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Portable Solar Charger 25000mAh

5 solar panels make this a versatile power bank that can charge itself from the sun. It incorporates QI Wireless charging so you just throw your device on top of the powerbank to charge. This 25,000mAH outdoor portable power bank helps you leave your worries behind on your next adventure by bringing portable power wherever you go. Simply roll out and plug in.

  • Larger Capacity: Build-in 25000mAh grade A lithium polymer battery, provide your phone and tablet with multiple charges (charge iPhone 8 7 times for an average of 7 days of usage per charge), it is a great battery backup for camping trip or long time travelling
  • Foldable 5 Solar Panels: 4 detachable solar panels and 1 built-in solar panel, up to 1A input current under the sunlight, charges 4-6 times faster than other chargers with single panel, you can also use micro USB or USB C cable to charge the power bank
  • Qi Wireless and 2×2.1A Output: Support Qi wireless charging, compatible with iPhone Samsung and other Qi-enabled devices, cable-free and tangle-free; Along with dual 5V/2.1A USB output ports, the battery pack fast charges 3 devices simultaneously, you can share it with your family or friends
  • LED Light and IPX5 Waterproof: 3 LED flashlight functions, steady/SOS/alarm flash, great for emergency use; Rugged materials and leather surface, USB ports covered, make the portable charger water/dust/shock proof, perfect for outdoor activities
  • Package Include: 1x Solar power bank, 4 Solar panels, 1x Micro USB cable, 1xCarabiner, 1x Lanyard and 1x User manual. if you have any questions please contact us.


Wireless Solar Power Bank Desk Charger 25000mAh -Waterproof/Dustproof/Shockproof
Wireless Solar Power Bank Desk Charger 25000mAh -Waterproof / Dust Proof / Shock Proof Product DescriptionThe Power Bank is suitable for all kinds of digital devices like smart phones, tablet PC, MP3/MP4, hand held games, console, etc. The Device has 3 USB Outputs, and Wireless Charging Area with...
Solar Charger 25000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank Dual USB Ports Waterproof
Solar Charger 25000mAh, FEELLE Portable Solar Power Bank Dual USB Ports Waterproof External Battery with LED Flashlight for Smartphones, Tablets and More ColorBlueCompatible DevicesGalaxy S20/S10/S9 Plus/S9/S8 Plus/S8, HUAWEI P40/Pro/30/30 Pro/20/20 Pro and more Android smartphones, IPhone SE2/11...
Solar Charger 25000mAh Solar Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels and Dual Outputs
Solar Charger 25000mAh, Tranmix Solar Power Bank with 4 Solar Panels and Dual Outputs, High Capacity Portable Phone Charger External Battery Pack for Smart Phones, Tablets and Hiking, CampingCompatible DevicesPhone SE2/11 Pro/11/XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/8 Plus/7/7 Plus/6/6S/6S Plus/5/5S/SE/5C/4/4S; iPad...
Solar Charger 25000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank with Dual 2.1A Outputs O
About this item 25000mAh SOLAR CHARGER: Provides large battery backup for usage during outdoor activities. The power bank can charge iPhone 6 around 10 times, Samsung S6 around 7 times and iPad Air around 3 times on a full recharge. 4 FOLDABLE SOLAR PANELS: This Portable Solar Charger is handheld...
Solar Charger 25000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank Waterproof Battery Packs
Solar Charger 25000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank Waterproof Battery Packs with Dual Ports Solar Phone Charger for iPhone, Samsung, iPad, etc25000mAh High Capacity: Built-in high-quality 25000mAh lithium polymer battery pack, With solar charging function, you don't need to worry about running out...


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Portable Solar Charger Powerbank
released on July 12, 2019

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19 Reviews for Portable Solar Charger Powerbank

  1. Justin

    Really great charger for emergencies and on the go. 17203 mAh out of the 25000 mAh claim and when it was completely dead I charged it for 5 hours using only the solar panels and it was enough for a 50% boost on my phone which is great for emergencies such as long term power outage.

