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Cardo FREECOM 4+ Motorcycle Communication System

With the FREECOM4+ communication system you can easily stay in touch with your riding buddies. The FREECOM 4+ is a cutting edge conference intercom Bluetooth headset and comes with universal connectivity to allow you to conduct intercom conversations with up to 4 riders, even riders without Cardo headsets. Connect to a mobile phone to make or receive calls or simply stay on track with GPS instructions. Start riding with improved rider communication today!

  • 4-Way Intercom – The world leader in motorcycle communicators, Connecting riders since 2004. Full 4-way Bluetooth intercom communication system with bike-to-bike conferencing at a range of up to 1. 2km.
  • Sound By JBL – Bringing the ultimate sound experience to riders around the world: the JBL-Cardo partnership combines Cardo?s passion for the ride with JBL?s passion for sound. Specifically designed to work inside a helmet while riding.
  • Natural Voice Operation – With our new natural voice operation, you will never have to press a button again. Just say: Hey Cardo? and your FREECOM 4+ will do the rest. It even connects directly to Siri and Ok Google. Battery – standby time- 1 week. charging time – 4 Hours
  • General Features – Waterproof and Dustproof, Bluetooth 4. 1, 13 hours talk time, Interchangeable boom and corded microphone options, Self-adjusting volume, Built-in FM radio. *To use with Half Helmets please purchase the FREECOM Half helmet kit


Cardo Scala Rider Freecom 4 Plus Single Bluetooth Intercom JBL Speakers

Used but like new condition. Adhesive back plate NOT included! Please see pictures for greater details. What you see is what you get. Free eBay listing template designed by Only items and/or accessories displayed in the pictures are included. Please...

Cardo Systems Freecom 4 Plus Bluetooth JBL Headset Single FRC4P001 21-1938

Cardo Note: Product image is for reference only. The actual item being sold is : Cardo - FRC4P1002 - FREECOM 4+ Communication System, Single Unit See our other auctions for more products similar to this one, we combine shipping!! Local pickups are no problem at all,...

Cardo Systems Freecom 4 Plus Bluetooth JBL Headset Single FRC4P001 21-1938

Interchangeable hybrid and corded microphones in the same package to suit virtually any helmet typeSuperb high-definition audio quality with replaceable, ultra-thin 40mm speakers and 3.5mm jackUp to 13 hours talk time or one-week standbyFully waterproof and dustproof...

Cardo Systems Freecom 4 Plus Bluetooth JBL Headset Single FRC4P001 21-1938

Cardo Systems Freecom 4 Plus Bluetooth JBL Headset Single FRC4P001 21-1938. Condition is "New". Description Our Fleeced Satin features a woven polyester outer shell with a super soft white nylon fleece finish underside to provide a gentle touch to fine car finishes....

Cardo Systems Freecom 4 Plus Bluetooth JBL Headset Duo FRC4P101 21-1939 71-5025

Cardo Note: Product image is for reference only. The actual item being sold is : Cardo - FRC4P1102 - FREECOM 4+ Communication System, Dual Unit See our other auctions for more products similar to this one, we combine shipping!! Local pickups are no problem at all,...


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// Specifications

Manufacturer Part Number FRC40002
Warranty 2 Year
MPN FRC40002
Features Bluetooth, Bluetooth Wireless, FM Radio, Noise Cancellation, Volume Control, Water Resistant
Model FRC4P1002
Bundle Description FRC4P1002
Custom Bundle Yes

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6 Reviews for Freecom 4 Plus

  1. Mongoose Hart

    I was leary of purchasing because of poor reviews in regards to app support. I emailed Carda before purchasing asking if they had fixed the issues with the free app. They informed me they are having trouble with getting support on the ios app, but android was good to go. I purchased based on this assessment. I received product and the app worked great. You don’t need app to work it, but it’s nice to have. I previously had a sena and liked it well, but this one has way more options and range. I am very happy with my purchase and gladly recommend it to others.

