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Quell Wearable Pain Relief Device

Quell stimulates sensory nerves with safe and precise electrical pulses to trigger a natural pain relief response. Quell 2.0 is a 100% drug free system that uses prescription strength nerve-stimulation technology to block chronic pain. Quell powerful and patented neuro-technology is FDA cleared for use during the day while active and at night while sleeping. Quell is designed to relieve chronic pain.

  • Most advanced TENS device
  • Relieves chronic leg, foot and knee pain
  • Designed for use during the day while active and at night when sleeping
  • Powered by the Quell Relief app for advanced personalization and control
  • Includes 1 Quell 2.0 device, 1 wearable band, 1 month supply of electrodes, and 1 device charger


Quell 2.0 Wearable Pain Relief Technology 2020 Version (brand New) W/travel Bag

Quell 2.0 Wearable Pain Relief Technology 2020 Version (brand New). Condition is New. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Quell features: 100% drug-free and non-surgical Now smarter, more powerful and 50% smaller1 FDA Class II Medical Device2 Wearable design for use...

Quell 2.0 Sports Bundle

FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!!!Quell 2.0 Sports Bundle 100% drug-free system to reclaim your life from chronic pain Designed for day and night use For best results, use Quell daily for 30 days to reclaim your life Powered by the Quell Relief app for advanced...

Quell 2.0 Value Bundle

FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!!!Quell 2.0 Value Bundle 100% drug free system to relieve chronic pain For best results, use Quell daily for 30 days Powered by the Quell Relief app for advanced personalization and control Substantial savings with the Quell 2.0 Value Bundle....


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3 Reviews for Quell 2.0 Wearable Pain Relief

  1. J. C. Ash

    I’m a very skeptical person, especially with “as seen on TV” products. About two years ago I saw lots of ads for this device that was supposed to stop chronic pain. At $250. Yeah, right, I thought. But I knew TENS devices could work in limited ways and I kept thinking about that 60-day refund policy. And I had had back fusion surgery that was starting to get painful again, plus was just diagnosed with bursitis and torn tendon to my left gluteus medius muscle. (Look it up.) Doctors weren’t hopeful that any treatment would really help. The hip problem sometimes got so painful that I literally could not walk. Literally.So, what did I have to lose?I ordered v. 1.0, the only one available at the time, and set up an experiment. I would wear the Quell for one week and then take it off for one week.I don’t believe in miracles, but this was close. It worked 100 percent on my hip but, unfortunately, not on my back, (though others’ comments say it worked on their backs). Unbelievable.Now, the news is not all good. The electrodes are, in my opinion, way too expensive but I use an electrode gel (dirt cheap) to extend their life. The sports ones help in the heat and humidity and sometimes there are modest sales. (BB&Beyond will give you 20% off if you take their mail order receipt to the store with a coupon.)I’ve had mechanical problems with a couple of units, but they’ve been great about replacing them. I travel a lot and am paranoid about one blitzing out, so I take my last 1.0 as a spare in case my new 2.0 fails. BTW, I conducted another experiment to see if my butt muscle and tendon had somehow healed and I didn’t need the Quell anymore. I stopped wearing it and after a week the pain gradually returned just as bad as before. I also learned by this that I could build up pain relief by wearing it a lot before a dressy event, and then leaving it home so it wouldn’t be visible under a cocktail dress or skinny pants.Finally, I’d spring for the one-piece v.2 because it’s smaller/less bulky and one of my problems was caused, I think, by the connection between the two sections.I swear this is my own opinion and I got nothing from Quell for writing it. My life has improved so much with the device that I wanted to encourage others to at least give it a try. Maybe if they sell enough they can drop the price (hint, hint).

  2. Cowgirl2mk

    I’ve had my Quell 2.0 for 2 weeks, and am getting incredible results. After breaking my back, I’ve had chronic pain for years, and have had to take pain killers to have a quality life. With this device, I’ve reduced what I was taking by half. Those are incredible, awesome results!Unfortunately, there are issues…1. Quality control on the device. After 3 days, the port on the device for the charger would not accept the charger that came with the device. Fortunately, my phone charger works with it. However, my experience with electronics is that once something like this happens, more problems typically follow. Because of the issue on this device, I will be getting a replacement for it.2. Quality control on the electrode strips. The strips are effective, and when new are comfortable to wear. After a few days use, the gel on the sport strips started to degrade. They are supposed to last 14 days, but I had to start using electrode gel after 5 days to get coverage. The gel is really gross, and it itches, so this is not an adequate long term solution. Replacing a $15 electrode strip every 4 to 5 days would get expensive – over $1,200 per year. If they can’t improve the gel pads, they need to bring the strips’ prices down. I’m going to experiment with gel pads from other devices to see if I can find an economical solution. I’ll update this review with my results.11/12/18 update: They are not the right shape for the Quell, so you have to cut them down. I can get 3 Quell pad replacements out of one of these. So I can replace a full set of the 4 pads 7.5 times. I need to replace them every 5 days or so as well. Must be something weird with my skin! There is some cobbling together to get 3 Quell pads, so be careful! Interestingly enough, I found these pads more comfortable.3. Customer service issues. I purchased this device on Amazon.com. Note the .com part of that. I like to purchase products on line. When I do, I want to be able to get customer support on line. While I was able to contact the seller with my issues thru Amazon, I got a canned response directing me to call their customer service centers, followed with this ironic line: “Please feel free to contact us with any other questions or concerns.” In other words, feel free to complain, question, make requests or whatever, but we don’t care enough to answer. Call me strange if you want, but I absolutely hate calling customer service centers. I live off grid, and outside of the reach of land line phones. Cell service is spotty. My choice, yes. But that is why I buy things on line. Decent bricks and mortar stores are over an hour away from my home. If the seller is going to sell an electronic product on Amazon, I think that they need to start responding to the emails that come to them thru Amazon with the same answers they provide on the phone.Overall, great product. Product support and supplies need work. If this company has its act together, I expect to see changes to these things in the future. In the mean time, they need to expect returns from people not satisfied with how they support their product and how the supplies for the device hold up.

  3. Darcy Meyers

    I was highly skeptical, but read reviews that said it helped some people with sciatic and neuropathic pain like I have been experiencing so decided to try it.It actually seems to work!Throughout the day the cycles it goes through seems to distract or rewire where your brain is focused in terms of pain and provides relief of the affected sites. I have sciatic pain down the left side, and find if I wear it on my right calf my left side pain lessens as well as associated muscle tension. During the day I ramp up the intensity so I feel the response stronger on my right side.I missed wearing it to work one day and definitely noticed by the end of the day my back and left side were more sore than when I wear it. Won’t do that again.I am excited to see how it works longer term as I continue to exercise and manage the pain with the device. I have also reduced the amount of advil/neproxin I have been taking which is a good thing.I think/hope some of my neuropathic sciatic pain can be abated through neuroplasticity effects of wearing the Quell device longer term. That’s to be determined but I’m quite optimistic now.If you suffer from chronic pain I think it is absolutely worth trying.

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Quell 2.0 Wearable Pain Relief