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Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts offers 3D protection for hip, butt and tailbone

Protect your body when Snowboarding, Skating and Skiing. Protective Padded Shorts from Bodyprox is an excellent choice for additional protection – worn under clothing for butt, tailbone, lumbar, tailbone and thigh during extreme sporting.

  • Be limitless, Be fearless – Your choice of rugged and hidden armor for your vulnerable hip, thigh, sit bone, and tailbone that efficiently bends and moves along with the body. Have your own Bodyprox Protective Shorts during outdoor and all action sports activities such as Snowboarding, skateboarding, Cycling, roller sports, mountain biking, skating, and other extreme activities.
  • Premium Protection – With our very own Protective Shorts that are equipped with generous shock absorbing EVA foam cushions strategically placed to the rear, thigh and tailbone area, this ensured exceptional comfort and protection from scratches, bumps or even drop during an intense outdoor activity.
  • Advanced heat and collision Resistant feature – Skillfully produced from the highest-grade breathable fabric, combine features of Nylon and Spandex, skin-friendly material that molds absolutely fit your body, quick-dry technology which prevents fabric from sticking to the skin, providing an exceptional ease of use at the same time, have soft and comfortable custom fit waistband that allows excellent mobility.
  • Durable and Flexible – Stable and durable whilst flexible at the same time without the discomfort that comes with traditional and known padded shorts. Your all-in-one protection for lumbar, butt and thigh area.
  • Relaxed-Fit and Skin-Friendly – Since it is ideally worn underpants, it is the combination the highest grade elements from Nylon, Spandex and Vent Mesh that is so absorbent and heat resistant, keeping the skin from moisture and retains the skin cool, dry and fresh. Lightweight even with sufficient amount of pads and precisely designed for comfort.


Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts for Snowboard,Skate and Ski,3D (medium)

General Description: Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts for Snowboard,Skate and Ski,3D Protection for Hip,Butt and Tailbone (Medium) Black - UNUSEDCondition: New with Brown BoxBodyprox 3D protective shorts are light to wear under your pants and shorts, and are made...

Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts for Snowboard, Skate, & Ski. Size SMALL.

Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts for Snowboard,Skate and Ski, 3D Hip Protection. The size is Small (see Size Chart in the Pictures). Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class Package. Be limitless, Be fearless -- Your choice of rugged and hidden armor for your...

Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts Small Snowboarding Skate Ski 3D Protection NEW

Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts Small Snowboarding Skate Ski 3D Protection NEW Condition: Brand New in the Package; but original tags are missing. Please see photos. Size: SmallQuantity: 1Color: Black **These shorts are padded on the legs, but not on the seat. **...

Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts Snowboard Skate Ski 3D Hip Protection SMALL

SIZE SMALL 25-28 inch WaistBodyprox Protective Padded Shorts for Snowboard,Skate and Ski, 3D Hip Protection• Be limitless, Be fearless -- Your choice of rugged and hidden armor for your vulnerable hip, thigh, sit bone, and tailbone that efficiently bends and moves...

Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts for SnowboardSkate - Size M - FREE Shipping!

Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts Size MEDIUM for Snowboard, Skate and Ski, 3D Protection for Hip, Butt and Tailbone - FREE Shipping! These were an Amazon overstock / return. No box. Item is brand-new, never been worn or washed. BODYPROX PROTECTIVE PADDED SHORTS...


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23 Reviews for Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts

  1. Kushy

    I’m 48. Just got these in so I put them on and went for a skate. I ride an electric board that is very fast. It was getting scary so…Super fit and secure. Stretchy and pliable. They don’t move around and sit snug. Material feels quality and breathable even with other spandex on. Pads are14mm thick, I measured. Nice solid compression eva. I hope to not have to find out but prior experience tells me that they will deflect some injury at 30mph+. I wore them over hind underwear and under a regular short. No dick or balls protection but if you need that during a fall, wear a cup. Overall these are highly flexible and feel like you are not wearing them. I wear a medium/large in general, ordered a large and the fit is true. No adjustable waistband and that didn’t matter; they fit comfortably snug. Comfortable. Ass pad covers up above tailbone and is wide enough to overlap my asscrack well enough. The asspad is about 5.125″ wide x 12″ long.. overall hip pad area is 16″x 8 3/4″×8 1/2″ long. The lower-upper leg pad is a great addition and where the extra 1/4″ comes from the extension. All on pictures. There were a couple issues at the finish threads(pictures) that may pose a concern if washed in a machine but really overall they are sweet. Compare really well and beyond any thing on the market. Thanks bodyprox for giving my hips and ass more ability to take a hit. Action on mofo’s!

