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ICEKAP Delux 2.0
ICEKAP Delux 2.0
ICEKAP Delux 2.0


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3 reviews for Migraine Relief Headache Hat

  1. G. Ludden

    Full disclosure, I didn’t keep the product in the end.I suffer from the kind of migraines that need both cold treatment and pressure applied. It’s hard to do both. Plus, I’d like to be mobile to do other things too. I hoped someone made an ice helmet of some sort to accomplish this- and it’s here in ICEKAP.It’s thoughtfully and cleverly constructed. I think it would last for years.I tried out two of these though… my head’s about 22.5. The size up was too big and I couldn’t get the tension I desired. The size down was snug the way I needed it! But it turns out that the top of my head is kind of short… for me to wear the hat and to have the gel packs covering all of my head, I’d have to pull the whole thing down to my nose. Wearing the front comfortably on my forehead meant the packets at the top didn’t touch my head at all.It feels WONDERFUL when it’s all touching my head, but since it doesn’t quite fit me, it doesn’t meet my needs. So sadly, I had to return it.I’ve still given it a great rating though, because I think for the right person it would be an excellent product. Take advantage of the generous return policies here and give it a shot. It might be just the relief you need.If you’re wondering what I ended up with… currently I’m trying out the headache hat, which is a wrap-around with a velcro end. It has trouble freezing solid (even in my deep freezer) but oh man, feels great when it’s on and tight.

  2. joolzy

    Ok. So I’m all about anything that will help make my migraines more tolerable. I already take meds for it, but that’s not enough unfortunately. So I have my handy migraine “kit” for when one hits. I read about this product on my Facebook migraine grp. I know there were other brands mentioned, so I checked them all out. I cringed a bit at the price of the icekap 2.0 but it seemed the most versatile and best quality.What I love:The hat is soft on the inside. Not fabric that will pill but smooth and light. The exterior is very solid, durable fabric. Easy to wipe off. It is not heavy on my head. But there are gel packs in pockets all over the entire inside so your whole head is enclosed by cold (or heat if you prefer). Other hats don’t give that much coverage.There is a small opening at the top so you can pull your hair up and out so it’s out of the way (I really love that). The gel packs don’t get rock solid when frozen, so i can mold the hat to my head. The back/lower neck portion is longer and has a dedicated ice pack. It’s great if your source of pain stems from your neck or if you want more coverage over your eyes you can turn it around. But even with it forward facing, I can pull it down enough that it covers my eyes and blocks out light. It’s highly adjustable using the Velcro tabs. Sometimes I want that cold pressure all over and sometimes I want no pressure, and looser. Very easy to adjust it for that. I ordered an XL even tho my measurements say an L would fit. I wanted a lot of room to adjust it and I find that the XL works well all the way tightened, loosened or in between. It stays cold quite a long time and when I’m done it just goes back in the freezer. I’ve also used it to lay back on as a cold source for neck pain. It can be good for really any spot that hurts.The only drawback would be the higher cost but to me it was worth it. At first I was thinking to myself I was crazy. Who spends this much on a HAT. I felt guilty bc I thought I was not being thrifty enough. I cut corners in a million different ways to save money, could I not just stick with my usual random assortment of ice packs? But the first time I used it, all notions of guilt were gone. It has really helped me weather my migraines. I have an abortive med I can take, but resist taking bc I don’t like the side effects. Between my icekap and my other little tricks, I can more often deal with migraines without the meds. It helps if I start using it (along with my other helps) as soon as I feel one coming on. Then I can head it off at the pass and hopefully it won’t get bad enough to need my medication. It also works so much better than random ice packs. I can put on my hat and lay down and rest. No having to constantly fumble with ice packs to get them in the right places. No slipping ice packs off my head. No drips. No need for an eye covering to block out light. And if I want, I can walk around with it on. It stays in place.So what more can I say? It’s great and worth every penny. Oh wait, you wanted to know about the company? Good news! Fantastic customer service! Their website is great to read because it gives some background of how the product came to be, how to use it warmed, order extra gel packs (so you always have a frozen set ready to swap out), etc. They have a toll free number and you can message them on Messenger. I left them a message yesterday after hours. I noticed one of the Velcro tabs was starting to come away from the hat. I was worried that it would eventually get worse and come right off. The hat would still be useable, just not as adjustable. So I reached out to them (this is months beyond the 30 day guarantee) and asked if they could help. I thought maybe they could offer suggestions on how to fix it or maybe send me a replacement at a discount, I really didn’t know what to expect.They messaged me back today, less than 24 hrs later. They said that even though it’s well past 30 days, they’d send me a replacement because it was so unusual to have that kind of problem happen. So, it’s on its way. And I’m so happy they were so helpful. Quality items can be hard to come by, but a great item with fantastic customer service to back it up is RARE. I’m glad I went with their product. I’m glad to support a small company. And I hope this review was helpful to those who are trying to decide if it’s a worthwhile purchase.

  3. Susan G.

    I am using this to prevent/minimize hair loss from chemotherapy. Before I found this cap, I was making my own using cold packs and a bandana to hold them on my head.This cap works the same way but much easier to use. And even though I’m doing a notoriously wicked chemo (nicknamed “the red devil”), I haven’t lost much hair at all.I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT ANYONE UNDERGOING CHEMO WHO IS CONCERNED ABOUT HAIR LOSS TRY THIS CAP.IT CAN’T HURT.*Four stars only because the cap is a bit pricey… unnecessarily, in my opinion.

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