Android and iOS Devices Read Bedtime Stories with Smart PJs 1

Android and iOS Devices Read Bedtime Stories with Smart PJs


Bedtime, for most families, means story time- at least it did in my house. Parents sitting down beside their kids in bed, regaling them for the first, second, or hundredth time with a story of a bunny and a moon or perhaps the one about a famished caterpillar. Technology has morphed this exclusive bonding time into a more interactive experience with the entry of the iPad and Android devices, and the apps that followed. Juan Murdoch is pushing that experience one step further with his Smart PJ line.


These pajamas have a dotty design (pictured above), and with good reason. The dots work in the same manner as QR codes; you scan them with your phone or tablet and the information associated with the code will download to your device. In this case, a story is associated with each cluster of dots and will load on your screen within the dedicated free app. The app does take away some of the story-telling on the parents’ part, since it has audio to go along with each story. However, Murdoch has said that…parents can turn off the volume and help the child learn to read the stories and words themselves. Supposedly, there’s also a feature that shows pictures of animals on screen with the words to help children learn to read.

It’s not quite certain what kinds of stories you’ll get with your $25 purchase for these pajamas, though. The app’s description online merely states, Use this app to scan your smart pj’s and reveal pictures and fact about various animals. Buyers may want to investigate further if their concerned about what exactly their getting for their money.

Smart Pjs are available for boys and girls in four different sizes that range from age 1 to 8 years old.

Source: Technabob

Main Type: Smart Clothes
Features: Mobile Integration

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