Online Clothing Sales Beat Computers 1

Online Clothing Sales Beat Computers


Online Clothing Sales

According to the first part of The State of Retailing Online 2007, the tenth annual study conducted by Forrester Research, of 170 retailers, Americans last year spent more online on clothing than they did on computers for the first time in history.

This news is of some relevance to us because we see our main mission to bring Wearable Electronic Clothing and Fashion closer to the consumer by pointing out the retail stores that offer Wearable Electronic products in their program. We also help in introducing and explain the background of the Wearable Electronic products.

As per today, Wearable Electronic Fashion items are few and far apart and not always easy to get hold off or even to get informed. That’s where comes in to bridge this gap. Although we don not sell any of the products we write about, we do follow with interest the development of the online store business and this latest research findings suggest that getting quality information about clothing and fashion trends online has a very high value by consumers.

Intelligent Clothing Sales

With this in mind, we will keep pace with the constant developments of online retailing and make sure to deliver up-to-date information about products and purchasing sources for Wearable Electronic clothing and fashion trends.[source:]

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