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Zulu Audio Magnetic Wearable Bluetooth Speakers + Mic

Get immersive stereo sound without shutting out the noise around you with the Zulu Audio Alpha Wearable Bluetooth Speakers. These speakers use magnet-to-speaker technology, which is designed to keep these speakers attached to your attire. The Wearable speakers give you a portable sound experience without having to wear uncomfortable headphones.

  • Two small speakers that attach to your clothing for a portable surround sound kind of experience (Speaker Dimensions: 1.83? x 0.75? x 1.83?)
  • Uses magnets that clip together to stay firmly in place while you are running, biking, etc. Wear them on top of your shoulders for best sound quality!
  • Bluetooth: pairs with any Bluetooth enabled device for wireless audio streaming
  • Battery Life: 4 hours at 75% volume; micro-USB charge cable included; built in lithium ion battery
  • Microphone built in to answer phone calls

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Zulu Audio Alpha Magnetic Wearable Bluetooth Speakers - Black
Zulu Audio Alpha Magnetic Wearable Bluetooth Speakers - Black Brand New Sealed
Zulu Audio Portable Wearable Bluetooth Personal Workout Speaker System
Zulu Audio Portable Wearable Bluetooth Personal Workout Speaker System. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Bluetooth 4.1 for Wireless Sound Lightweight Speakers IPX4 Rated Sweatproof & Water Resistant Sleek Carrying...



Magnetic Wearable Speakers
released on October 18, 2017


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8 Reviews for Magnetic Wearable Speakers

  1. R. Parris

    T.Parris- These headphones are amazing! As a fitness instructor it’s nice to have wireless speakers to practice and train without the wires getting in the way. I’ve worn them for walks, runs, practicing choreography, HIIT workouts and they’ve worked perfectly. The magnets are strong so the speakers did not flop around. Neither are they heavy so they don’t weigh down your top. The sound is clear and volume gets loud enough to hear the music (indoors and outdoors) but you are still aware of your surroundings.

  2. Maribeth Butts

    I’ve been very pleased with my new Zulu Audio Wearable Bluetooth Speakers! I’ve worn them while cycling, running, and rowing. They are the perfect size and the magnets are very strong, which prevents the speakers from moving during activity. The audio quality of these speakers are top notch, in my opinion, and the controls on the side are easy to operate, which has been great while cycling and running. I’ve always listened to music on the bike with one earbud in my right ear (on the side away from traffic)… I’ve found that I feel safer listening through the wearable speakers because I can hear more of what’s going on around me without having one ear plugged with an earbud. I’d highly recommend this product to future buyers. These speakers make for a great purchase, whether you’re using them for sports, or even listening to a good jam while cleaning the house.

  3. Owen

    Like everyone else I like that they stay in place, But I did return it. The site does not give a play back amount they only lasted 3 hrs before the tones began indicating a low battery. The battery died at 4 hrs the packaging does indicate last up to 4 hrs that should be told up front prior to purchase. The only other thing I did not like is when the battery is low connecting it to a power supply to recharge cuts off playback. so not very useful for work unless you work part time

  4. MARK S.

    I purchased two of these. One for me, one for my wife. She uses her’s while working in the yard or playing with the dogs. I use mine for my daily 5 mile walk on country roads. There’s not too much traffic. But you only have to get hit by one car for it to be too much! LOL! Now I can hear traffic approaching before it gets to me. Which makes me feel much safer.The sound is a little light on the bass compared to my earphones, but not by much. And the music is crystal clear. The set is very light and the magnets quite strong. No slippage while walking. I don’t run so I can’t say how well they would hold then. But I would think quite well.All in all I am very pleased with this purchase and would recommend these to anyone who needs to stay aware outdoors.

  5. tina marie ziegel

    So I got these a year ago for when I go for walks. I don’t like earplugs and I like being able to hear whats going on around me so I thought these would be perfect. At first I wished that they were a little louder until I got my hearing aids last week. Boy they are plenty loud. Plus with hearing aids putting the phone against my ear causes feedback but while I wear these I don’t have to worry about it. At first because I had them on the highest setting before I got my hearing aid I was worried it bothered other people but they said they barely noticed it. Of course if you want your conversation private you will have to disconnect the speakers. If you are looking for $500 sound quaility then spend it and get over the ear ones otherwise you will be happy with these.

  6. Sam

    I want the Bose but can’t justify the cost. Hoping to use these for a bit before biting the bullet for the bose. But, these have a fatal flaw- they are too loud at the lowest volume. I listen to audio books and it’s painfully loud (they are on the tinny sound side since the speakers are so small so being too loud literally hurts). If you riding a bike or doing something loud, they are fine. If you are using it at home, and you have good hearing, I think you should pass on them because of the volume issue. There are others on here saying the same thing – it’s good to see that there are others that feel the same way.

  7. Sarah

    The Zulu wearable speakers were a suggested item by the organizers of a 200-mile relay race I ran a few weeks ago. The race did not allow headphones that went in your ears as a safety measure since we would be running some places that had heavy traffic. While the Zulu’s were great for running, I also found that they have worked well when biking and at work. The magnets are strong, so the speakers stay in place wherever you put them. They were super easy to set up with my iphone and I love that the volume buttons are tactile so I don’t have to actually look at them to know what I’m doing. So far, the battery life has been better than I expected, lasting a full 8 hour work day and still has charge left! While I could hear the music well, my co-workers noted that they could not hear it well enough for it to be annoying or distracting. The price is great too considering other comparable models cost much more and I love the zippered case that comes with them to store the Zulu’s when not in use and the charging cable.

  8. Craig H.

    Simple feed back. I longboard evey weekend for 15-20 mile runs and need a external speaker out of the way but last for more than 3 hours continuous at 100% volume and have solid Bluetooth connection. This is it. If Zulu was to make a version II model, I would increase to 3 watts each side, increase battery PER side , and make Max volume a few gains higher. So far, this is a solid product and I am very happy with the functionality of this device; also, at no during my free ride did the magnetic backs EVER come loose or fall off. So maybe on the Zulu II , increase the magnetic strength just to keep up with the other modifications. Thanks Zulu for a great product!Craig Harper (Citrus Heights, Ca.)

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