5 Reviews for Elgin Ruckus Bluetooth Earbuds

  1. Chris B.

    Great bluetooth earplugs with surprisingly good quality. A lot of folks are getting mad when these things break after a few months; for a lot of folks using earplugs though we know somewhat delicate electronics are not going to last forever under the rigors of our work. Mine have finally broken after about 5 months and I’m not upset about it; hell every pair of earbuds I’ve ever owned have lasted no longer than a month. 5 months of constantly being put in and out of my ears, getting yanked on when moving large wood slabs and they get caught between the slab and my chest, getting covered in stains and other finishes. The silicon tips are absolutely excellent and don’t irritate my ears at all like other silicon earplugs I’ve tried. The volume reduction does seem like it is a tiny bit less than solid earplugs; but they still reduced all noise an exceptional amount; still able to hear my podcasts while running 40″ wide slabs through our 42″ 70+ year old planer (one of the loudest things I’ve ever heard lol, whenever somebody starts it everyone in the shop instinctually puts in their earplugs haha). My left earplugs finally stopped putting out audio this morning; leaving them kinda broken – though earplugs with bluetooth in one ear is still much preferable to silence for me. Battery lasts playing constantly that it’s usually almost out by lunch, charge during my 30 minute lunch break and then it usually lasts me the rest of the 9 hour work day; though I have been considering getting a second pair so I can swap them out whenever the battery dies; and it looks like I’ll be ordering a new pair to be my main set of earplugs and relegate this one ear pair to use while the new one is charging. And for anyone who was specifically interested in the neck-strap type design that keeps it around your neck, the ruckus design works absolutely great even though it doesn’t “clamp” down on your neck like all the headband earplugs I always preferred before I got these. You just put the strap on the back of your neck and let the earplugs hang down the front of your chest when not in use, and just grab them and pop them in when needed. Oh and my work is inside of a huge old factory building so no air conditioning and lots of strenuous work; I’ve pulled these earplugs off literally dripping in sweat before and I’ve never had an issue. They’ve only fallen off once and I was crawling around half upside down in close quarters, and I could’ve grabbed them and stopped them from falling if my hands weren’t already full! But if you too are looking for a review from the perspective of another “maker” type; I love these earplugs. 5 months is more than acceptable for a pair of wireless electronic earplugs that got used as hard as mine.

  2. Grahame Stewart

    Great product. Arrived on time

  3. Rick

    They work greatz when they work. They need some TLC with quality control. Theres something wrong with the board or brain box where it does random stiff like disconnect random and sometimes not connect. Otherwise they’re really great.

  4. Paul Elford

    This is the second pair of these headphones I have bought, both have become faulty at 6 months with one of the headphones completely dying. Don’t waste your money.

  5. JEB

    Unlike other reviewers I’m not sneaking music at work. I have anxiety issues and LOUD sounds is a trigger! But I like to play pool in bars. Today’s “music” is not my style nevertheless when played extremely loud. The original plugs didn’t do the job. So I tried the bigger (included earplugs) speakers. This made me so very happy. It Actually works! Even strong heavy bass (when my Bluetooth music is playing) blocks it Totally out! The exact answer I’ve been looking for!Now I’m a poor boy but this product isDefinitely worth the price. If you can put a price on serenity. The Quality of sound isn’t sacrificed; particularly for streaming through Bluetooth. I LOVE THIS DEVICE!To underline how much; I very rarely post my opinions or experiences about anything. But I simply had to for these. Of course there is a little discomfort if in for a long time. And it would be an acceptable trade off. But I just pull slightly out then push back in. The discomfort is short-lived. However the 2 hour Charge is very long lasting-10hrs+Anxiety can stop you in your tracts, steal away happy possibilities. This has allowed me to have fun when chaos is all around. BTW I consider these earbuds my secret weapon. Because I have My Favorite Music in my ears as I’m kicking ass in pool.So I’d say whether for work or play this product is your answer! The Only drawback is I had trouble with the small wire clips (at least with a t-shirt) That’s the Only problem I had. And it’s possible I didn’t do it right.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!-ENJOY

  6. Denise

    Had these for two weeks and my left ear bud malfunctions. It still works but everytime I move my head a certain why it’s makes a squealing noise.

  7. Paul.

    The sound on these is better than I expected.As is the reduction of external noise.Unfortunately, the plugs are a little too large for my ear canals making them very uncomfortable too quickly.The left speaker crackles and cuts out when the cable moves too and it did this right out of the box.

  8. River K.

    Works as expected. sound is really good.

  9. Clara M.

    They are a good quality product and would recommend them

  10. Scottie too Hottie

    I have had 3 pairs now. One pair stopped charging after a month or so, I broke the second pair, and the third pair will suddenly die after 3 hours of use sometimes. The 3rd pair did this after the third day of use and the problem comes and goes.However, when they work, they work REALLY well. All the air hammers, ratchets and sledgehammers in the shop are reduced to mere background noise, and you can have your device playing relatively quietly. No ringing ears after use. Maybe I’ve just had bad luck.

