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NoxGear Tracer360 Illuminated Running Vest

Revolutionary Illuminated Vest for Running or Cycling with Multicolored LED Fiber Optics built into the vest’s fabric. The NoxGear Tracer360 is engineered to enhance your safety by making you more visible to drivers. Darkness shouldn’t keep you from enjoying a run, ride or walk. With the rising risk of incidents caused by distracted driving in mind, the NoxGear Tracer360 was carefully engineered to provide you maximum visibility year-round, regardless of weather, all without slowing you down.

  • VARIABLE COLORS IN ONE ILLUMINATED VEST – Change between 6 super bright solid colors – Red, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, and Orange AND 5 eye catching multicolor flashing modes – Our special illumination modes are based on visual science to give visibility to you and warning to motorists. Modes are easily selectable at the press of a button, easy to access if you’re walking, running, playing ultimate Frisbee, riding a horse, or even riding a motorcycle.
  • TRUE 360 DEGREE ILLUMINATION, REFLECTIVITY, & FLUORESCENCE – Unlike other reflective running vests and hi viz cycling gear, our flexible fiber optic cables, and 3M reflector chest belts actively keep you safe by alerting distracted drivers and traffic before their headlights are on you. The unique X shape of the led lights guarantees a larger visibility area, illuminating both sides of the body and making you visible from over a quarter mile in any direction
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, BREATHABLE, & EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE – If it’s for a short jog in the morning with the kids, walking your dogs in the evening, or an all night solo ride, at only 6.5 oz – you’ll forget you’re wearing it. Using High Quality Sports Mesh and elastic makes the Tracer360 Sweat Resistant, Chafe-free, comfy to wear. The slim, minimalist design ensures minimal fabric-to-body contact, less sweat-trapping, and helps it not interfere with your HRM (heart rate monitor)
  • HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE – WEAR IT ANYTIME OF YEAR – Expand it to fit over your cold weather coat or jacket or adjust it down to fit more snug on t-shirts or singlets during those hot summer night activities. Experience a perfect fit and zero bounce, no matter the season or clothes, Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, the Tracer360 will go as long as you do, even rain and snow won’t slow you down with the water resistant design
  • ENGINEERED FOR EXCELLENCE – Noxgear was founded by engineer athletes, who continue to apply the same rigor and discipline as they did designing rockets and robots to providing you a 5-star product with 5-star customer service.

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NOXGEAR Tracer360 Visibility Running,Cycling, Outdoor Light Up Flashing Vest M/L
NOXGEAR Tracer360 Visibility Running,Cycling, Outdoor Light Up...
Noxgear Tracer360 Visibility Vest for Running Biking Multicolor SZ M-L
Noxgear Tracer360 Visibility Vest for Running Biking Multicolor SZ M-L


The NoxGear Tracer360 is a revolutionary product that offers unparalleled visibility and safety during nighttime activities. With its 360-degree illumination, the Tracer360 ensures that you are visible from all angles, making it ideal for runners, cyclists, and anyone who enjoys outdoor activities after dark. The Tracer360 is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use, with adjustable straps that fit most body types. Its rechargeable battery provides up to 40 hours of continuous use, and its weather-resistant design ensures that it can withstand even the toughest conditions. With the Tracer360, you can enjoy your favorite activities with confidence, knowing that you are visible to others and safe from potential accidents. Whether you're training for a marathon or simply taking a nighttime stroll, the Tracer360 is the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures.



The NoxGear Tracer360 is a revolutionary vest that takes visibility to a whole new level. It is designed to keep joggers, cyclists, and runners visible and safe during low-light conditions. The vest boasts of 360-degree illumination that ensures you are visible from every angle.

The vest is fitted with ultra-bright LED lights that are powered by rechargeable batteries. The lights come in different colors that can be easily adjusted to match your preference. Additionally, the vest is made with lightweight breathable material that ensures you stay comfortable while exercising.

One of the unique features of the Tracer360 is the ability to switch between several lighting modes, including strobe, flash, and pulse, depending on your activity and preference. The vest also has reflective accents that add to its visibility, providing additional safety features.

