Parlee Cycles' PXP concept bicycle uses brainwaves to change gears 1

Parlee Cycles’ PXP concept bicycle uses brainwaves to change gears


Parlee Cycles' PXP concept bicycle uses brainwaves to change gears 2

Everybody needs more gear for their bicycles. But what, lets say, there existed a bicycle that eschewed the need for gear at all? What if this bike used the power of the human brain to get stuff done? That is exactly the idea behind Parlee Cycles’ new concept bike.

The bicycle, known as the PXP, uses human brainwaves to shift gears. Really. It works. Just how does it do this? First of all, you wear a helmet that comes equipped with neurotransmitters. Information is transmitted from the helmet to a receptor that is located in the bike’s seat post. The result? When you think of changing a gear, it changes. Yowza.

Of course, this is both a work-in-progress and a concept design. Still, we can’t help but get excited for the day we can simply will our appliances to work how we want them to.

// Parlee Cycles Company Profile

Parlee Cycles is a bicycle company that was founded by Bob Parlee. Parlee Cycles is best known in wearable technology for their concept bicycle that uses brainwaves to change the gears on the bike. – View Profile

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