  11. I was very happy with my earbuds until the right control ear stopped working out of nowhere

    I used them every day at work for safety and communication I’m very disappointed that they quit working

  12. Sam C.

    I am impressed with the audio playback quality. I’ve worked with pro audio and sound reinforcement for years and have seen supposed PRO headphones that don’t sound as good as these. No, they aren’t studio quality sound, but they are EARPLUGS that sound really good. Insertion depth will change response, so play around a bit with them.I paired these with my computer and did a sample recording on audacity to see what the mic sound was like, not so good. With the earplug cord resting in a normal use position, the mic location just doesn’t work well at all. When the part with the mic is held up closer, it is usable for a phone call. I tried these on a phone call with a friend and when much noise is present he told me he could only hear a mumbling sound. Without noise he could at least understand me.Bottom line, if you want BT hearing protection with good audio playback and only need them to “work” for a phone call occasionally, these work nicely.

  13. Chase Cross

    I’ve tried a few different brands of Bluetooth earpro buds and these have been the best. Walkers and ProEars both started having issues with one of the buds have intermittent sound within months. These are much sturdier.

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Elgin Ruckus Bluetooth Earbuds

Elgin Ruckus Discord earplug earbuds offer ear protection and durability.

Elgin Ruckus Bluetooth Earbuds: OSHA compliant, noise isolating, Bluetooth 5.0, noise cancelling, 14+ hour battery.

- Wireless convenience
- Good sound quality
- Comfortable fit


- Short battery life
- Limited range
- Average noise isolation



in stock


The Elgin Ruckus Discord Bluetooth Earplug Earbuds are an ideal solution for individuals who work in loud environments or enjoy engaging in noisy activities. These earbuds are OSHA compliant with an ANSI-certified NRR of 25 decibels, providing proven ear protection. The earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology, making it easier to pair with devices and an extended wireless range of up to 50 feet.

The Discord earplug headphones come equipped with a noise cancelling microphone that allows for clear communication during phone calls. The custom-tuned speaker drivers provide dynamic sound for music, podcasts, and audiobooks. The earbuds also have built-in rechargeable batteries that provide over 14 hours of continuous audio playback on a single charge, making them perfect for long work days or weekend activities.



  • OSHA compliant hearing protection with NRR of 25dB
  • Noise isolating medical-grade silicone ear tips
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with immersive audio
  • Noise cancelling microphone for clear communication
  • Best in class battery life of over 14 hours
  • IP65 dust and sweatproof
  • Professional grade engineering with 1-year warranty
  • // Q & A

    How many hours of music playtime can i expect from a single charge?

    We packed as much battery as we could into the Ruckus Discord and based on our tests we are seeing battery life up to 14 hours on a conservative volume setting.

    Are these strictly for listening or would I be able to receive and make calls?

    Thanks for the question. You can certainly receive and make calls on these. In fact, we've put a lot of development into the microphone to ensure that it has the highest about of noise canceling available to help ensure your calls can be heard well on the other end!

    How are thes on a loud Harley

    Use these for work and a loud Harley. They work great to block wind and exhaust while listening to music. Long battery life. I can ride all day with them playing. Cord makes it nice to remove and keep track of around your neck. Don't count on being able to answer a call though. They cancel out your voice and all the other side can hear is wind.

    Why do my earbuds disconnect and reconnect when there is no sound going through them.

    One of your in use devices are low on battery or both are. Your ear buds and phone or whatever your using. You can disable your battery saver on your phone, etc and with the headset, after a quick 15 minute charge, it should fix the problem.

    Can I change tracks on my phone (iPhone) using the embedded controls?

    Yes you can and you can control Siri.

    // SPECS

    Item Weight0.704 ounces
    Item model numberM1.3
    Batteries2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
    Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
    Date First Available2019, February 19
    Model #: M1.3
    Discontinued: No
    Elgin Ruckus Bluetooth Earbuds
    released on February 19, 2019

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    Ruckus Wireless Bluetooth Earplug Headphones 25 Db Noise Reduction Ear ...
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    Elgin Ruckus Discord Bluetooth Earplug Earbuds | OSHA Compliant Wireless Noise Reduction in-Ear...
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    Ruckus Discord Bluetooth Earplug Earbuds | Osha Compliant Wireless Noise Reducti
    Ruckus Discord Bluetooth Earplug Earbuds...
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    The Elgin Ruckus Bluetooth Earbuds offer high-quality sound and a secure fit with their comfortable ear tips. With a wireless range of up to 33 feet and a long battery life of 6 hours, these earbuds are perfect for workouts and daily use. The earbuds also feature a built-in microphone and an easy-to-use control panel for hands-free calls and music playback.

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