The Tracer360 is designed for all weather conditions, and it is water-resistant, making it ideal for use in wet weather. The vest is also adjustable, ensuring it fits comfortably on different body types, and it is easy to put on and take off.

Overall, the NoxGear Tracer360 is an innovative product that ensures visibility and safety while engaging in outdoor activities in low-visibility conditions.


NoxGear Tracer360
released on November 7, 2013
My vest won’t charge or turn on, what should i do?

1. Plug in your vest and wait 30 min. 2. While still plugged in, HOLD power button for 2 min. 3. Release the button and wait 4 hours for full charge.

How does this vest stay powered? Does it need triple A batteries or do you plug it into an outlet the night before your morning run?

The Tracer 2 (Newer model) uses a built-in rechargeable battery. The Tracer360 (older model) uses 3 AAA batteries. I have been using Eneloop Rechargeable (NiMH) AAA batteries with the Tracer360 for 2 years and it's the best of both worlds.

anybody 5'10" 200lbs that owns this... i would say xl but it looks like it runs big.. size 33 waist.. any suggestions

5’9” @ 180 and I bought a large size to go over a thick winter goose down coat. It’s a snug fit Works great. Make sure you get the rechargeable battery model.

I'm 140 lb 5'5 female. What size would I get?

I'm 5'9" 145 lbs and wear the small. It fits fine -- even over my winter coat.

Where is the on-off switch located? Can it easily be switched off during a run?

The on/off switch is located in the center back, toward the bottom of the same plastic casing into which the tubes attach (the batteries are located toward the top). It is easy to find and reach once you are familiar with it.


Tracer360 - NoxGear

The Tracer360 is a high visibility vest that takes you where a reflective vest can't. With 360 degrees of full color spectrum illumination paired with 3M reflectivity, the Tracer360 perfect for runners and cyclists. - Secure Online Shop

NoxGear Tracer360 - Visibility LED Illuminated Vest for Running or Cycling. Women & Men, Adjustable, Lightweight, Weatherproof Gear. IT'S ALL IN ONE VEST! (5 Flashing Modes - 6 Differant Colors). - Our special illumination modes are based on visual science and are selectable at the press of a button, even while you're running or on the bike.

NoxGear Tracer360 Reviewed & Rated in 2021 | WalkJogRun

The Tracer360 vest by Noxgear is a great invention. It’s a highly practical, very stylish and extremely sleek concoction that’s specifically designed to keep the nocturnal runner in you safe and always well lit.


// noxgear Company Profile

Noxgear is a company founded by Simon Curran and Tom Walters that specializes in creating products for sportspeople to play at night. Noxgear is best known for their products for cyclists and runners. – View Profile

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8 Reviews for NoxGear Tracer360

  1. arden r.

     I bought this vest to go with the LightHound dog harnesses. The price was the same as the harnesses ($59.99) which I felt to be a bit steep considering the construction feels flimsier. One of the plastic cables used to transmit the LED light has broken within 6 months and reduced the usability of the item.I like the low profile and lightweight design; however, it is not rechargeable and requires multiple AAA batteries. This means it can run longer on a low charge but will remain in the red (low battery indicator) for a long time before the batteries finally die. It can mean needing to carry spare batteries if the vest has been in the red a while. I think this would benefit from a rechargeable battery option.It comes with multiple light options: rainbow pulse, rainbow strobe, rainbow cycle, solid pulse, solid strobe, and solid static. The colours are white, blue, green, purple, pink, and red. The vest will turn red when the battery is low so I don’t recommend choosing red as your default colour. The downside is that you have to cycle through the options with the on/off button so it can take a little time.The chest strap is an elastic safety yellow with reflector strip and connects in front with a quick release clasp. The straps are also adjustable with plastic cinches. You may have to ajust the width as the vest does move a bit when running. The shoulder “straps” are plastic, similar to fibre optic cables. They attach at both ends to the LED emitting housing and pass through the elastic chest harness in front. There are two plastic toggles in front to adjust the fit as well. The toggles do slide as you move and I’ve found I’ve had to constantly adjust the harness. I’m a female and I found the harness to drift to one side and the “straps” getting in the way or falling off my shoulder. A male user may not experience the same problems.The toggles also create kinks in the plastic cables which cause damage over time. Wearing the harness with a hip pack will also cause damage to the cables. I found one of the cables broken during a walk/run. It broke near where it attaches to the LED housing and I cannot find a way to reattach it without losing the LED directivity and therefore, the optimum illumination.I’ve used it in light to heavy rain but, considering my experience with the LightHound, am leery of declaring it properly waterproof. It does seem to be relatively water resistant though. it definitely stands out well against a black outfit and makes me feel safer when on or near the road in low light. I think this would also be good for cyclists as it provides the kind of visibility and silhouette definition blinker lights can’t.I’m including a video of the LightHound harness to show how the colour cycling works. It’s got the same set-up as the Tracer360.PROS:LightweightEasily adjustable sizingCompact sizeMultiple colour optionsHigh illumination factorCONS:Not rechargeableFlimsy feeling designPrice