  2. timsfo

    These days it’s hard to discern reliable reviews but after perusing many similar products, I decided to buy the Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts for Snowboard,Skate and Ski,3D Protection for Hip,Butt and Tailbone since it does what it advertises to do. I have just started to learn how to snowboard so I was tired of falling on my bottom and really feeling the pain. After using these padded shorts, the impact was reduced by as much as 80-90% which helped me be more explorative with my boarding turns and moves; highly recommended for value and functionality 🙂

  3. Talla

    These butt pads seamlessly slide on and help cushion falls during sports. I use them for snowboarding and when grinding a rail I fell with my tailbone making first contact with the edge of the rail and the fall would’ve been much worse if I didn’t have these pads on.

  4. Happily82000

    I am an adult figure skater and as I progress I am being encouraged to fall more. Um, no! Well, I bought these padded shorts and they give me the confidence I need to try more difficult skills. I have fallen more frequently now that I wear the shorts and I must say that they make it not so bad. I might just learn to like falling. Just kidding.

  5. David O’Reilly

    Used this for snowboarding for hitting the jumps. Went off the sizing guide and I’m a 32 waist and I went with a large and should have gone up a size since the my felt really tight and constrained me from movement since they were really tight.Serves its purpose well. Just wished I’d gone up a size.

  6. John A

    Seems like a good idea to be able to remove the pads for washing right? WRONG! plan on spending a 1/2 an hour contorting them back in. Good thing the fabric is strong, on the inside there are approx 1 inch holes you need to squeeze the foam pads back in. Will be trying a different design.

  7. david

    I bought this pants to sit comfortably on my motorcycle. This pants are NOT comfortable to sit on.They look really good though and the foam is hard. But not the most comfortable

  8. Jeff Schoonover

    Bought these shorts to wear under Kevlar motorcycle jeans. The pads in my jeans weren’t placed where I needed them, and the velcro was itchy and cheap. The pants provide abrasion protection, and now these shorts provide impact protection. They aren’t hard, CE-2 style pads, but I think they’ll be adequate in a fall/slide. The shorts are very stretchy and pliable, almost one size fits most. The fit was true to the chart, I’m 5’9″, 155 Lbs and a 30-inch waist. I got a medium and they’re perfect.For the price, they’re a great value. An added bonus is that now I can wear any jeans (that aren’t tight-fitting) and not just my motorcycle pants while still having moderate protection in a fall. I can see these being perfect for boarders, mountain bikers, etc. as well.Others have mentioned washing the pants without the pads in them. While this is possible, the hole through which the pads were inserted seems to be a one time, manufacturer use design. The foam is closed cell, so it shouldn’t hold water inside. I won’t hesitate to wash these occasionally.

  9. MR C

    The shorts fit perfectly after using the size guide to determine the size I require. The shorts are comfortable to wear and not too bulky so can easily be worn under my clothing. They are flexible and I don’t really notice that I’m wearing them however they do make my thighs very hot and a bit sweaty. Most importantly they do the job they are intended for as I’ve not felt a thing when I have fallen.

  10. Matthew

    Love the way these shorts fit tight but still give you enough movement in them. The padding forms around your legs nicely and fabric is nice and soft to. I use this product for skateboarding and they work well also I snowboard and expect them to be comfortable doing that 👍👍👍

  11. Mal

    It’s not often I bother writing reviews even though I always read them, but I was so chuffed with these I did!They fit perfectly, fit under my riding shorts, and offer exactly the protection I’m after. No they won’t save you from a 30mph slide over rocks, but they’ll lessen the impact when you wash out in a berm and inevitably land on your behind…..