  2. Terry Short

    I give this guy thumbs up for now. I love outdoors and bought various chargers and most of them disappointed me. And they are expensive! We all know outdoors stuff costs too much from sports stores. They know we need equiments to save our lives so mark the price whatever! I just start to look for some never heard brand outdoor equipments online for good price and honestly I get more and more impressed! I think these good technolgies by individuals deserved encouraging and continue their contributions. This Hilucky solar charger was unboxed yesterday and this is the third time charge my phone either when I was driving or at home and I use my phone a lot. This charger still have three light bars left just the power from unboxed. The indicator lights shuts off when you close the solar panels and lights up when you open panels under lights. I just curious how long it will be charged from sunlight when it’s empty so I am using it to charge my phone until all power is gone and will see. Will post when I get results.Ok. It has been one week to use sunlight to charge this solar power bank. Unfortunately, never went up one power bar. Sunlight was strong and I put it in for a whole day. Only can charge my phone less than 10%. I guess this only can use as emergency if you depend on solar charge.

  3. Rover Rover

    Works like a champ. I was out camping in the mountains for 5 days no electricity. I followed instructions and made sure the unit had a full charge prior to first use. First night my cell phone was down to 10% and my tablet down to 5%. I turned them both off and plugged them both (at the same time) into the solar charger. When I woke up the in the morning they were both at 100% charge. During the day I left the solar charger exposed to the sun. Each night it charged my cell phone and my tablet to 100%. A word of caution…. if the solar charger has LESS battery life than what you’re trying to charge it will suck the power out of the device you’re trying to charge and suck that power into the solar charger. Make sure you have a full charge on the solar charger before trying to charge something else with it.

  4. Ray Sigmond

    Overall I think that this is a great product I have one that I bought about a year ago that has a detachable battery but doesn’t last as long as this one and it was three times the amount of the price compared to this. I have tested out to see how long this thing lasts on a full charge and how long it takes just to charge it on both solar and Mini-USB plugin. The battery last 24-hours long on a single charge (I used my phone and hooked up a USB powered AC unit). With how long it takes to charge it in solar will be 5 days of full 12 hours of full sun. USB charge will take a little longer than 12 hours to charge. if you are looking for a good power bank I would say this is pretty dang good and the price I got it for was pretty dang good. All-round…This is one very good power bank.

  5. George Aguillon

    Worked like a charm! Helped my mother in law in Venezuela when her power is off so she can share her phone so we can check on her.

  6. Andre C. Custodio

    While I really love this charger and have used it a few times, the actual connection for the cable to charge the unit (via wall power) seems faulty. When I plug in the cable into the actual unit, it only goes in halfway and wiggles a lot. It seems like it should go in all the way and not shift. It may take longer than usual to charge via wall socket as a result of cable only going in half way and also it may pop out easily from this fact if jostled, which is a bummer. On dashboard charging in sun, Totally fine, but wall charger connection, not so hot. Hence 4 stars instead of 5.

  7. Maxim Safonov

     We plan to have a couple days camping. Instead of charging the phone from the car, this power bank can provided enough energy to charge up couple cell phones. My father-in-law bout one with just one panel and I decided to get for myself one, too. Here on Amazon, I discovered this solar charger, which has 4 panels. It has an indicator for showing the the level of battery charge.

  8. Lexy Shauers

    I wanted this because I go camping and need to charge my phone for an alarm. This seemed like a good option. Make sure you get the charger and caribeener out of the box before you throw it away. They’re in a sneaky compartment of the box. I like that it can be charged with the sun or by plugging it in. It definitely makes it more versatile. This charges a lot faster than other solar chargers I’ve tried. I’m not sure whether or not it’s because it has more solar panels, but that’s my guess. I made sure it was all the way charged by plugging it in overnight. Off that charge, I was able to charge my phone and a remote control car all the way. It still had power left. I am happy with this.

  9. S

    I got this power bank for my camping trip. I left the power bank in the tent during the day for it to charge. Then at night charge my phone wirelessly or another portable power bank. This charger really alleviates battery anxiety, especially while camping.The product is solidly made, not super heavy.Really great buy. But had to charge it on the outlet on the first charge as suggested.

  10. Gary

    Still testing the solar part out but the battery pack so far is working well. Testing on my second full to drain cycle and according to my MAH meter it seems to be pretty close to its rated capacity. I left it out in the sun over the weekend while I was working in the garage with my phone on the wireless charge pad and it kept the battery at least stagnant (was streaming music to a bluetooth speaker which tends to kill battery without a quicker charger). Charged my wireless charge earbuds as well without any issue. Currently draining the battery to test with solar only charge.

