BAE Systems shear-thickening liquid makes for lighter armor 1

BAE Systems shear-thickening liquid makes for lighter armor


BAE Systems shear-thickening liquid makes for lighter armor 2

Bristol UK’s BAE Systems have developed a shear-thickening liquid that combines with Kevlar to make a sort of super-armor. This kind of material acts a lubricant at low velocities. As such, this could revolutionize the world of bullet proof vests.

The scientists in the project describe it as “bullet proof custard.” You probably won’t want to eat it though. That could be bad. It’s great for wearing though, according to the company.

According to the company, recent tests in which a large gas gun fired metal projectiles at over 300 meters / second into both thirty-one layers of untreated kevlar and ten layers of kevlar combined with the liquid have determined that the liquid armor could be used to effectively protect soldiers from bullets and shrapnel.

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// BAE Systems Company Profile

BAE Systems is a defence and security company based in England and formed in 1999. They make a wide range of wearable gear for the army and law enforcement. BAE Systems is dedicated to creating a culture of total performance, and in doing so they wish to hold to being trusted, innovative and bold. – View Profile

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