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BNEXT VR Headset Universal Virtual Reality Goggles

The Bnext VR HEADSET is a truly remarkable video game system. By inserting a compatible smartphone securely into the front face piece, you can play games in a total 360-degree world where the only limit is your imagination. Better yet, you can ride on virtual roller-coasters, watch VR YouTube videos and experience thrilling scares like never before. Compatible with iPhone & Android Phone, play Your Best Mobile Games 360 Movies with Soft & Comfortable New 3D VR Glasses w/Eye Protection.

  • PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS & ADULTS – Premium VR set present for father’s day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale. Virtual reality VR glasses for kids. Compatible with smartphones and other mobile phone devices with a 4″-6.3” screen to bring you a totally immersive visual 360 experience. with an eBook
  • VR SMARTPHONE COMPATIBILITY – Smartphones with a gyro sensor (almost all models) and with a 4″-6.3” screen. Examples: Bnext VR goggles are compatible with models X, XR, XS, 8, 8 plus, 9, 9 plus, 10, 7, 7 plus, 6, 6s, 6s plus, 6 plus, 6, 5, 5 plus, 5c, 5s, SE, etc. Also compatible with Samsung Android Galaxy s8, s7, j3, s7 edge, s6, s6 edge, note5, a8+, note 3, note 4, note 5, note 7, note 8, note 9, s5 s6, s7, s8, s8 plus, s9, s9 plus, s10, s10 plus, one plus, Box VR etc. And compatible w/ m
  • ADVANCED VR GAMING TECHNOLOGY – Gaming and watching movies with virtual reality headsets work best when your eyes properly align with the screen box. That’s why our VR headset offers FD and OD adjustments (wide FOV) to expand the viewing angle and perfectly match focal distance and unilateral myopic alignment for reduced distortion
  • COMFORTABLE, EXTENDED WEAR DESIGN – Once you start gaming and watching VR movies with Bnext 3D goggles, you’re never going to want to take it off. That’s why we offer a comfort-fit experience with a fully adjustable head strap, eyesight protection system, and a soft nose piece to reduce pressure. Can also support drones that require a phone VR headset
  • EXCLUSIVE VR CONTENT & ONLINE SUPPORT BY BNEXT – The VR headset (viewer) is delivered with our special free VR content list of VR games & VR experiences. Compatible with google cardboard apps that DON’T require a button (some of them), and many other VR apps & adventures that can be found on the Applications Stores.


BNext VR headset- USED/complete iphone/android comaptible
BNext VR headset- USED/complete iphone/android comaptible. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Very well cared for- minimal use.Read about it on site that rhymes with "shmamazon"NO BOX
Bnext vr headset
Bnext vr headset. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground.
bnext vr headset
bnext vr headset. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground.
BNEXT VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android Phone - Universal Virtual Red
Description and What's Included  PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS & ADULTS – Premium VR set present for father's day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday sale. Virtual reality VR glasses for kids. Compatible with smartphones and other mobile phone devices with a 4"-6.3” screen to...
BNEXT VR Headset Compatible w/ iPhone & Android Universal Virtual Red NEW w/ box
BNEXT VR Headset Compatible w/ iPhone & Android Universal Virtual Red NEW w/ box. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.


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Bnext vr headset
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bnext vr headset
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BNEXT VR Headset
released on June 29, 2019

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8 Reviews for BNEXT VR Headset

  1. Rachel Elbinger

    I’ve always been afraid to try out VR headsets for a mixture of reasons- too much money, being uncomfortable to wear, not working properly, etc. Well, this one from Bnext put my worries to rest! I love how I can simply use my phone- no need to download or purchase any further technology. It’s nicely padded all around, and allows for the distance and focus on the eyes to change, so you can get a clear image fit specifically for you! I’d highly recommend this product.

  2. Samantha

    I’ve never had a VR mask before so I was very excited to try this out. I was pretty worried about how I would like it since I wear glasses. Even though my glasses didn’t fit while I had the mask on (I didn’t expect them to) but even still I didn’t have any issues seeing the video.The mask fit comfortably on my head and adjusted to fit my 8 year olds head comfortably as well. The directions were easy to understand.I always thought those facebook videos of those people screaming and running into walls were paid actors just trying to sell the product but I turned into one of those people!I let my son try it out and he was running into walls too! I put on a shark attacking a submarine video and he was trying to ‘run’ from the shark. Very entertaining for both the person wearing the mask and all of us who are watching!