  11. John F Vermillion

    I bought this for access to power for charging my smartphone and the batteries for my cochlear implant when camping. The photo shows it charging 3 of my CI batteries. With the solar charging capability, I will be able to maintain my hearing during long weekend camping trips with my scouts. Definitely recommend.

  12. Josiah Standing

    I purchased one of these earlier in the year.With camping I had been using an different brand with folding solar panel for some time. We found that the pack I had been using for years will not work with my new phone (we both have Samsung Galaxy S8 Active phones now) as it could not tolerate the inrush current when connected.We both ended-up using her pack for the week and no issues with the pack. After a week of camping with occasional sunlight we ended up with power.I had to buy one for myself after this experience.

  13. Captain

    It’s wonderful! It’s bulkier and heavier than many other portable chargers, but it’s large capacity and ability to charge with solar panels makes up for this. There’s a lighter option available with less bulk and less capacity, but still offers solar charging if this one is too large for you. It still easily fits into cargo pockets on pants or clips onto a backpack. I slide it into the map pocket on the saddle bag of my bike that has a clear cover. The solar cells recharge while I’m riding. Genius!

  14. Raquel Ruiz

    I tend to review things a bit prematurely and being that it’s the first day that I’ve received this I can say it’s probably too early to know entirely how great this can actually be but I can say from first hand use I’ve had to use this unfortunately In an emergency situation this is working out perfectly for me, I’m able to plug my AirPods in to the USB port while wirelessly charging my phone and it’s not as heavy as my other solar charger. I’ve yet to test out the solar charging portion so should anything change I’ll make sure to update but for now this is a great charger that packs a punch and allows me to charge multiple devices multiple ways which is very efficient!

  15. Tiffany

    I got this for a trip I have coming up and it came right in time for me to put it in action before we leave. I let it charge over night (using the usb) and it has kept my laptop and cell phone charged without any issues. I also used it to charge my tablet and it still has charge left. I have been leaving it out on a windowsill to see if it collects a lot of energy and it seems to be maintaining. I’d definitely recommend it and I think it’ll make a great gift.

  16. Alicia Humphreys

    It’s a great little gadget. Left it on window cell to charge and it did take sometime however since I’m gonna be leaving it attached to bag whilst travelling it’s perfect. I love the fact it has more then one charging port so i can charge my iPad as well as my phone. The other things is that the charger is waterproof so I don’t have to worry about getting rain on it when outdoors. The charger has high capacity so I don’t have to fret about it running out of charge quick. It’s for nice sleek design. The charger had extra feature such a touch (which is very bright surprisingly) and also has a SOS light that would come in handy at night or potentially in emergency/ dangerous situations . Overall the charger is amazing and for the price you can’t go wrong. If you looking for a charger for outdoor activity’s or just a charger with big capacity this is a perfect fit.

  17. Sandra

    I am not sure what to think. I fully charged it as instructed and the battery life has been great it just doesn’t seem to be getting charged with the solar panels. I have had it on my dash for 2 days while I am at work and the charging indicator lights still don’t show its fully charged. I set it on the deck in full sun this morning and it’s still at the same point.

  18. nicolas

    Just received this power bank and so far it has been one of my favorite purchases. I have been looking for a power bank that can keep my phone and other devices charged when I am out and about. I always held off on buying a power bank but my phone would always die when I’m constantly using it when traveling. It can charge 2 devices via USB and one wirelessly. Even with the folded up solar panels, it is still compact and the sturdiness assures that it will last a while. Would be great on long trips and during emergencies when there is no power. Comes with its own cable to charge the power bank as well as a clip to hook it on to a bag. I plan on carrying this when I go out so I can keep my pixel 4 xl charged when draining the battery between taking pictures and videos.

  19. ME

    This thing holds a charge a long time! Takes a long time to charge as well so plan ahead! As for the solar charging option it takes much longer so plan ahead. It’s well worth it though because it does actually work! Appears to made with quality parts and should last a long time.One of the best recharging devices I’ve ever purchased.

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