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CPR Guardian 2 Smartwatch for Seniors, Parents, and Loved Ones

The Next Generation of Protection in an Emergency. Keeping The Wearer Active, Independent and Secure at All Times.

  • MEDICAL ALERT SMARTWATCH – Keep parents and loved ones Safe, Independent and Active. The CPR Guardian II represents the next generation of protection for loved ones in an emergency.
  • PHONE and TWO WAY CALLING with SOS EMERGENCY ASSIST BUTTON – In the event of an emergency, the wearer will be able to alert you by holding the SOS button. The location and status of the wearer will be available through the Guardian APP on your smartphone.
  • SMART LOCATION TRACKING – Built-in GPS and WiFi- Always know where your loved ones are.
  • HEART RATE MONITOR – Monitors the wearer’s heart every 10 minutes and sends this information directly to the CPR Guardian II APP, If a low heart rate of below 30 beats per minute is identified Guardian II will send a warning notification message to the APP.
  • NO ONGOING SERVICE CHARGES – Speedtalk Prepaid SIM included which provides nationwide 2G mobile coverage on the T-Mobile Network



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10 Reviews for CPR Guardian II Smartwatch

  1. Andrew B.

    Bought this watch intending to give it to my mother. The instructions for activating the watch are confusing and incomplete. The cost of the service and what is provided is confusing and incomplete. Calls to customer service resulted in a 20 minute and counting hold time.

  2. Martin Malley

    I love this item for the peace of mind we now have for the safe keeping of our father. He loves the watch and it was easy to set up and instruct him with the functions.


    Updated review, the frist watch i received had a technical problem, so the the review was one star .But I have to say this is when this company came in to it’s own our second experience as been totally different, they sent a replacement watch and then give us time to build up trust with the product again which as worked well , so I can now give this company five stars and highly recommend thank you for all you help

  4. Lesley Gough

    The watch was reasonably simple to set up, although someone not apps and gadgets aware might find it a bit confusing. I will be telling our Doctor (Dementia Specialist) about this tracker and I think that they should promote products of this type to help carers with the support of the vulnerable

  5. Michael Smith

    Very useful product. My mum lost contact with me in a local town and I was able to work out that she had taken the bus home as the GPS location was showing on the phones app. Saved me from waiting for her at the location that we had agreed to meet up at if we got separated.Battery life is reasonable lasting 1 and a half to 2 days.The Sim is multi network so it can connect to whichever network is nearest/available a very useful feature and possibly a clincher for me…

  6. Bill

    Well I bought this watch on the revews listed, it is a good peice of kit. And gives one peace of mind, it frees up a loved one who You want to monitor theirmovements, they get freedom and you the have knowledge they are SAFEMy wife has had the watch for three months. I was able to save on her mobile phone, as it was never used.The help desk staff are Brilliant nothing too much for them to explain how to set the watch up and using the app on your phoneMy wife loves it

  7. G S.

    Had high hopes.However the app doesn’t Refresh the location even when you click Location, you have to go into Real Time Tracking and manually locate the watch. The homepage should update after the location button is clicked.Most importantly the HRM doesn’t work unless worn on the underside of the arm wrist, even then it’s hit or miss if you get a reading.The Remote HRM monitor request in the app also seems to achieve nothing.Returning as customer support were unwilling to fix the HRM or provide a replacement and blamed hair on the users wrist for the inability of its hardware to work.Poor service contrary to other reviews here.Shame, really is.

  8. C.Grantham

    this was the best watch I could find using the internet . nb the battery life although initially seemingly ok reduces quickly . the accuracy of the location finder lags behind the actual position there are better ways eg some phone location finders are more accurate but rely on the user keeping the mobile with them . However this is still probably the best one can do in terms of current watches but hopefully the issues highlighted can be improved

  9. A

    Woeful charging design on product. I bought it for my father who has dementia so my mum could go out with him without worry of wondering off. I frequently have trouble connecting to my mothers phone, (didn’t realize you need to pay either monthly or pay as you go for the SIM, it never works when most need it and charging it is almost impossible with a useless charging connector. This makes trips with my father even more.It takes time to get get it to work and my mother finds it difficult to use.Positive is it is a clever design and the idea is good, but fiddle to use and set up.

  10. Nigel Cooke

    Disappointed with sound quality and lack of monitoring service currently- also it appears to be too masculine in appearance for the ladies

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