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Heated Boot Bag for Ski/Snowbarding

KULKEA’s Thermal Trekker heated boot bag is the most sought after heated, insulated and technically designed travel ready ski boot backpack for your boots, helmet, gear and apparel. Warm your boots and liners so they slide on easier and you start the day with comfortable feet. The innovative heating system provides quicker and more efficient heating of boots and gear without the worry of damaging boot customizations. The Highly compartmentalized and organized boot bag has a padded and adjustable strap system for comfort that tucks away if checking in for air travel. The heated boot bag is crafted with precision and all stress points are extra reinforced. Thermal Trekker is built to last with super durable water resistant materials and premium components such as YKK zippers and ITW buckles.

  • Kulkea Thermal Trekker Heated Ski Boot Bag 2020 Cool Grey/Black/Red
  • Headed Side Boot Pockets: Two contoured, insulated and heated side boot pockets designed for the most effective heating of ski boots.
  • Sizing: Ski boots up to Mondo 31 (US Shoe Men’s 13). Volume: 62L. Dimensions 18”H x14.5”L x 20”W.
  • 3 Heat Setting Controller: L, M & H settings for achieving 140F. Dual Plugs – 120V wall plug & 12V automobile plug.
  • Central Compartment: Large top loading compartment for ski pants, tops, base layers and gear
  • Padded and contoured adjustable shoulder straps combined with a padded spacer mesh back panel, lifter straps and a sternum strap.

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kulkea thermal trekker heated boot bag
kulkea thermal trekker heated boot bag


The KULKEA Thermal Trekker Heated Boot Bag is the essential accessory for any skiing or hiking enthusiast. With its innovative design, this heated boot bag not only keeps your boots dry and protected, but also warms them up for a cozy and comfortable fit. The Thermal Trekker features a powerful heating system that can warm up your boots in as little as 15 minutes, ensuring that you are ready to hit the slopes or trails at a moment's notice. The bag is built to last, with durable materials that can withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. The spacious interior can accommodate all your gear, from boots and helmets to gloves and goggles, and the multiple pockets provide convenient storage for your small essentials. Plus, the adjustable straps and padded shoulder strap make it easy to carry, even when fully loaded. Experience a new level of comfort and convenience with the KULKEA Thermal Trekker Heated Boot Bag.



The KULKEA Thermal Trekker Heated Boot Bag is an advanced solution for keeping your ski boots warm and dry while on the go. With its adjustable heating system, this bag ensures that your boots stay toasty at all times by delivering consistent warmth throughout the lining. The bag comes with a 12V car adapter and wall charger, so you can safely power up before you hit the slopes. It features a spacious main compartment for your boots and an additional pocket for storing ski accessories or personal belongings. The bag also has reinforced padding and a durable exterior to protect your gear from bumps and scratches during transit. Moreover, with its structured design and padded shoulder straps, the Thermal Trekker is comfortable to carry and offers excellent stability. Overall, this boot bag is an excellent investment for ski enthusiasts who are tired of dealing with cold and damp boots. Enjoy skiing in the comfort of warm, dry boots with the KULKEA Thermal Trekker Heated Boot Bag.


Outer MaterialNylon
Closure TypeZipper
StyleKulkea Thermal Trekker Heated Boot Bag
Item Weight4 Ounces
Strap TypeTop Handle, Shoulder Strap, Waist Strap
Kulkea Thermal Trekker Heated Boot Bag
released on March 26, 2018
Is there a way for water to drain out of the bag?

Thermal Trekker is heated and insulated. To maintain warmth there are no drainage holes/grommets. However, given the heating pads wrap each boot from top to bottom, moisture will evaporate from the boot pockets. We'd recommend, wiping off excess snow from your boots before placing them back in the bag. If there were a significant amount of water in the bag, it would be best to wipe out with a towel prior to reusing.

Will the bag fit in an airplane overhead bin?

No and even if you squish the sides in I still don't think so. That's why I bought another heated boot bag besides the Kulkea. The Kulkea is a great bag and holds enough for a weekend or more if you don't need a lot of excess stuff. The other bag I bought for travel was the Snow Eagle "Ajax". Also an unreal bag that holds enough for a day. Check them out at Snoweagleusa.com.. I have ZipFits and tight boots so heat is essential most of the time for fit not because it's cold outside. I love the cold as it got to -30F this season and many subzero days.(keeps the fair-weather inside). I spend my Winter's in Jackson,Wy. and only use the Ajax. I use the Kulkea once the season ends and do 3 day drive trips and love it for the extra space. I would never check my heated boot bag's. You might get away with a gate check.. Enjoy

I have intuition heat moldable wrap liners in my Dalbello Panterras. Would this bag re-expand the foam and thereby remove the custom fit?

I have exactly the same boot and liner and have no problems. You need to get the liner much warmer than the bag will get to remold. It makes the boots so much easier to get on and your feet start the day warm.

Is it TSA compliant?

Thermal Trekker had been carried on and checked in with multiple airlines. There are no prohibited components on or in the pack.

Will the bag take 220v input from European wall outlets or does it need to be plugged into a transformer?

