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Opulent copper mask
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Opulent copper mask

The Opulent Copper Mask is a Luxury Face Mask

The NA:NURI Opulent Copper Mask is the ultimate cloth face mask, made from a Luxurious Copper Infused 3 Layers of fabric. The multi-functional fabric fiber comprised of copper yarn and multifunctional fiber. These fibers introduce additional mask features such as de-odoration, and sunlight protection. Fabric is woven as three layers – The inner layer is made of 1 Copper infused polyester and 1 multifunctional fiber ratio. The outer and middle layer are used with doped-dyed technology which results in excellent color saturation of the fabric and resistant to UV fade.

Sophisticated 3D ergonomic with a reinforced center support of the mask, and a signature adjustable ear loop design provides for a comfortable fit for any user. The Opulent mask is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • USING HIGH RATIO OF COPPER AND HIGH PERFORMING FIBER – The Inner layer of the mask is woven with 48:48 ratio of Copper yarn : high performing fiber (Other 4 % is polyurethane). These fibers interact with each other and give more benefits such as deodoration, less fouling, and sunlight protection.
  • DOPE-DYED FABRIC AND STYLISH PATTERNS – Doped-dyed technology is the innovation in the dyeing process which results in excellent color saturation of the fabric, is resistant to multiple washing, great for bright colors, and resistant to UV fade.
  • ENHANCED 3D ERGONOMIC DESIGN WITH A CENTER SUPPORT AND NOSE PAD – NA:NURI Opulent has not only 3D contour design for a face but also additional center support and nose pad. The center support secures your mouth area inner space (no need for a silicon cap for your mouth area). Nose pad gives you a comfortable fit and less foggy on your glasses.
  • SIGNATURE ADJUSTABLE EAR LOOPS WITH FLEXIBLE BAND – Each ear loop can be adjusted up to 3 inches. It gives you optimal comfort for ears even for a long time.
  • INCLUDING A MASK HOLDER – A fashionable mask neck holder is included in the package (it randomly will be sent among two colors). The mask and neck holder are 100% made in the Republic of Korea (South Korea) / Imported.


Copper Ion Infused Reusable Washable Nano Technology Face Mask
Copper-Ion Infused Reusable-Washable-Nano Technology-Eco Friendly Cloth Face Mask. Adjustable ear loops for comfort and silky soft material. Comfortable for all day wear. AntiMicrobial/AntiBacterial/AntiOdor/Dust Proof/Water Proof Copper Mask. A protective face mask for everyday use. Condition is...
Copper Infused Face Mask Reusable & Washable [Made In Korea] (26 Colors)
Copper Infused Face Mask Reusable Washable (Made In Korea)_WINE
Copper Infused Face Mask Reusable Washable (Made In Korea)_WINE About Product [Store Policy] CUSTOMER SERVICE Our Customer service team is ready to assist you with any problems or concerns you have about the product. Questions will be answered within two business days or less. SHIPPING...
AUTHENTIC Tommie Copper Face Mask Unisex 2 Pack Copper & Zinc Infused
AUTHENTIC Tommie Copper Face Mask Unisex Black (2 Pack) Copper & Zinc Infused OS with inside pockets (7289) New Sealed Same Day Free Shipping Please check my other face masks BEWARE of FAKE cheap Tommie Cooper masks being sold!


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// Specifications

  • Opulent mask (1 ea. ) + Mask neck holder (1 ea.)
  • Mask material : 15% N29 (Copper Yarn), 15% Linoltex (high performing fiber), 65% Polyester, 5% Polyurethane
  • Country of Origin : 100% Republic of Korea / Made in South Korea
  • Due to handmade process, the size can vary (+/-) 0.1 inches
  • Strongly recommend to wash the mask before using
  • Not for medical usage
Opulent Copper Mask
released on October 3, 2020

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5 Reviews for Opulent Copper Mask

  1. Kat1234

    I’ve had a difficult time finding masks that my husband likes and that fits him well. This mask was PERFECT in a large for him. I love the look and he says it is very comfortable. I don’t know how well the copper infused masks actually work so can’t comment on how effective a mask it is. A bit pricey but if it does indeed help…. worth every penny!

  2. Claudia

    This is the most comfortable mask I’ve worn – and I’ve tried many. The nose padding inside is awesome. The mask is light and breathable. Highly recommend.

  3. C. Hoogenraad

    USA Buyer bewarenot made here in the USAnor is it for our big headsMade ok just different…. & tinyI have a small face & this does not fit! It would prolly fit a small child!!! But 40$ for a mask that doesn’t fit & no kidsI will be returning once I figure out how!

  4. Angel mom

    I truly love this mask and purchased another one for a gift. I highly recommend this purchase.

  5. SHA

    I loved it.. should not have said it has copper. .. it was stolen

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Opulent Copper Mask