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NEON NIGHTLIFE Light Up Hoodie Sweatshirt

This LED Hoodie is sure to get you noticed at your next party!

  • Light controller takes 2 AA batteries and has 4 settings: Full On, Fast Blink, Slow Blink, Off. Lasts over 24 hours on a new set of batteries. The coat features an inner battery pack pocket to conceal while wearing.
  • Jacket LED light will remain bright for 24 hours with a new battery. Available in blue, green, pink, orange, red and white. Pair this fiber optic EL wire hoodie outerwear with a Neon Nightlife light up bowtie, necktie, fedora, glasses or belt (sold separately) and you have an awesome and crazy get up! The novelty neon jackie works great for men and women alike.
  • Offered in sizes to fit teens and adult extra large. We realize purchasing clothing on Amazon can be challenging to get the fit just right. Please check out our detailed size chart in the photos to help.
  • Perfect for, costume parties, talent shows, dance performances, Dance Competitions, senior party, college parties, Electric Glow Runs, Glow Party Outfit, Fashion shows, Celebrity events, Wedding Reception Outfits for Groomsmen, fraternity parties, high school dances, mardi gras, cosplay events, comicon, rave festivals, halloween, day of the dead, 4th of july / independence day, concerts, carnivals, gay bars, strip clubs, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, glow parties, neon runs, new year’s


Neon Night Life Medium Black Hoodie Sweatshirt and Guy Fawkes Mask Lights Up
Neon Night Life Medium Black Hoodie Sweatshirt and Guy Fawkes Mask Lights Up 3 Functions.Light controller takes 2 AA batteries and has 4 settings: Full On Fast BlinkSlow BlinkOff Worn once on Halloween, 2019.Lasts over 24 hours on a new set of batteries. The hoodie features an inner battery pack...
Neon Night Life Medium Black Hoodie Sweatshirt Lights Up 3 Functions Party Rave
Neon Night Life Medium Black Hoodie with 3 Function Neon Orange Light Strip. New with tags. Items purchased before 2pm ship SAME DAY! Items purchased after 2pm ship next business day.


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Light Up Hoodie Jacket Sweatshirt
released on January 2, 2019

// Company Profile – Neon Nightlife

Neon Nightlife is an American company that specializes in creating light up products. Their products are meant to bring attention when your in bars, clubs, concerts, LED parties, Halloween and anywhere that you want to bring attention to your group. – View Profile


8 Reviews for Light Up Hoodie Jacket Sweatshirt

  1. Mike M.

    My girlfriend and I are big into cosplay and general costuming, so we buy a lot of fun stuff. Recently, we’ve been enjoying outfits with lights and we’ve had good experiences with this seller’s products.I can honestly say that this is probably the best light-up product I’ve purchased. It’s not the most flashy, of course; you can buy crazy masks and hats and all kinds of things if you really want to draw attention to yourself.However, this hoodie is comfortable, bright, and fits well. I’ve found that some light-up products really sacrifice comfort for looks, which is hard if you’re going to be wearing the damn thing for hours. This one feels like a regular hoodie and fits like you’d imagine it would (I purchased the large because there was no medium option, so I expected it to be a bit big on me, which it is–I’m kinda skinny–but I imagine that smaller options will be coming soon).Anyway, one of the coolest features about this is how they’ve wired the control panel. It’s basically hidden inside the inner pocket where you’d put your hands, but the panel is actually in a small area *inside* the jacket, so your hand isn’t constantly bumping into the control switch if you like to put your hands in the pockets. To get to the panel, you just invert the bottom of the hoodie and you can then remove the switch easily. Pretty great.Otherwise, the hoodie takes two AA batteries. I have the blue version and it’s bright, noticeable, but not something that is going to offend people standing ten feet away. The accents are good and the hood itself fits well. The light, despite being close to your face, won’t blind you (though admittedly blue is a cool color; maybe a bright yellow would be more intense).I haven’t worn the hoodie long enough to drain the batteries at this point, but it’s lasted quite a bit just on the two AA’s so far. As with most light-up things, the control switch makes a very slight buzzing sound, but it’s inside the hoodie in that little pocket I described, so unless you’re sitting in a total silent room playing chess with one of the dudes from Tron, you won’t notice it.Overall, great product, fair price for the quality. Check it out!

  2. Sonia

    This product does not disappoint. If you’re looking for a neon sweater, this seller is the number one choice to get one. It does make a slight buzzing noise but it’s only noticeable if you’re in a room that’s completely silent. The lights around the hood don’t blind you and if you’re standing next to someone the lights won’t disturb them because the lights aren’t harshly bright. They’re perfect. It’s very comfortable to wear as well for people who go to late night events for hours. Not to mention shipping for this product is insanely fast. It only took a day for it to arrive. The only small issue I had with the product is that it had no smaller options so it is kind of big on me but that doesn’t majorly impact what I think of this amazing product.In conclusion, this product doesn’t sacrifice comfort for looks and it looks stunning. Definitely worth the price and I highly recommend this to anyone interested in neon attire. :)UPDATE: The black coloring on the sweater comes off. The sweater doesn’t lose it’s black coloring but it leaves a fine shade of black if you’re wearing white. If you’re a person like me whom loves to keep their hands in their pockets you’re going to get black coloring all over your hands and under your nails. I think it’s due to the fact that the sweater is brand new. I still love the sweater regardless but I’m going to have to deduct a star.

  3. Aisa Dawn

    I purchased a few different brands of glow hoodies This one is good, I doubt you would be disappointed. I did find others that had thinner and more interwoven light wire, softer jacket material, etc, but this is a well made, solid hoodie with a strong glow.

  4. Vuvuzela

    Sent one of these to my nephew for his 8th birthday – the extra small size listed here. He is probably an inche or two taller than average for an 8 year old. Frankly I was taking a risk, not having any real idea just how small or big it really was since “extra small” is not a size I’m used to working with. I’m happy to report that it fit him perfectly, that it works perfectly, and that we are both very happy with this purchase. I think I’m going to buy one for myself soon, so we will match next time I visit him in Michigan.

  5. Brian

    Bought this after being invited to a Halloween party. Combined with a mask, from the same company. Huge success. People were taking photos of me because it looked so great.

  6. Quill

    Loved the first one I bought so much that I got another. Unfortunately when I took it out of the package, I discovered that the battery box was broken. I didn’t notice it until about six weeks after getting it, I was saving it. Now the first one I bought quit working. Rotten.

  7. RaveGurl

    Kind of wish it could change colors but will buy again. Perfect for walking my kid to school in the morning. Would be great for crossing guard duty. Not just for Costumes but pretty practical for everyday life.

  8. BChrono

    The Hoody itself is actually really high quality and fits extremely well. The light feature is low profile but when lite up really shines. Battery placement in the interior pocket is small and you don’t even notice it is there.

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