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Pet Tech From Ridogulous Labs


Humans seem to get all the attention! While we bring news about wearable technology for us humans to you every day, there are also products out there for our canine friends. One of the companies that make these products is called Ridogulous Labs, and they make a number of great dog collars.


The idea behind the collar is that you, as the owner currently need to do things like train your dog, be the dogs’ dietitian, plan things for your dog, find your dog when it’s lost, and so on. The collar aims to eliminated those tasks, or at least make them easier. And it’s all in the collar.

The collar itself communicates with the app which should be available for both iOS and Android. The app allows the owner to see things like the dogs location as well as the progress and development of the dog. Not only that, but the app also motivated owners through using gamification techniques.

The collar also uses GPS technology to ensure that you, as the owner, never lose track of your dog, and if your dog happens to run away, you can always find it again.


Another interesting feature of the collar is the voice command feature. You can use the app to call your dog, and the sound of your voice will come straight out the collar. This could be used for a number of different tasks, but will be especially helpful if your dog is trained and obeys your commands. It could be interesting to see your dog from a distance, and instead of yelling his or her name, you can simply say it into your phone, and the dog will hear it through its collar.

Ridogulous Labs just finished a mildly successful campaign for their collars on Indiegogo, and they are supposed to be starting a new one in the coming months, so keep your eye out for it! If you want to pick one up yourself, remember to donate to the Indiegogo campaign! Who says wearable technology can only be for humans?!

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Ridogulous is a wearable technology company for pets. Ridogulous is known for their collars for dogs. – View Profile

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