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Halo Mini LED Safety Dog Collar

HALO MINI is an ULTRA HIGH QUALITY illuminated LED dog collar to keep our loved ones safe when outside at night. Compared to other light up dog collars the halo is lightweight and extremely visible. Looking awesome is a bonus Feature: USB Rechargeable (quick easy charge in 2 hours).

  • USB Rechargeable (quick & easy charge in 2 hours on laptop, car charger or wall adapter)
  • 360 Degress Reflective
  • Reflective & Illuminated
  • Flash & Glow modes
  • Quick-lock safety buckle



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LED Safety Dog Collar
released on December 16, 2015

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24 Reviews for LED Safety Dog Collar

  1. Happy Buyer

    The light in this collar is very bright. The charge lasts about 1.5 hours. I keep the light on solid, that is, no blinking. The charge might last a shorter time if turned to blinking mode. I slip it on my dog when we go walking. I hook his leash to his other collar, so I’m not rating this based on its sturdiness. As far as illumination goes, it’s a keeper.

  2. DPR

    As you can see in the photos, this glow collar does the trick. I’ve not used it much, but we were in an area with hunting and I wanted to ensure the dog wasn’t mistaken for a fox. It was good at night to see where she was as the property was several acres and she was off lead on “vacation”. I don’t recall if we never got a charging cable or we lost it on the road, but it will charge fine with a cable from a Kindle, so we use that to recharge. The battery lasted 2-3 nights.

  3. Sean Smith

    This LED rechargeable collar fits my dog well on her neck and it emits pink light just right for identify where she is on my dog walk at night. The only complain is that the light dimmed a little bit after my second recharge cycle. Not sure why but I will give it another try.

  4. Christine M. Roth

    The collar looks good and bright while it is lit, but unfortunately, it does not stay lit for long. I recharged the collar overnight and through the entire day and the collar was only lit for no more than an hour. I got this collar so I could see my dog in my dark backyard. Essentially worthless.

  5. Cooper11

    I had a defective collar and worked with the company to get a new one. They were very professional and wanted to make it right. They sent me a new collar and followed up to be sure it worked. It’s easy to charge and the pink is very bright! I’ve been stopped while walking her to find out where I purchased the collar. Very happy with it!

  6. LCDPS 1305

    This may be a little premature. We have only had the collar a couple weeks and used it a few times it is very bright and easy to see our chocolate lab on the darkest night. My only concern is how long will the LED strip lights last and or the on-off button. But for the price I don’t think you can beat it I would recommend it to anybody

  7. Nightrunner

    I’m not wild about this collar. I ordered a large collar because my dog was right at the line between medium and large. By the time I adjusted the collar for my dog, the collar was neither round or soft. Adjustment was difficult, and the stiffness made one section stick out awkwardly. Also, whereas my dog’s old lighted collar could be turned on and off while she was wearing it, the tiny button on this collar sits in a position where that’s not possible. I’d recommend you look elsewhere.

  8. Kevin B

     I have a black GSD and he is hard to see at night at any distance. This collar lets me keep track of him without issue. Micro usb charged and though it had flash mode it is a big annoying to the dog but steady on is perfect. Adjustment is limited due to the light source in the collar. I would recommend having as a throw it on when you’re ready to go collar that is used for light, use a normal collar for a leash. Runs a big big. All in all it’s a great collar. Video of a black GSD at night, he is invisible without the collar.

  9. Marina

    Great dog collar. My dog, Rickie loves it. Rickie doesn’t really like collars . All of the other ones we had he kept trying to take them off, but not this one. Rickie has also became more interactive with other animals in our neighborhood.

  10. Robert South

    5 STAR product I surprised for us , excellent LED quality I still recommended for dog owners.

  11. Arturo Nery

    I am completely happy with this product. A solid hour of walking and the light remains bright.One amazing fact is that they are rechargeable. Love that fact.I highly recommend this product for a safer night time walk with the dogs.

