This Wearable Sensor Can Tell if You Are Relaxed, Focused or Stressed 1

This Wearable Sensor Can Tell if You Are Relaxed, Focused or Stressed


spire-breath-analyzer-2Stress, otherwise known as the silent killer or just that thing we go through every single day, can be quite annoying. Not only can it lead to depression and its cousin anxiety, but it can also ruin an otherwise perfectly good Sunday. We humans living in the modern age need to learn how to relax, in other words. However, it seems to getting more and more difficult. Luckily, the next big phase of wearable technology will seems set to focus heavily on monitoring and adjusting our health, and a big part of that is going to be stress monitoring. Speaking of, here is a little gadget that does just that.

Introducing the Spire. This little sensor clips on to your hip and keeps a close on your breathing patterns and analyzing them to ascertain your stress level. In addition to being able to tell if you are stressed or relaxed, it can also tell you if you are intently focused on something, like killing aliens in a video game or, uh, working. It pairs with your iOS device to give you a more accurate stress reading than heart-rate monitors, being as how those devices mistake doing exercise for stress.

The Spire isn’t out in stores yet but you can pre-order one now to make sure you are the most relaxed kid on the block when these ship in later in the year. Also, in case you were wondering, this device doesn’t seem to be snake oil. It’s backed by actual science. Scientific method ya’ll!




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