No American only 12-volt or 110



THERMAL TREKKER Published by K J The best heated, insulated and technically designed travel ready ski boot backpack for boots, helmet, gear and apparel. Quicker and more efficient heating.

Heated Ski Boot Bag (62L) Kulkea Thermal Trekker

Thermal Trekker Kulkea's critically acclaimed heated ski boot bag will get you to the mountain with toasty warm boots. The innovative Thermal Conduction Design™ directly transfers heat to both sides and the bottom of each ski boot while also emanating into the central compartment for apparel.

Thermal Trekker Review - Rocky Mountain Boot Fitting - Kulkea

"The Thermal Trekker Heated Ski Boot Back Pack is the most versatile heated boot bag I have ever seen. Not only do you have plenty of room in this heated bag for your boots and gear, it all stays very warm." Although the bags were flying off the shelf, he couldn't resist trying the Thermal Trekker for himself.



8 Reviews for Kulkea Thermal Trekker Heated Boot Bag

  1. K. Allwein

    Very well built. Handle and backpack straps should last a very long time. Warm boots are “the bomb.” Prior to the bag I tried to place ski boots near heater vents in the car but that process doesn’t compare to what this bag can do. Highly recommended!

  2. gary guggemos

    Second bag i bought this one for my son. It is an amazing bag holds all you need for a day on the hill plus additional stuff. Just plug it in when you return home everything is dry in the AM, load up and plug into outlet in the car to keep warm. Boots go on like butter. 3 settings so you don’t over heat your boots and cause you feet to sweat. straps on bag are nicely padded and has chest strap to keep it secure while walking to and from car and lodge. Highly recommend.

  3. Cory R.

    This bag replaces my 13 year old Transpack TRV Pro that was still in pretty good shape. I wanted to upgrade to a heated boot bag and gain some more storage space. I like to carry all the essentials plus extras for varying conditions. I considered the Transpack XL heated bag but preferred the Kulkea design for boot heating that places a heated pad on both sides of each boot. Based on the size descriptions I was expecting to have a lot more usable room, especially with placing my helmet on the outside. Unfortunately, I have found no extra room.There are several adjustments that I would make that would greatly improve this boot bag. I would add an extra 3-4 inches of width to the center part of the bag and add some more small pockets like their Trekker model has both inside and out. This would not add much to the production cost and would make the bag so much more useful. I have had to use some small pouches to help organize many of my smaller items such as diamond stones, boot adjustment tools, ski locks, etc. A larger opening on the top of the bag would also make it much easier to locate and organize items in the large center compartment. Finally, I would use separate pockets to store the two cords that provide the power, a design feature found with most other heated bags. Having them together just makes the process more annoying since you have to pull out both first, choose the one you need and then stuff the other back up into the pocket. I was surprised to learn that there is no heat level adjustment when using the car cord. Not sure if this is a safety issue but I would prefer to have this ability.I do like the styling of the bag. Hope it will give me years of reliable use.

  4. JXH

    My boots are temperamental, and unless I warm them up ahead of time, EACH time, they pinch my feet and legs until I’ve made a few runs—making my first runs very uncomfortable. With the heated boot bag I don’t have any issues anymore. My first run is just as comfortable as my last! As a bonus, my gear in the center section is also nice and warm, allowing me to start with warmed up mittens, etc.

  5. flygirl

    The heaters help with the obvious, toasty boots (YEAH!), but they also help so I can get them on easier in the morning when cold the boots don’t “give” as much. I have boot shells that were molded to my feet (after hardware in my ankle, nothing fits quite right). So, the boots fit very well, but they’re VERY snug. Warm plastic is easier to maneuver than cold hard plastic.

  6. Craig Ratchford

    This product is great because it’s the first bag I’ve tried that heats up enough to soften a low volume race boot shell that isn’t made by a boot manufacturer (for instance, transpack bag does NOT heat up enough). It’s aided by having two heaters for each boot. Though this is most important part, the rest of bag is total quality as well.One note, I had to return due to a broken on switch upon delivery. But I’ll assume that was an outlier.

  7. Sagebum

    Seems well made of quality materials and workmanship but time will only tell that which is why it gets a 4. If it lasted many years I would give it a five. Using home 120 voltage this bag really heats my boot to almost hot! It is important to do this for an hour or so before leaving and plugging it into the 12 volt car system.. If preheated, the 12 volt car system will keep them hot. I could not get it to work with the built in car 12 volt to 120 volt inverter though not a big deal with me.The bag does a great job of heating anything else stuffed into the big deep center pocket too. The shoulder straps work very well for me. The only dislike is that there are 2 small pockets out of the many that require opening a bottom zipper and stuffing cords or other items upwards. Not convenient especially if you are outside the car in the ski area parking lot fiddling with cold hands or wearing gloves. Overall I really like this heated bag and am very glad to have it. I solved some very real cold boot problems for me.

  8. Anon

    The best thermal boot bag on the market right now. Makes such a difference for warm feet and easily getting the boots on. Big bag too, holds lots of stuff.

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