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ObboMed Heated Slippers

ObboMed MF-2305L USB 5V 10W Carbon Fiber Heated Warming Booties (fits foot size 41-45) apply the latest heating elements technology – Carbon Fiber, which needs only 5V to heat up. The warming booties take some time to heat up. It is recommended to heat up the booties 15 minutes before use, and then you will experience cozy warmth when you put your feet in the booties.

  • Powered by 12V voltage, 2A with the latest carbon fiber heating technology for heating function. Two heating levels With LED power indicator to display heating levels for best using experience: Green light indicates Level I (gentle warmth, 10W) , red light indicates Level II (fast warmth, 20W). The design of the shoe sizes/configuration is not intended for outdoor use as regular shoes. The purpose of the design is to improve comfort indoors by keeping feet warm. Hand wash only.
  • Soft sole design for comfy touch; two-piece booties designed for providing more mobility than conventional foot warmers; allow users to move more freely in the surrounding area. *Note: Not suitable for outdoor use.
  • Heating temperature up to 140°F/ 60°C, depends on ambient temperature, and accumulated heating time. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to feel warm, longer heating accumulate more warmness. The heater will automatically turn off after 2 hours for user’s safety.
  • Include AC 110V-230V to DC 12V, 2 A adapter for steady and better heating. Detachable cable and heating elements from the shoes for convenience. (PS. There is no car cigarette lighter plugs for driver’s safety concern). The heating function is not designed for movement with rechargeable batteries, it needs to be plugged in power sources to heat up. The cable wires can be unplugged for the convenience of indoor walking.
  • For more convenient using (Powered by USB, Not adapter), less heating power, please check models MF-2300 (USB 5V, 10W) or MF-2600 (USB 5V, 10W)


Obbomed 12v Warming Booties with Carbon Fiber Heating Element. Model: MF-2320m
Obbomed 12v Warming Booties with Carbon Fiber Heating Element. Model: MF-2320m. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
ObboMed MF-2305M Far Infrared Carbon Fiber Heated Foot Warmer/Boots/Slippers, US
ObboMed MF-2305M Far Infrared Carbon Fiber Heated Foot Warmer/Boots/Slippers, USB 5V 10W – Far Infrared Wavelength 8-15 μm (Health Range: 4-14 μm), Auto Off, Size M: (fits Foot up to 41) Description Powered by 5V low-voltage USB outlet with the latest carbon fiber heating technology for heating...


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Volt 3V Gen iV Heated Slipper
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Heated Slippers
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8 Reviews for Heated Slippers

  1. Camping Nerd

    Worked for about 15 minutes then stopped. I returned them.

  2. Samantha Williams

    The boots are nice and comfortable but there are a few minor issues. One, the size, it’s not exact sizes so mine ended up a little big for my feet but they don’t fall off so I’m not too unhappy about that. Two, the heating process takes a while to warm up. It’s definitely not instant heat but the boots themselves are warm and keep an insulated heat going. Overall, they are nice little boots and they keep my feet warm when people keep walking in and out of the door next to my desk.

  3. KS

    First off, I never write reviews, but I felt like I had to for any other people on a quest to deal with their antarctic-cold feet like I was. I have always had insanely cold feet—so cold that they distract me when I’m trying to study during the day & physically hurt when I try to go to sleep each night. Socks upon socks upon socks have done me no good. I came across these slippers & decided they were worth a shot (despite reading a few reviews that seemed less than promising). They arrived today & I am BEYOND pleased with them! My feet are extremely warm, even when I just have the lower of the two settings activated. These slippers are very comfortable. I’ve been able to sit & study for hours with no cold-feet-pain distraction. I’ve also had no problem quickly unattaching the plug-in cable to get up & walk around. Yes, they’re a little bulky (as are all slippers), but completely able to be walked in. They retain warmth for about 15 minutes, but as soon as you plug the cables back in, they’re fully heated within less than a minute. I’ll be wearing these on the daily!

  4. Gary Satterfield

    I have had this product for over a year now. Hands down, they work great for my overly chilly feet. They are not made for walking but you can unplug them and make a trip to the rest room, kitchen or go get the paper off the porch with no problem. Yes you can feel the heating element when you walk in them but this is no big deal to my nice toasty feet. Yes unplugging and plugging them back in is an effort but my nice toasty feet is well worth a little inconvenience. There is some sort of temperature regulator device because I can keep mine on for hours without my feet lighting on fire. If it gets a little too hot, I turn off the switch and most of the time, my already toasty feet do not need any more electric heat because these slippers are pretty well insulated . I keep mine next to my recliner and in just a minute or two, they are nice and hot. Sometimes I will take them to my desk if my feet get too chilly while I am working. Bottom line is if you want fast very warm heat and no more cold feet while you in a single location like watching TV or at your desk, buy this product. If you need a foot warmer for you bed our while walking around, this product will not be a good choice.

  5. KBL

    The good stuff: The boots themselves (without heat) are quite comfortable and warm. The insoles do provide a good amount of heat and keep your feet toasty.The bad stuff: The heated insoles are horrendously uncomfortable to walk on… go and step on a cord and center the cord on both of your arches… that’s what the heated insoles feel like. I had to order additional insoles to put inside the boots to make them tolerable. Also, these were supposed to come with a two-setting switch and mine only arrived with an on/off switch. Finally, I received these on 1/2/18… it is now 1/22/18 and the left insole is no longer heating.Advice… if you plan on doing zero walking around, these are great. However, if you have to get up frequently and walk around, you may want to look at something else.

  6. SJ

    I really like these bad boys! 🙂 And I HATE Ughs too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wear them outside of the house. in fact, I only wear them at my desk. But they give me the perfect amount of warmth when it’s cold. I unusually have a heater blowing directly on me, but some of you well know even with that, the feet are often neglected. This fixes it perfectly. I saw some reviews talking about the cord and how it hurts their feet or something. Whoever said that must have some snowflake feet. I am one of those people who use a foot pumice to make sure my feet are soft, and sometimes put on Vaseline and sleep with a sock on, just to make certain my feet are soft. And honestly, I don’t feel a thing. The cord doesn’t bother me one bit.In any event, I was concerned when I first bought these because of the price but I think they were well worth it.

  7. BriBones

    Once my feet get cold they take forever to warm up. These do a great job heating the bottom of my feet. But it takes forever for the warmth to get to the top of my feet. The cord, however, is the biggest issue. My feet can be at most 20 inches (50cm) apart. Cross my legs and they unplug. Do almost any movement and they unplug. Very limiting. I should have gotten battery powered slippers. Oh well. Live and learn.

  8. A

    Very disappointed for the price I paid. Over two months, I used them for ten hours and then one just stopped heating. I would like a refund or at least a new pair but the refund window closed on 10/4

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