Leitners Ad Maiora futuristic hybrid smartwatch blends elegance and practicality


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If you love classic mechanical watches, you’re also going to love the Leitners Ad Maiora futuristic hybrid smartwatch. Blending traditional mechanics with smart technology, this hybrid timepiece is elegant and practical. Using a premium automatic movement, this smartwatch stands above others that use Quartz movements. Additionally, the Ad Maiora has a full-dial E-Ink display, whereas many other hybrid smartwatches have small, compromised, or no displays. So this futuristic hybrid smartwatch is a cut above the rest and redefines the automatic watch by incorporating smart functions. This gorgeous timepiece can wake you in the morning with its alarm, monitor your exercise with its activity tracker, and keep you healthy with its sleep monitor. But that’s not all: it’ll keep you connected to your e-mails and listening to your favorite music. With Super-LumiNova, the time it displays is visible even at night. Enjoy a gorgeous timepiece with intelligent features and integrated mechanics.

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