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ChiTronic Magic Smart Ring

This Smart ring is the latest from ChiTronic.

  • Through the NFC radio frequency communication technology and mobile phone connection to the mobile phone function operation and sharing of data.
    No charge/depth waterproof, built-in ultra-sensitive NFC chip, no electricity to work, easy to wear.
  • Multi-functional NFC smart ring, the main function is to store and exchange personal information, as well as mobile content and personal privacy encryption unlock.
  • Lock / unlock the program, select the application you want to lock/unlock, write the smart ring, only the ring touch the phone to start the application, to protect personal privacy.
  • This Smart ring is a Unique Present to man/women or boyfriend.
  • Beautiful appearance, and easy to use.


Titanium Steel NFC Smart Ring Multi-functional Digital Finger Ring Y0U4

Titanium Steel NFC Smart Ring Multi-functional Digital Finger Ring New Thank you for your attention, There are so many useful and cheap item in our store. If you need more this item ,you can contact us.we will give you our best price. Way: Contacting us by ebay...

NFC Smart Finger Ring For Android Phone Equipment Intelligent Technology Ring

NFC Smart Finger Ring For Android Phone Equipment Intelligent Technology Ring

NFC waterproof smart ring

Features:Water Resistant and no charging required.Lock and unlock your smart phone or tablet quickly, hide the app when you leave your smart phone alone.Control applications, you can write a fixed process list ahead of the time, and the ring will start the...

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NFC Finger Ring Wearable Connect Smart Intelligent Android Phone Equipment Ring Type: NFC Smart Ring Size(Full U.S. sizes optional): 6/7/8/9/10/11/12 Condition: New Color: Black and White Material:titanium steel + NFC smart chip Gender: Women, Men Package included:...

NFC Smart Wearable Ring Waterproof Magic Technology For IOS Android Phone Xiaomi

Features:1.The smart ring is a fashionable and wearable electronic product with 4 major feature NFC, M1 Card, ID Card and Health Module:-----①With a set of built-in NDEF protocol standard for high-speed NFC chips, it`s able to connect a smartphone to complete...


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14 Reviews for Magic Smart Ring

  1. Amy Tollner

     The box looked good and the directions were easy to understand. I didn’t like the NFC app that was on the QR code on the box at all (-1). I switched it up and used Samsung Tiles after trying NFC tools and NFC tagwriter. They all worked perfectly with the ring but I liked Samsung Tiles the best. There were a TON of different apps on the android store for NFC.The ring looks stylish (+1) even though I don’t like the stone very much and would rather have had it plain. I guess there has to be some way of telling the two NFC tags apart (there are two on oppesite sides). There’s even more features if you have a rooted phone ,but I’m too afraid of bricking my S5.I have one side coded to the GPS location of my house and the other side is my contact information. A quick tap and I can give you direction to my house or my phone number and email address. The options are endless if you want to play with it. Check out this vid on some of the options. In the end A new toy to play with!

  2. Stan M

    I love the fact that it works as it should. I do wish it came in larger sizes though. It works perfectly with my LG G4. There are two tags on the ring independent of each other so when using to unlock the phone, make sure to register both top and bottom tags.

  3. Mahmood Qureshi

    I got the ring today but unfortunately Its too small … What is the procedure for replacement ? I want a bigger one

  4. WAJ

    i find the ring a bit thick, otherwise it’s really nice and effective.

  5. Loreto

    Looks good works but not to my expectations

  6. Neither Confirmed Nor Denied

    Love it, but wish the tags held more data.

  7. Jeremy

    I use it as a smart-lock device to unlock my phone, but it doesn’t always work because the ring rotates the NFC chip to some unknown orientation. I need both hands to realign the ring, and then I see the tiny, yet conspicuously gauche “gem” which marks the 0,180 degree orientations of the NFC chips. The gem makes me feel self-conscious because it looks kinda stupid. The band is very wide. Maybe this is necessary for the NFC antenna, but it is also a style limitation.

  8. Kilroy

    I mostly use it to access straight to my phones menu but it also has medical data on it.

  9. Special Ed Teacher

    I hAve tried them all and this brand uses horrible metal and has bad instructions

  10. Rocco F

    Love the ring, easy to install new commands for your phone. The only thing is that its slow at reading the ring even when I follow their precise instructions on how to wear it.I tested it for a few days to unlock my phone but it is sometimes very accurate and sometimes it doesnt work at all. I would have to turn off the screen then turn it back on multiple times and itll work which is more of a hassle then putting in my passcode or fingerprint.Love the idea but the error rate is too high.Works when it wants to.Could use some modifications other than that its great for things you need here and there not something as often as unlocking your phone

  11. Thomas Lang

    birthday present, no comment

  12. DrDavis

    Don’t work crap

  13. HistoricHomeLover

    It feels and looks cheap. As a result, he never programmed it. Then we broke up anyway.

  14. B&M Ranua

    its not very intuitive and although it works and fits it isnt comfortable and its pretty thick

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Magic Smart Ring