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Timberland PRO Men’s MetGuard Steel-Toe Boot

This sturdy work boot won’t ease up when things get tough. Constructed in Ever-Guard® leather, this ankle boot offers superior flexibility and durability. The Timberland PRO MetGuard features a steel shank and comfy contoured footbed cradle and support your feet, even after a long day on the job, while a metatarsal shield and steel toe offer impact and heat protection. A slip-resistant ridged rubber outsole that offers electrical hazard protection completes its hardworking profile.

  • 100% Leather
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 6″ from arch
  • Heel measures approximately 1.5″
  • Platform measures approximately 1
  • Ankle-high boot with EverGuard waterproof leather upper featuring Goodyear welt construction with Kevlar thread
  • Lace front with waterproof MetGuard flap
  • Comfort-inspired closed-cell PU footbed with durable cushioning
  • Meets ASTM safety standards. Steel Safety Toe-Meets I/75 and C/75 impact and compression ASTM F2412-11 and F2413-11 safety standards.
  • Abrasion, slip, and oil-resistant rubber outsole

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Timberland PRO Men's Black Internal Met Guard Steel Toe Work Boot
Timberland PRO Men's Black Internal Met Guard Steel Toe Work Boot
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If you want to protect your feet on the job site without sacrificing comfort or style, the Timberland PRO MetGuard Steel Toe boots are the perfect choice. These boots offer a range of benefits that are designed to keep you safe and supported, no matter what kind of work you're doing. With an advanced metatarsal guard that provides superior impact protection, you can rest assured that your feet will be shielded from falling objects and other hazards. In addition, the steel toe feature protects your toes against compression and impact. But it's not all about safety - the Timberland PRO MetGuard Steel Toe boots are also incredibly comfortable and breathable, thanks to their anti-microbial lining and breathable mesh material. Plus, the boots are slip-resistant, oil-resistant, and abrasion-resistant, making them ideal for any work environment where you need reliable traction and durability. Whether you're working on a construction site, in a warehouse, or in any other industry that requires heavy-duty footwear, these boots are sure to exceed your expectations.



The Timberland PRO MetGuard Steel Toe is an advanced safety work boot designed to provide unmatched protection in hazardous industrial environments. Made from premium full-grain leather, these boots are equipped with a steel toe that meets the ASTM F2412-11 and ASTM F2413-11 safety standards, ensuring unparalleled resistance against heavy impact and compression. These boots also feature an external porcelain metatarsal guard that covers the entire metatarsal area of the foot, protecting against accidental impacts and electrical hazards caused by falling objects or sharp edges. With a rugged rubber outsole that offers slip and oil resistance, these boots provide excellent traction and stability on slippery surfaces. The Timberland PRO MetGuard Steel Toe is also equipped with a polyurethane midsole that offers exceptional cushioning and shock absorption, helping to prevent fatigue and discomfort during long hours of work. The boots feature a breathable mesh lining that regulates temperature and moisture, ensuring all-day comfort. The Timberland PRO MetGuard Steel Toe is a well-designed, reliable, and durable work boot that is perfect for industrial workers and anyone who values safety and comfort at the workplace.


Timberland PRO MetGuard
released on March 18, 2008


Timberland PRO® Met Guard 6" Steel Toe Work Boots ...

DESCRIPTION Style 40000001 Protection in every direction: Our Met Guard steel toe boots are flexible, lightweight, breathable and comfortable. They're built to exceed the ASTM safety standard for impact, compression resistance and metatarsal impact, too.

