Wearable Electronics is Growing Up 1

Wearable Electronics is Growing Up


iLuv made big waves throughout the blogging sphere about a Jacket with iPod controls named Fashionology Jacket and a Bikini top with iPod controls integrated.

Wearable Electronics is Growing Up

Those two ‘products’ may or may not turn out to be products. After all, iLuv is a company that sells iPod and other MP3 player accessories (very good one by the way) but they are not in the clothing business.

The distribution and marketing of clothing is very different to the Electronic business. I am not saying this is impossible for iLuv but I do not see any indication that iLuv is entering this market.

Using the ’signature’ iPod control layout, as found in a growing number of clothing, to attract attention shows to me that Wearable Electronic products are recognized and better known today than a year ago.

It seems Wearable Electronic is leaving its infancy stage and is growing up.

No need to judge if those two presented models from iLuv actually work nor if they make the most sense from usability point of view like the Bikini top. They have done their job very well: getting a lot of media attention for iLuv and it may have brought more people in contact with Wearable Electronic = Technology meets clothing.

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