  3. Jody Vincent

    Just got last night and so much fun.Super easy to set up.we rode some rollercosters, walked some mazes, and tried to fight some zombies but were not very good at.Had no problem just setting my phone in place and sliding in and out of the headset. Did it multiple times with no issues. I was worried due to some negative reviews but mine worked great with no issues.This could cause some people to get dizzy or upset stomach, but for my family it was tons of fun. It will get a lot of use.

  4. Mary K.

    This is SO fun! Had a blast watching 3D movies as well as non-3D stuff too! Fairly comfy – a little awkward at first but was great to use with no hands!

  5. Christy Kope

    Here is what I found about the product that I was not satisfied. First, it’s very heavy and bulky. My head tends to tilt down all the time, couldn’t really enjoy the video. Second, the process to put the phone in is very uneasy ( sliding the case in and out takes some effort, I’m not feel comfortable about it. While, other product I used before, that one they have a lid, it’s pretty easy). THIRD, this one decided the returning, it’s very blurry. This one disappointed me a lot. Although I turned on max resolution for the video(1080p), via the headset, it’s worse than 240p, seriously. I’m not judging, I have used vr headset before, I was really excited like a kid because of the amazing view it brings. I remembered, that’s why I decided to buy a vr headset. But… yeah I mentioned above. Don’t feel bad, I know you could do better. I hope someday I will see your products get better.

  6. Fred Sanford

    Nothing seems to have changed much with VR in the last 20 years. It’s still a mediocre experience to me. The slide in holder has 4 screws where the phone sits inside. One was not completely flat and had sharp edges that scratched my new phone. Thanks for that. I put electrical tape over them in case anyone bothers to use ir ever again. And don’t expect any case to work inside it. Mine is super thin, I still had to remove my phone from it’s protection to let it get scratched by this thing because it was too thick otherwise. It’s ok for comfort but I wouldn’t use it more than 10 minutes because even after adjusting it, it just was not worth using for anything. May as well just view on a screen in regular format without the thing hanging off my head with a worse picture. It’s built ok but i was think the cost to make this isn’t more than $3 and if it is something is wrong. Overall. would I buy this again. Yes, because it was only to see if VR had improved for a project I was working on. It hasn’t in my eyes and therefore it will be thrown into a box for several years until it is thrown away or sold at a garage sale.I have updated this review to 3 stars from 1 star. While it didn’t work for me, and scratched my phone, the seller was concerned and wanted to help, if possible and wanted to know exactly what happened so they could make sure the problem was solved. That at least shows they care and are willing to help if there are problems.

  7. Manny

    Hey, little word of advice. If you guys wanna sell a VR headset, make sure your “gaze” button actually works. Otherwise I’m stuck with a plastic paperweight that I constantly have to fiddle with. No wants to to keep taking their phone off and on a VR headset just to press a button cause you guys couldn’t bother with using an actual plastic button.Edit: Review gets bumped up to 4 stars because customer service has been really good at handling the matter. Kudos to Dan for being excellent with handling the matter.Post-Post review: Seller now gets five stars. Dan did well resolving the issue well beyond what was expected. Just shows what good customer services does

  8. David C.

    This headset is exactly what it describes itself to be. The material is hard plastic that doesn’t come off as too heavy for comfort. It comes with a lens cleaner and centering cushions that I haven’t needed to use. It fits my fairly large Galaxy Note 9 as long as I take the case off. A remote is needed for things like Netflix VR and YouTube VR (run through DayDream) which is a bummer since that is basically all I want to use it for. That aside, the lenses are adjustable so that you can move them like in a set of binoculars to adjust for personal clarity with relation to the screen. The lack of a product identifier QR code is a bit annoying, but I suppose that doesn’t matter since there is no remote. There are no issues with the quality, it’s a headset.

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BNEXT VR Headset

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