  12. C Hardman

    Using for skateboarding. 42 years old and hips bruise much more easily and take much longer to recover from falls. These definitely helped on the last fall. Good quality and comfortable to wear under clothes

  13. Philip K

    Excellent customer service from Bodyprox UK. My first order came with a very inferior seat pad. I contacted the company and sent a photo of the difference between the side impact protectors and that in the seat (see the photo with my hands in). They told me they should have been the same but were clearly not. The seat padding was thinner and softer. As a show of good customer service, they simply sent me another pair of shorts. The replacement was better but still not 100% the same strength seat protector as the sides. I decided to keep them and use both seat pads in one pair of shorts. I have just returned from 6 days snowboarding in the Alpes. They worked a treat. However, as per the photographs, you can see that one of the pads (the one that came with the first pair) is really quite compressed and would not have offered much protection. The second did compress a bit but not quite so much. I have now cut out another piece of padding from some left over Rolson 60817 Floor Mat that I had (the pad with some patterns on in one of the pictures), and I think that will work perfectly in the first set of shorts that I had left without any seat padding. I will update once I have used them. Only four stars, as there seems to be a manufacturing mix up with the quality of the seat padding to that placed in the sides. Once that is sorted, these will be a 5 star pair of shorts. Definitely 5 stars for customer service though. They just need to make sure that whatever the padding is they are using in the side impact areas, is also used in the seat area of impact. Other than that, they were comfortable and provided excellent protection to the sides. I was working on my switch and so spent quite a bit of time falling over! As any snowboarder will know, there is also a lot of time spent sitting down on snow as well as on lifts. They kept my rear from getting cold.

  14. Elena T.

    Not worn in anger yet, but just what I wanted to minimise injury whilst skiing because of a medical issue. Well made with plenty of protection but also micro mesh to allow ventilation. I’m a 32″ waist and the ‘M’ is a snug but comfortable fit. Can’t say how it will stand up after a weeks skiing but hopefully I won’t have to test to protection.

  15. Gavin

    Protected me on a hard fall when snowboarding. Felt the hit through my body and was winded but no local pain or bruising it did the job. Highly recommended for snowboarding

  16. Imakestuff.

    This is attempt number 5 at finding padded shorts that…. 1) fit true to size 2) have decent padding in the right places 3) without making me look obese and lumpy 4) made of a meshy material so not as sweaty 5) able to remove the padding where you dont need it 6) dont cost a fortune!

  17. CA

    I took up ice skating a year ago (last skated as a teenager) and after a couple of falls that resulted in bruising I became rather cautious. Also, at the age of 73 I was a bit worried about breaking bones! In order to progress through the basic skills I needed to push myself so decided to try these shorts; brilliant. I have fallen a couple of times whilst wearing them and I seemed to bounce off of the ice. They fit under my jeans and are a snug fit but comfortable enough to drive to the ice rink. Once skating I don’t notice them at all. I also have the Bodyprox knee pads which are excellent. Roll on Level 5!

  18. MR D.

    So I’m writing this review after coming back from a week snowboarding.I’m an experienced snowboarder, so I don’t tend to fall much unless pushing myself and I don’t spend much time sitting down unless it’s lunch time.That said here’s my experience.The first is these things are the biggest sweat box I’ve ever known! I wore boxers underneath, but they’d be soaked in a matter of a few runs. That makes things pretty damn cold after lunch!Impact absorption was pretty good. I didn’t get any bruises at all, and on the occasion I did lose an edge and land on my arse, I can’t remember it ever being painful.However to that end, these will certainly NOT last long.After one week of use for 6 days straight, sitting at lunch times and chair lifts etc the rear tail/arse bone padding, which is the whole crux of this product, is about 1/3 it’s original thickness. It has squashed down so much that I can’t see them lasting one more week at best.I have another week boarding next week so we’ll soon find out!

  19. Miss M Brown

    Great product, saved my butt on the snow this year! I actually had no bruises which is a first. Better than my partners one that has a hard cup type thing to protect the end of your spine as that seems to move around where these remain perfectly in place.

  20. Brian

    I got these for learning how to snowboard. They got a lot of use as i spent most of the time falling on my ass. Im in my 40s so i cant afford anymore inhuries at this stage. These worked well for me though they are bulky and just about fitted under my trousers, had to leave the button open. Ive yet to try them for rhe mountain bike.

  21. Jon Clarke

    Used for skiing and excellent product. Great fit and comfort .

  22. dark eagle

    I wish I had had these years ago!The quality is absolutely great, the fit is just perfect [I am a skinny 32” and Medium is just right for me].Close-fitting, I feel safe and secure wearing them.The coverage is excellent, and my thighs and coccyx are very well protected.They are tremendous value for money, also.

  23. mrs maureen noble

    Am a 32 waist and slim but needed the large so just a heads up i was thinking about medium but my mother told me to get the largest as it would be tight anyway and as they say mother knows best and she was spot on don’t know how tight this must be on someone bigger

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