old FitBit. The SKG is not even close to step accurate. Maybe because of a different type of sensor??

    How many functions does the watch have? How are these features, show me please

    There many functions in this watch. this watch will track your exercise and monitor your health status, and built-in alarm, stopwatch, etc.

    Is there any introduction to this skg v7 smart watch?

    Yes. You can also see the user manual on line.

    Can I change the settings to Spanish?

    Aproximadamente 8 pulgadas de circunferencia

    // SPECS

    Origin Country: China
    Model #: SKG-V7
    SKG Smart Watch
    released on February 8, 2022

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    SKG Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with 5ATM Swimming Waterproof, Health Monitor for Heart Rate,...
    SKG Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with...
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    The SKG Smart Watch is a sleek and modern device that offers users a multitude of features. Its input functions include touch screen controls, as well as voice controls that allow for hands-free operation. The watch's output capabilities are impressive, boasting a high-resolution color display that presents its users with an easy-to-use interface. In addition, its fitness tracking and built-in heart rate monitor provide valuable health and wellness data for those who are mindful of staying active. And for those who need to stay connected, the SKG Smart Watch has push notifications for incoming calls, texts, and social media updates, as well as an organizer to help manage reminders and appointments. This smart watch also has a built-in GPS system for navigation and location tracking, making it easy for users to stay on track during outdoor activities. Its durable and water-resistant design ensures that it can withstand even the toughest workouts, making it an ideal option for fitness enthusiasts. Overall, the SKG Smart Watch is a versatile and user-friendly device that offers a wide range of functions to meet the needs of modern consumers.

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