Wearable Electronics in 2007 1

Wearable Electronics in 2007


digital_bikini.jpgThe year 2007 just started and we want to take the opportunity to have a look to the coming 12 months.What will change in 2007 in respect to Wearable Electronic? Will we see more products? More diversity? More practical ?

To give answers or better, predictions to the questions above, we look first briefly back to 2006.

The past year was the most active year in respect to Wearable Electronics. Never before have we seen so many different companies and products coming to the market.

Jackets in different styles and colors make the use of iPod and mobile phones much easier for those who look for alternative ways to interact with their electronic gadgets.

A wide range of Bags and Backpacks compliment the diversity of ways to protect and operate our portable devices.

The choice is wide at the moment for people interested in complementing the fashion desire with the electronic devices of our lifestyle.

Our expectation for 2007 is: this diversity will grow further. Why? For one, all the companies that have started to work out the first product range, be it clothing and/or Bags, have learned how to combine the different technologies of electronics and textiles. This know-how can be harvested in a second range to further optimize, improve and – the good news for consumer – reduce the cost to create the next range of Wearable Electronic products.

Other companies, that have not yet started, will see the need to join the new trend or risk to loose consumer in the long run. More choice means more consumers will be interested in using Wearable Electronic products and by doing so, generate the need for higher diversification.

All the companies that launched their first range of clothing and accessories have not only solved the technical difficulties, they had also their first feedback from consumers. This feedback allows them to improve their design for an even higher practical value for the consumers. Advancements in electronics and textile engineering will likewise contribute to the optimization of the current Wearable Electronic products.

To summarize: The Wearable Electronic trend has started as clearly visible in the 2006 product lineup. Companies that have learned how to combine electronics and textiles into clothing will leverage this know-how and launch an even wider range in 2007. New companies will join the Wearable Electronic trend to stay competitive. More competition and better technical understanding will lead to higher diversification of Wearable Electronic products.

But – the most critical factor in our prediction is the consumer. Without consumer feedback, any product will stay on the sideline, if practical or not, if fashionable or not. No feedback means no improvement or very slow improvement based on the opinion of a few.

That’s why we have started this blog: to invite you, our interested reader, to participate and be active involved via feedback and suggestions in our comments to shape with us the future of Wearable Electronics and the Techno Fashion from tomorrow.

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