Black Milk's Gameboy Swimsuit is for geeks to drool over 1

Black Milk’s Gameboy Swimsuit is for geeks to drool over


Black Milk's Gameboy Swimsuit is for geeks to drool over 2

We all love video game history. Our childhoods were no doubt filled with lazy summer days of Super Nintendo and road trips filled with Super Mario Land on the Gameboy family of portable consoles. So, it relieves us to say, you can now relive your childhood summers in a more adult-friendly manner. Introducing this Gameboy-themed swimsuit.

The suit was designed and sold by Black Milk, an online fashion vendor. As you can see, it includes a control pad, game buttons and even start and select buttons. This is the perfect bathing suit to exclaim to the world “Yes, I’m a geek but I’m also a hot girl.” At any rate, gaming nerds will be drooling all over you. I’m sure you all want that.

No word on actual pricing as of yet but the company’s swimsuits usually run around $90. Go get em tigress.

// Black Milk Company Profile

Black Milk is an Australian clothing company that was founded in 2009. They aim to provide some of the most stylish and interesting clothing on the market. Black Milk is known in the wearable technology world for creating a swimsuit that has a gameboy design on it. – View Profile

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