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16 Reviews for Timberland PRO MetGuard

  1. R. Custer

    The one downside for me was the fit. I have never needed a size 15 in my life, these ones I did. I bought the first pair off of one of the other sellers on Amazon and it was a disaster. They were not Amazon and not prime. It took 10 days to get here, even after telling them I would pay for rapid delivery, and they wanted 14 days to decide to send me replacements. I got the second pair from Amazon themselves, no problems and a lower price.The boots fit tight, that’s just the reality, and they have a stiff sole. For some of you, you will hate the hard soles. I bought it specifically because others had complained they were stiff. I have a torn joint in the ball of my foot that my Carolinas were killing. Both balls of my feet were burning so bad I inserted metal plates in my boots to reduce the flexing on gravel and uneven jointed steel plates. I was crippled by the other boots. Immediately on putting on the Timberlands my pain was gone, it has not returned, and my joint is healing. They are a piece of cake to tie up compared to my high tops. They look built for battle.I couldn’t be more grateful for these boots. The only reason I gave them a four is to bring attention to the fact they are a little small (most reviewers disagree with me, I have had two pair, it’s one man’s opinion) and some people will hate the stiff soles. I love that about them, but I need that feature. For the right person these are a six, for the wrong person they are a three.

  2. Adam Cox

    Initially this product out of the box was great! But only 4 months later and they’re falling apart. A week in the grommets the laces run through pop out, not a huge deal. But for the meta guard flaps to tear off at the toe is a huge flaw and makes these a complete waste of money. Oh and the steel toe somehow has moved back further cramping my toes, and allowing the soft leather toes externally wrinkle and dimple inward. So no I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone. I figured for the price point I’d get a couple years out of them. Nope. 4 months and they’re going in the trash.

  3. lauralchildren

    My son was wearing your boots and when a 2,000lb axel fell on his foot. He was rushed to the hospital and the Doctor’s were told that had he not been wearing this type of boot he would have lost the front part of his foot. He has had to have surgery and the foot had to be reconstructed but he still has a foot. He will be out of work for at least 3-4 months, but has already said he will again buy these boots when he is ready to go back. Thank you for making such a high quality product, it was a blessing for my son!!

  4. John A

    Did a bunch of research on the best boot for under 200.00. These are the best boots for high Hazzard professions period. Steel shank, steel met guard and a steel toe. Anything that will damage these boots is sure to kill the wearer. Steel I beams can rest comfortably on top of your feet. These shoes are tough. I buy a pair of boots every ten years and b these by far the best money can buy. Fireman wear these as they are rated for 570 degrees on the sole and almost impossible to crush. The real suprise was that they are comfortable day one and stay that way. Timberland is my choice for boots from now on.

  5. Sparrowhawk

    I wait to make reviews. I’m not one of those who will post a gushing review only to take it back with an “UPDATE” a week later. I’ve had these boots since…well, actually I don’t remember. Winter. A few months. Maybe 5, even. I love these. I’d buy them again. I wear them every single day. I’ve walked miles in them, even. Not a stitch has busted yet. They are comfy–tho perhaps a little heavy, but what do you expect? They have a good deal of steel in them. They look gorgeous, and I feel very protected, with all the OSHA-Specific features. I walk through deep puddles, totally dry. Mind you–I take good care of my things so that may figure in. But these are quality, without a doubt. I wear a 9 wide.UPDATE AFTER A COUPLE YEARS: These are still going strong! I (still) stand behind my earlier praise.

  6. STEMP

    I bought these for my husband over a year ago. He works on construction sites around concrete all day. These have held up great. Only thing he complains about it how fast he goes through laces. He works upwards for 10+ hour days and has never complained of the boots being uncomfortable.

  7. Katie

    I bought these for my hubby less than 2 months ago and they are already falling apart. He’s a welder, works 5 days a week and these should have lasted longer than this!

  8. A Ford

    Work on my feet all day in the O&G sector and visit a lot of manufacturing facilities that require Met guards. I was unable to find anything local which surprised me being in Houston, TX. Very comfortable even for a wide foot like me (Normally a Redwing 14/ EEEE). About the only fault I can give it is in its construction. Forget crouching down- the Met guard blocks the boot from bending forward. You learn to adjust. Not a deal breaker- just something weird about wearing these types of boots. Otherwise well made and lightweight. Ive finally found a reasonably priced alternative to Danner/ Redwings.

  9. Frank

    I’m a welder at a shipyard and I do a lot of crawling around in tanks.I really wanted to love these, but they just don’t last. I purchased 3 pairs and every one of them cam apart at the seam at the 5-6 month mark. Other then that they are very nice and comfortable.

