Powertex lets you charge accessories on the go 1

Powertex lets you charge accessories on the go


Powertex lets you charge accessories on the go 2

So you are leaving the house and forgot to charge your phone. What to do? Not a lot, as it stands. However, thanks to a group of students at the Aalborg University this may soon be a thing of the past.

The crew invented something they call Powertex. The microfibers allow you to charge your device just by affixing the device to it. This means that chairs, walls and even clothing can one day be used to charge your many gadgets. It works using wireless induction. A wire coil generates a magnetic field that is picked up by the receiving end and transformed back into electrical current.

Of course, this is just a lowly concept design but it shows a lot of promise and soon, very soon, we may never miss an important call again. Or a Tweet. Or whatever we’ll be on to by then.

SubType: Concept
Features: Mobile Integration

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