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Dogcare Dog Bark Collar with Intelligent Bark Control

The Dogcare Bark Collar provides you and your dog with progressive training to stop barking efficiently, and automatically. This bark collar intelligently detects your dog’s unique barking style and automatically adjusts the static level to provide a better training effect. The collar provides 2 extremely efficient and safe training modes (vibration and shock modes) for you to solve an uncontrollable dog’s barking problems. This shock collar for dogs also gives you an option to set among 5 sensitivities.

  • 2 humane training modes and 5 sensitivity levels in 1 collar
  • Automatically stop barking
  • Progressive training concept
  • Clear battery indicator
  • Adjustable strap size

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Dog Bark Collar - Dogcare Bark Collar with Intelligent Bark Control AB01
Like new Dogcare Dog Bark Collar Humane training modes and adjustable sensitivity levels - This bark collar for large dog provides efficient and safe training modes which can solve an uncontrollable dog's barking problems. It is easy to...
Dog Care Battery Bark Collar with Intelligent Bark Control AB01 open box
Dog Care Battery Bark Collar with Intelligent Bark Control AB01 open box. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class.
Dogcare Bark Collar Dog Bark Collar with Intelligent Bark Control Effective AB01
Dog Care Dog Bark Collar - Effective Bark Collar for Dogs Sound Vibration & Automatic Shock Modes Training Collar w/LED Indicator Easy to Use Dog Shock Collars Great bark collar with 2 humane training mode - Are you tired of barking?...



PatternBark Collar
MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Closure TypeBuckle
Dogcare Bark Collar
released on May 30, 2018



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8 Reviews for Dogcare Bark Collar

  1. Kelly Z

    Just received this item this week. Seems to be great so far!I have a giant dog who loves barking at everything attracts her attention, which has bothered me a lot. I have used a training collar from this seller, and it turns out to make a great process on training my girl. But I still want one that could automatically stop her barking when we take a walk outside. Then I ordered this after several unpleasant attempts without any hesitation after finding DOG CARE has started selling bark collar I love this collar because it is easy to fasten and stays solid, unlike the one I purchased from another brand that fell off easily. It detects the bark automatically and repels noise in surroundings efficiently! My dog understands the beep noise well, which catches her attention quickly.I have used it a couple of days, and so far it performs perfectly. Highly recommend to you guys!

  2. J. LaVerde

    We went through a lot of collars that were unreliable cheaply made products. Its nice to finally have found one that seems to be made of quality materials and gets the job done. Been using for 4 days and its already curbed my dogs barking. Operation is very simple and the shock is strong enough for larger dogs. The design is also more attractive than many of the other basic bark collars out there. Hard to beat for the price!

  3. matthew

    This collar is fantastic so far. Using the vibration and sound feature alone, I saw that there was a significant change to the barking problem within the first three days. I had a 7-month old, almost 50 lb golden puppy. She used to bark at everything: sticks/acorns hitting the house, people entering/leaving the house, anyone opening the door or windows, hearing noises from downstairs or other rooms, the mail person leaving mail in the box, a package being delivered, etc. but now she doesn’t bark at all. This device immediately calmed my dog down because she didn’t want to get shocked. There is the occasional attempt to bark and whine at times, but it ends quickly thanks to the collar.Now people can come into my home without being barked at or jumped on. They no longer bark at people walking past my house. I can take them for walks without them barking at every stranger. My life has truly been transformed. It’s like a godsend to me. If you have an annoying barker, then this is the answer to your prayers.

  4. Nicholas Guemes

    I wanted to write a quick review for this product… first of all packaging was great small and compact and came with all instructions and parts… see picsSecond, this product has a lot of versatility. It has the beep vibrate mode and also the shock mode. The intensity can be increased as well. So my dog is a yorkie terrie mix about 14lbs. This is a tiny bit big for him, but I adjusted the collar to its max shortest circumference and it it fit just enough to do its job. The instructions did say meant for 22lb and above. So before I purchased this item, I paid more money for a bark shock collar. And this is way better then the more expensive one I bought at pet co. So if your looking for a shock collar with versatility, go with this one here!!! See pics!

  5. mrsrobocop

    We bought this collar because our 7 month old puppy had a tendency to yelp to get our attention. We put the collar on her as soon as it arrived and less than 24 hours later she no longer barks at us for anything! I have closely observed her and she never made it past the second beep/vibration before figuring out that she needed to stop. I’m amazed how quickly this has cured her annoying barking habit.I also tested it out myself to make sure it wasn’t going to hurt her. The beep and vibration were enough for my girl to get the hint. I’m very happy with my purchase. I wish I had bought it sooner!

  6. David Pulley Jr

    Really Happy with the collar. It’s worked quickly to help correct barking. And is very nice how it starts off with low setting and has a option for vibration only.

  7. Alyssa G

    I’ve tried several bark collars for my small dog but the ones I’ve found that were “made” for small dogs, more often than not, were too big for my dog. My dog is a 15lb terrier mix. He’s not that big so when I put bark collars on him they were just huge or too wide. I like this collar because it fits him perfectly and he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. I’ve also seen a big improvement with its ability to decrease his excessive barking. Although I am still learn on how to change levels; I would definitely recommend this specific collar for all types of dogs — except dogs that are 10lbs or under.

  8. Deanna German

    I needed this for my bigger dog because he would bark when he would eat his food, and bark at people outside, hes a very LOUD Barker, put this on him and first bark he stopped! I would highly recommend this collar!

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