Space Style 2007 - What to Wear in Space? 1

Space Style 2007 – What to Wear in Space?


Space Style 2007

Futuristic fashion is part of this years California Space Authority’s Space conference which will take place on Nov. 6.

Called ‘Space Style 2007: a giant leap for couture’ the exclusive fashion event promises a futuristic peek to the futuristic fashion from a day in the life of the citizens of the proposed lunar cities of ‘New Berlin’ and ‘Alphaville’.

According to Karyl Newman, co-producer/co-host of the show and artistic consultant for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, ’space fashion’ will be one of fastest growing new markets in the fashion industry.

The show will feature concepts from forward-thinking space companies such as Interorbital Systems and Rocketplane, with pieces from design collectives and fashion companies such as Orbital Outfitters, Hollywood Fashion Frenzy, designer Rain Sherman’s Glamorous Rockstar Fashions, and from surprise guests including international talents from Berlin, Stockholm, and Tokyo.

Wearable Electronic and Wearable Technologies will be one of the stepping stones to create the Space Fashion of the future. As the past has shown with the space program that brought us many inventions we can not live without on earth anymore, I do expect that a focus (and funding) on space fashion will for sure benefit all the folks that will not likely make it to the outer space anytime soon.

Space fashion for the earthlings.

If you are in LAX, drop by in the Sheraton Gateway (6101 West Century Blvd, LA) at 8pm. Or have a look to the MySpace site to see what you’ll be wearing in space!

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// Orbital Outfitters Company Profile

Orbital Outfitters provides affordable, industrial quality space suits and related services to commercial and government space travelers and explorers. – View Profile

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