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Ordro EP6 4K/1080P Full HD Wearable Camera

Ordro EP6 Hands Free Wearable Video Camera lets you record a FPV first person view of what your seeing.

  • The new head-mounted design releases hands and is light and flexible without the need for hand-held operation during recording.
  • High sensitivity 18MP SONY CMOS Sensor:Support recording 4k/1080P high definition image quality
  • Wifi Connection:Control and upload recorded videos with exclusive apps and watch videos in real time
  • Stable battery life/90°shooting angle:Up to 1000 mAh of battery capacity for up to 2.5 hours of video recording.120 degree recording angle ensures undistorted field of view.
  • 64GB TF Card & mini size remote control included


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2 Reviews for Ordro EP6 HD Wearable Camera

  1. sylvetchamb-0

    Over all the product is desirable: I like everything it does so far except few thing you might incorporate in a future version 1) Battery life time is very short. Using bank battery is not practical. 2) Memory should be able to self erase herself when full 3) Lzxviewer app is limited (it should allow us to filter or multiple select and erase view)

  2. E. Mason

    I LOVE the video that this device takes! However, the audio from the device is not great–I can’t tell whether she is saying “start video” or “stop video”, when pressing the video button, and when pressing the bluetooth button, the audio is not in English. I’m not sure what language it is in. The device is made in China, but I really don’t know if it’s Chinese for sure. This is a big drawback, because I have to take it off to see if the bluetooth light is flashing, or if the green video light is flashing or solid.Also, the c-video app that is for iPhone is not completely in English. So there are two buttons at the top of the app, that I can’t read.I’m sure once I get used to the operation of it, I will completely love this thing! It’s wonderful that it attaches to earband that goes around the back of your head, so that it’s pointing towards what you are looking at. (You do have to point it more “down” if you want it show something that you are working on with your hands. I haven’t tried it with the clip yet. Will keep you posted!

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Ordro EP6 HD Wearable Camera