  12. yoga

    My dog is about 40 lbs. This solar collar is too big for her neck, and too tight for her body. Tried to adjust the size, but the adjustable range is so limited. They should redesign this collar, period. Good idea, but terrible design. For the cute solar idea, I gave it 2 stars. Have to return it.

  13. kde

    Seriously, one use, and this thing stopped working. It works when its plugged in, but as soon as I unplug it it stops working. Since i’m past the 30 day return window I can’t even get a full refund. What a joke!

  14. Wendy L.

    These collars are amazing. We have a camp in a very rural area. I bought 2 collars for my dogs. An XL and a S both work perfectly. I turned them on at night for about 3 hours a night . The charge lasted the full 2 weeks while we camped. I’m sure they would have lasted longer but I charged them as soon as we returned home .They are very bright and I love the option of having 3 settings to choose from. My dogs have free range so it was easy to spot them in the pitch darkness.

  15. PEBO

    It is what is says it is. I’ve had several of these over the past few years and they are exactly like this one with one exception, the charging port on this is proprietary and neither a micro or mini usb charger fits it. The other collars we’ve owned used a micro usb cord so we could use any Android charger. If this cord is lost or misplaced, the collar will no longer be usable. That said, this is a great collar.

  16. Christine M. F.

     I’m a truck driver & the rechargeable, waterproof, LED collar is literally a life saver for BOTH my 90 lb furbaby & myself! The LED lights are EXTREMELY BRIGHT! It doesn’t take long to charge & 1 charge lasts months. It’s a very sturdy, durable, well made collar. It’s also went swimming a few times too lol. I got the XLG & it has plenty of adjustment room either way. I’d DEFINITELY buy again! Very well worth it!The pic/video was taken at midnight in Toledo, Ohio with a samsung Note 8. XLG Collar is about 1/2 charged. No zoom used. Flash used only for the pic.

  17. Joshbroni

    My Coonhound broke a plastic clip while running on her cable run not the collars fault it was my dog’s fault I like these collars so I just bought a new one overall pretty good product I’ve got five of them so far the pink and green light up pretty good the blue not as bright

  18. Tony v.

    Wonderful collar, fits good and it’s nice and bright. Charging is fast. Lasts ok . I live in the woods and it’s awesome when jasper my dog can be seen from the porch at night. Highly recommend!

  19. Carole

    I like the color and brightness in fact i would have given it 5 stars except the fit is off. My dog has an 18 inch collar , and 18 inch neck but is a puppy so I got this one which is 18.9 to 23. It is way to big. I can make it the 18 but it then has the buckle over the light strip. I am not sure how long it will last this way. It wont lay down or be in a circle this way . I think it is about 3 inches loners then it says.I also got one for my 11 lb Maltese and the smallest one I can put on her but can pull off with little effort.

  20. Dreena Tiscareno

    We walk four miles every day with two large dogs. These lighted collars make us feel very safe in the dark this time of the year. Hop

  21. Trisha McBuns

    Great lighted solar/usb charged collar. Really like that do not have to depend on batteries!

  22. WKC

    Works well enough but find it a bit bulky for a small dog (Frenchie). Also find there is not enough lighted surface to be effective… only lights up half the neck, so can be seen from the front OR the back, but not both. My dog is black and I walk late at night so looking for a way to make her more visible to cars, think it could be better.It does hold its charge well and easy to connect to cord

  23. Barbara

    We breed standard poodles. And we have black female. We live on 7 acres. And Miss Frankie likes to stay outside. But when pregnant and close to due date. We want to know where she is. And this has worked perfect. So our fear of her having her babies in the yard somewhere. We can find her to bring her in so I do recommend this collar for at night. When letting your dogs out or going for a walk. You can see it very well

  24. Pamela

    I bought four of these (one for each of my dogs) and three of them had the solar panel screen fall off within one week of getting them and putting them on the dogs. It looked like they were just cheaply glued on.

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