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  • At you can purchase Klein Tools 55431 Tradesman Pro™ Lighted LED Tool Bag for only $85.00, which is 43% less than the cost in Newegg ($148.80).
  • The lowest price of Klein Tools 55431 Black & Orange Tradesman Pro 31 Pocket Lighted Tool Bag was obtained on February 20, 2020 11:33 pm.

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3 reviews for Lighted Tool Bag

  1. bender707

    Pros: The inside of the bag is solidly built. the pockets and bays are still in good working order after 2 years of daily use.Cons:1.The shoulder strap is less than solid. It constantly fails to stay at the height i set it to. It slips to the bottom position whether or not there’s weight applied to it. it just slowly slides down merely while holding it aloft in the air.2. The zippers on the bag fell apart within the first year. I can only use 1 of the 2 zippers each pocket has to offer and i can only close either of them a bit over half way.Wishes:1. Klein, make a a better shoulder strap that stays in positioned height2. build in better quality zipper railsHope it helps

  2. Brendan Brossard

    I do low-voltage (network) installs, with the occasional auto electronics install. I was stacking my cheap tool wallet to its absolute limits, and needed something larger and more robust. This bag definitely fits the bill. It is well-made, with thick material. The pockets are tight and hold objects securely. The long, thin top pocket is perfect for holding zip ties and a few pair of nitrile gloves. However, I am having to double stack many of the pockets, as there simply are not enough of them. That is my only beef with this product. The shoulder strap has a gel pad that is extremely comfortable. As another reviewer mentioned, balance can be an issue, but I usually carry the bag in my hand, without the shoulder strap, and it is very manageable. Overall, a fantastic bag that will last a lifetime!

  3. Joshua G.

    The tech bag is a good product. It’s solidly built and gets the job done. Unfortunately, it has some drawbacks and flaws that hold it back from fully meeting its potential.The first concern I have is with the zippers. The rails seem fine, but the handles are attached to the glider oddly. The hoop isn’t large enough to rotate properly unless the handle is in the perfect orientation, so it’s often hard to just grab the zipper and go. This is a weird issue I’ve never had on anything else.The second problem I have is that the bag is front-heavy. If I remove my laptop, the bag often falls over. It doesn’t help that I have such a light laptop. This is with a moderate load of tools throughout the various pockets. The feet on the bottom of the bag could have been designed to better handle different weight distributions, particularly by strengthening the one towards the front of the bag.Other than those two issues, I find the inner-most pockets to be somewhat useless if you intend to put anything in the compartment they’re in. My iFixIt kit sits inside, making two of the pockets unreachable. This isn’t really that big of a deal, but it looks odd. The only solutions would be to either remove the pockets or make the bag wider, which both seem like they’d make the product worse.I can look past these problems because the bag is built well and seems like it will hold up for a long time. The front pocket is nice and my laptop is well protected. I can carry plenty of tools for IT and electrical work with a bit of thought into organizing. The interior of the bag also makes it easy to find what I’m looking for, as it is orange.Overall, I am happy with this bag. It could be improved, but it is far from not being worth it.

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