Powerbank Watch Uses Solar Power to Charge Your Gadgets 1

Powerbank Watch Uses Solar Power to Charge Your Gadgets


If there’s anything most of us have in common nowadays is the number of gadgets we constantly have on our person. Back in the day we were lucky to be carrying one Nokia flip phone or a Gameboy around with us at all times. Nowadays? We got a smartphone of some kind, probably a smartwatch, a tablet, an e-reader and a dedicated gaming device(and that’s only a start.) Sure, all of these tech-goodies are awesome. We can’t deny that. However, there is something else we can’t deny. They all need juice! Sweet, sweet power. Luckily, some innovative creators are thinking of some off the cuff solutions for this most modern of problems. Here is one right now.

The Powerbank Watch is not only a fully functional watch that is completely solar powered. That’d be cool enough on its own but this watch also comes packed with some power cells, which stores the excess solar energy not needed to power the watch and saves it in a powerbank(thus the name.) This energy can then be used to power whatever gadgets you happen to be lugging around with you. You ornery sun. I knew you were good for more than just, uh, seeing stuff and growing stuff.

These watches aren’t on store shelves yet so you are going to still have to power your things the old fashioned way(outlets.) However, they are coming soon. Hit up their Kickstarter account and order your own for around $50. Why, this watch will just about pay for itself in no time.

Features: Solar

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