  10. L0UIS

    Extremely comfortable and sturdy! Moreover, they are not as heavy as I thought they’d be which is great of course! My feet are very well protected in them. I will be back to update this after a couple of months of use to see how they hold up!UPDATE: it’s been a 1yr & 5 months since I bought these and they have held up EXTREMELY well for me. They look just as good as they did when new just some light wear and tear on the heel support from walking in them. The laces came apart from normal wear and tear.

  11. Rick Nelson

    The soles have held up great. I expected the upper to last better because it looks solid however the outer toe protector, which starts glued solidly to the steel toe, eventually comes apart due to the movement of the material. Both feet have holes in the outer in he same spot where the steel toe beneath pinches the outer. They still don’t leak, but they are large holes. You can see the “wrinkly forehead” look on the toes too. That’s where the material has come loose from it’s glued connection and pushes to reward toward the toe.I do work in a rough environment for boots, but that’s what these are for. I expected the upper tonhold out longer than the soles and it’s been the other way around.

  12. Robert Storr

    I order a pair very uncomfortable I exchanged for larger size and they was falling apart when I inboxed them the insoles are thin offer no cushion like walking on plywood strapped to your feet I will be sending this pair back as well and switching brands . You could get better boots at wal mart these are garbage . I gave one star because I had to they don’t deserve that

  13. Elizabeth Miller

    After 8 months the stitching blew apart. They were very comfortable until the stitching failed. For boot that aren’t even a year old. They are worthless. And for the price that was paid, they should make a better quality. Very sad since I’ve always like Timberland. Very disappointing. And the seller refuses to assist. They only cover issues within 30 days of purchase. Very upset. Will never by anything from Timberland again. 🤬😡

  14. Alex Galvan

    First off, I really love these boots!Very comfortable and most importantly safe. I had many 10-20 pound object drop and bounce right of the met guard. Not a light weight boot, I’d like to rate it at the heaviest boot to run around with out of all the pair I’ve ever worked in. Like before the met guard will save you foot many time and best part about it is the peace of mind when working. Sometimes things fall and knowing I have a little more protection over my foot, makes my job a heck of a lot better.Now nothing is perfect!These boots all though look beast!!!Take hits like beasts!!!!Will not hold up on fast paced work.I work with rebar and it’s fast and it’s non stop dirt, cement, gavel, and metal I run around in. These boots are heavy and I expected them to take the beating. They do well, but the down side all 3 pair that I’ve owned blow out. The stitching on the soles just can’t handle the abuse. My right foot is my plant foot in most carries and quick turns with me carrying 10-100 pounds at a time. Or sometimes small weight but back and forth step. In a work line or welding these are maybe the best boots for that, but honest in a outside non stop work flow you get about 4-5 months. And it’s the stitching not the met guard or the leather. The damage is because the boot just couldn’t hold up, no cuts no tears, but blow outs. Hope this helps.

  15. Jay

    I really surprised in how comfortable these are and they are super heavy duty but not very heavy in weight. I really love these boots and from now on I will buy these boots. I’m a CNC machinist for an oil meters producing company and in my feet all day these are great boots. The metatarsal guard is heavy duty love the feel of the protection I get from these boots….. One year later still look brand new I wear these everyday everywhere I go they are still comfortable. I go through a pair every 6 months I usually buy redwing irish setters. I’m so glad I bought these. I’ll never buy a different pair ever. My boots by now are usually uncomfortable and all cut up and beat up looking. My boots are still brand new looking I cut the grass, work on my car, machine, I shovel, do yard work, more the grass everything in these boots and they still look and feel brand new highly recommend

  16. Steve

    I have had Timbaland steel toe boots in the past, and have to say. These are the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever owned. Despite how heavy they are. They are extending comfortable and pleasing to all the pressure points in the feet. so much so that they will be worn in place of tennis shoes. I am truly impressed with how comfortable these are..

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