  2. Walt

    Some of the bad reviews I really don’t understand. This thing is self explainatory to install. Maybe people are wearing half/three quarter helmets causing issues with the noise gain control. But it works flawlessly on my unit in my full face helmet. When I hit about 40mph and I start noticing wind noise is when I notice that it really kicks in just on time. The sound quality is better than I would expect considering all the ambient noise it is fighting. And I’ve never had anybody complain when on phone calls so it must block noise very well. That said, yes you need to memorize a few button commands because otherwise they would have had to put twenty buttons that you’d fumble with looking to skip to the next song while going down the road. I don’t need fumbling and distractions and appreciate four big buttons with bumps as finger locators so I’m confident I’ll get the right button. It may be frustrating for somebody that rarely rides/uses their unit, but it was the right design choice.I commute everyday and turn my unit off at night, because I do this I only charge the thing at most once every two weeks. However my phone doesn’t automatically pair to the device when I turn it back on. I don’t really expect it to though, as my phone doesn’t automatically pair with other Bluetooth devices that I consistently turn off. Additionally I cannot speak to the VOX control or intercom functionality. I ride alone but got the intercom capable unit in case my wife ever decided she wanted to ride with me I wouldn’t have to buy another unit, and I don’t intentionally make phone calls when riding because I don’t need distractions. But I will receive calls because I want to be available if my family needs me.I had read reviews of other brands not really being waterproof, but I can attest that this thing is waterproof, I live in a city with extremely wet springs and I went almost two months of riding either to or from work in a rain storm without a problem.The only reason I’m giving this four stars is because the iPhone app still doesn’t exist as of last time I checked, and their extra setup software is not Linux compatible. Though honestly the out of the box settings have worked fine for my needs.

  3. Dan from Morgantown, WV

    I had the older version from 2008 and decided to upgrade. Wow! The improvements are great!These are easy to install on HJC17 helmets. It was a bit hard to push the clip between the helmet shell and lining, but I know it’s secure. The wires run easily under the lining and are hidden and secure. I installed these in 2 helmets in about 20 minutes.I like having the two options for mics. I have a full face helmet so the Velcro mic is perfect. The HJC even had a Velcro strip in the helmet that worked fine. The older version only came with boom mics which were unwieldy on the full face helmets.The improved sound is far better. Music actually has a good sound, not as good as ear buds, but very good. Of course, you can plug your own ear buds in. That’s a nice feature, too.The mic quality is improved, too. I had to adjust the sensitivity a bit, using the Cardo Connect app. That’s easy to do.I like that I can remove the unit and charge it and update the firmware. The old style was fixed to the helmet and couldn’t be removed. Upgrading firmware is a huge plus, too.I like that I can use Google Assistant to make calls, start music, etc.Here’s why I didn’t give 5 stars. Not all of the buttons work with my LG V10 phone (Android 8.0). For example, sharing music doesn’t work with the button combination. It does work with the phone app, however and works well.Also, the app doesn’t allow me to choose the music app I want to use. I use Spotify, the app uses Google Play (I think). The work around is to use the Google Assistant.The app also doesn’t let me connect to the second unit, only the A unit. Unless I haven’t figured out how to do this. That would be nice to change settings. It would also be nice to be able to update firmware through the app instead of having to connect to a computer.I’m glad I upgraded. I’m sure some of the bugs will be worked out with future firmware upgrades.

  4. yaaqotshuv-0

    1. sound quality: normal. JBL speakers supposed to be high quality sound, yet didn’t find anything special. 2. range of device: found it no more the 100 meters. and much background noise. 3. voice recognition-most of the time not responsive. radio: ok but some stations were i live -bad signal. 5.position the speakers in the helmet-after 1 hr ride.. my ears were in great pain. tried to re position not helped at all. finally, removed it from my helmet, will try to replace.

  5. evallade3

    I have a full face helmet and I use ear buds (Mee Audio M6 Pro in ear monitors). I can listen to music, GPS and make phone calls. The only downside is I’m unable to get “hey Siri” to work. I believe it’s because of the muffled sound of my voice in the helmet, but it’s not a deal breaker. I can still do everything the Freecom 4+ says it’s suppose to do.

  6. rodbossi

    I didn’t expect much. I thought I was buying something I would have a hard time listening to music at higher speeds. The 4+ exceeded my expectations. Actually, now I have to dial down on the volume (didn’t do that with earbuds). Telephone calls are ok. Didn’t test it as a communicator yet. Would buy it again even if it didn’t work as communicator, just for listening to music. Awesome sound.

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Freecom 4 Plus

$449.95 $268.01