  2. Funkimunky

    The light is really bright and you get to choose from 5 different colours or a flashing combination of colours. Once you have selected the colour setting you like when you turn off then turn on again it remembers what you previously had selected. It is really light weight and I know this is a selling point but the plastic box that the cables come out from seems to be cheap quality plastic. I have only had this product for a week and cannot comment about its durability though.

  3. Richard Ortel

    It’s nice that a few companies are trying to make something like this, but they have much to improve before it can be called a great product.Here is my feedback as a former competitive runner and who still tries to run as fast as possible off of 60-mile weeks and a limited number of workouts: – you have to wear the chest strap rather tight to keep the back module from moving around – it’s not ideal to have to place the strap near the diaphragm where it is just uncomfortable and also gets in the way of any heart monitor strap you may have – it causes shirts and jackets ride up a bit which leads to chafing – it obviously keeps clothing tight against the body which causes more sweat – it is not easy to clean once it is sweaty and smelly – unless you get a get a size too small, the tubing is a bit loose around the waist and easily catches swinging hands when running (have to use bread ties in the back to keep the tubing tighter and closer to the body) – the module seems unnecessarily big – the clamps that keep the tubing in place end up damaging the tubing over timeIt would be great to simply have tubing that could thread around the shoulders/waist of a normal lightweight reflective vest with a small battery case that could clip onto pants/shorts. However, as far as I know, that product doesn’t yet exist and this might be the best option we have in the meantime.

  4. T R

    Wow! What a cool product 🙂 There is no way you’re going to get missed on a dark night wearing these, you go down the road like a flashing Christmas tree – it’s great! But seriously, this is one of the best and most safety conscious products I have ever seen, sure you might expect a kid of 12 to wear it, but you know what? You just get knocked down once and you could be critical – this is potentially a life changing bit of gear. Thoroughly recommended

  5. Karl Can

    This was fantastic for wearing while pushing my late Father’s wheelchair along an unlit road when on the way to/from the village pub! The only thing I would say is that it’s quite hard to reach the on/off/mode change button in the middle of your back …..!

  6. G

    Update from my previous post. Having now arrived, not the sellers fault but amazon delivery problem, the actual product is very good looking. Well packaged. Easy to wear and operate. Using it for horse riding and dog walking. A very clever way of advertising you’re presence to other road users.

  7. BKinder

     After seeing ads for this on Facebook, and after being repeatedly reminded by my wife that I should have some sort of safety gear on for running after dark, I decided to try this out. I love that it is lightweight, easily adjustable and VERY visible. The light button is easy to reach, even while wearing, so if you need to turn it off or want to change between the many color options (including flashing light options), it’s simple to do on the fly. The chest strap clasps securely and I don’t see this as having any durability issues.If I had one gripe about it, I haven’t quite dialed in the fit yet. The chest strap seems to shift up, although not horribly, during runs. Again, this might bother me more than others, but it’s definitely not enough to keep me from highly recommending this product. Even though the band shifts, the battery pack stays in place, and I haven’t noticed any distracting movement from it.I’d choose this 10 out of 10 times over a safety vest.

  8. Eoin F

    nice and light with good brightness. Get 3 or 4 days with rechargeable batteries. The top of the battery pack is pointy and with a bag can hit your head just a bit. Better design would be to smooth it out and use softer material for this part. Just minor suggestion.

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