Good Lux SunSprite Could Cure Your Winter Blues


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Unless you are reading this blog from a tropical island or something, you no doubt have noticed that this winter has been especially heinous. It seems every new day brings with it a new blanket of snow or ice, or at the very least a super duper cold day. It’s enough to give even the happiest person on the planet a seasonal case of the depressies(?!) Sure, you could try to book some time at the local tanning salon, or get your prescription of Zoloft re-upped. You could also, however, take a look at this wearable device that helps you find any and all sunlight.

A company called Goodlux has just unveiled their SunSprite wearable device. This handy little gadget clips on to your person and uses the magic of Bluetooth to track your local amount of sunlight. It not only keeps an eye on how much there is of it, but also where and when it is scheduled to be. You can arrange your schedule around it and always be sure to get your daily intake of vitamin D. As long as the unit is within eyeshot, you’ll always know where that papa sun is at. Reports indicate that with daily use, it may just actually improve your mood. Now we all can cancel therapy! That’s a relief. Cured.

As far as a release date for this thing, it may be a while. The company has taken to Indiegogo to raise funds for their sunny little bundle of joy. You can pre-order one now for around ninety bucks.

Features: Bluetooth, Solar

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